Business Visa in Canada


Self Employed

There’s more than one way Canadians can become permanent residents; if working hard isn’t enough, there might just come up on top of what it takes, such as the SELP (Self Employed Person) option, which provides space specifically meant only once eligibility requirements have been met.

Startup Visa

The start-up visa program in Canada gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to immigrate and establish their own business with a new company while also creating jobs for Canadians. This visa requires that they provide evidence that your idea will be innovative, well on par, or better than other similar companies around the world. If it works out successfully then you can apply again after three years of successful operation- so there is no need to worry!

Business Immigration

Canada is now accepting applications for the Business Immigration Programs, designed to help entrepreneurs and investors settle in Canada. The Government of Canada seeks people with experience as business managers or controllers who want new opportunities abroad; interested applicants should review all their options before applying here.

Owner Operator

The owner-operator work permit is a special visa that allows entrepreneurs and self-employed people to enter Canada legally. This permits them to operate their business without hassle from immigration authorities as it falls under an international mobility program category called “Entrepreneurs/Self Employed”.

Intra Company Transfers

Canada is considered one of the best countries in North America for work-related opportunities, with its program called International Mobility Program. This enables highly skilled foreign workers who are temporarily transferring into Canada as intra-company transferees or other LMIA exempt permits; if you have your company located within this country, they can apply, so any employees may come over too! Applying through ICT would allow them both an applicant without having to go through tedious paperwork like when applying under regular circumstances – qualified applicants require specific types but don’t worry because it’s easy enough finding out what all these entail before getting started on our journey towards success.

LMIA Applications

A Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) is a document that an employer in Canada may need to get before hiring a foreign worker.
A positive LMIA will show that there is a need for a foreign worker to fill the job. It will also show that no Canadian worker or permanent resident is available to do the job. A positive LMIA is sometimes called a confirmation letter. Once an employer gets the LMIA, the worker can apply for a work permit. If the employer needs an LMIA, they must apply for one

C11 Work Permits

Canada wants entrepreneurs just as much they want skilled workers. However, business immigration may seem a bit more challenging if you don’t have the right guidance and assistance in order to make it happen smoothly for yourself or your company.

There are many different types of visas available to entrepreneurs, but the Startup Visa is not one that you should necessarily pursue.

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