Overview: Under Hold My Hand service, you will handle your own application, but with complete guidance from us.

Inclusions: We will address all your queries as you navigate through the application process and provide clarity and guidance where needed. We will also review and scrutinize all your documents for IRCC compliance.

Correspondence: Most communication will be done over emails. However, virtual meetings can be scheduled on request if you need to speak to a consultant.

Validity: Until the receipt of ITA within 2 years of sign-up. Upon receiving the ITA within this period of 2 years, our services remain valid until PR approval irrespective of the timeline.

Charges: 2000 USD – 2500 USD

2000 USD for Express Entry application;  2500 USD if any PNP is involved.

Each additional applicant is USD 500

Disclaimer: All our services are process-driven. Availing our services does not guarantee you an ITA, nor does it alter your eligibility or qualification for any immigration program.


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