How to link my PR Card application to MyCIC account

Follow below steps only after you have landed. It gives only 5 attempts in one day.

1) Login to CIC account.
2) Go to section “Link an existing application to this account”. Click on “Link application to this account” button.
3) Select category as PR Card
4) Select “Unique Client Identifier (UCI) and Family Name”
5) Fill required details (please make sure capital, small, comma etc.)
6) Provide landing date in “Date you became a permanent resident”
7) Click on search my application.
8) after application searched make sure you submit application else not linked.

However, for some people linking becomes impossible. This is primarily because people put their birth city not as per what is written in your passport. Birth city has to match exactly as in Passport including punctuation marks if any.

Once you have successfully linked your application it will shown you as “Submitted” status and once it is ready for dispatch it will go into “Approved” status.

If you receive any photo request then it will not change any status. Regularly check PR card processing time on CIC website as photo request or PR card approval both come in last 5-10 days (i.e if processing time is 63 days then after 55 days you will be able to see some movement.)


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  • Hi Kubeir, Thanks for this wonderful post. We did the same. Just couple of queries:

    1. I still cannot login to change the address online. We did Fax the filled form at given number but not able to confirm if they received it. What should we do?
    2. In case they require anything from our side like photo or document, will they send the message in same way as we received for PR journey on the portal?

    • Hi
      1. There is nothing much to be done. You can call CIC and check if your address was updated or use IRCC Webform to update again.
      2. In case of any additional requirements, you will receive notification by Canada Post.

      1. You can call CIC and ask if the information was receieved.
      2. Any request for additional document will be sent to you by Canada Post.
      • Hi Kubeir, i successfully linked the application, however status is as Pending Registration :/ 1.5 months I landed, can you advise?

  • Hi Kuber,

    We landed on 28th of March and linked our application on 23rd of April! It’s been over 2 months and we haven’t received our PR card and neither a photo request. We cannot change our address as it says application not found, however it’s linked to our application. Could you share something on this?

  • Hi Kubeir,
    I have linked my PR card application along with PR card application of my wife and my daughter with my CIC account. I am the primary applicant.
    My wife got e mail from card processing center for a new photo 6 days back but i have not got any e mail regarding the photo request for me and for my daughter.
    There is also no communication in my CIC account also.
    Does it mean that photo of me and my daughter got accepted by them?

  • Hi Kubeir,
    I landed on April 19 . I got photo request exactly on 55 th day .. I sent d photos .. now how do I track my card status .. photos has reached the novo scotia office within 3 days I checked .. when can I expect my PR card
    Landing date 19 April
    Photo request date June 6
    Photo sent to novo scotia offc June 11
    In my gckey account stays is approved from past one month ..

      • Ok . So I can expect the card in August ? June 10 I sent the photos .. April 19 was my landing date

  • hello kubeir
    is it necessary to link pr card application or not.
    As upto my knowledge if one can not see the status of pr card application, then why to link it.

  • Hi.. I cant find link an existing Application option. Please help.Its been more than 1 month we submitted the photo as was requested, but no response after that. Please advise

  • Hello Kubeir,

    Please suggest what to do in my situation – the eCoPR of my dependent child has Place of birth blank, whereas the Country is mentioned. When I checked with the IRCC agent, they told me that the place of birth in the Passport and what was entered in the application are different. Would this cause any concern?
    I am planning to submit amendment application.

    Due to this, I am not able to link my child’s PR card application to the GCKey account. Please let me know how to go about it. Thanks and appreciate your responses!

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