Know How to Apply for Self Employed ProgramLive Your Canadian Dream



The Self-employed Persons Program allows you to immigrate to Canada permanently on a relevant experience in cultural activities or athletics and an intent to contribute to the cultural and athletic life of Canada. The eligible occupations fall under NOC group 51 and NOC group 52.

An individual needs to be self employed in an eligible occupation, or, involved in an eligible occupation at a world class level or both.

The minimum experience criteria for both categories is two 1- year periods of full time work within the last 5 years from the date of application. However, every additional year of experience can help get you more points to qualify amongst the top candidates.

A candidate under this category needs to demonstrate that he will continue his cultural/athletic activities to self support in Canada and make an economic contribution to the activity.

The intent to establish the activity in Canada can be demonstrated through business plans, partners, exploratory visits and funds to support such activities.

In addition, other selection criteria such as your education, age, English and/or French language abilities and adaptability along with medical examination and police clearances are also assessed while making the final decision on your application.