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Express Entry

Designed to select the most qualified candidates catering to Canada’s labor market, the Express Entry system provides the most promising, popular, and one of the fastest ways to Canadian Immigration.


What is Express Entry?

Canadian Permanent Residency is a dream for many, and Express Entry is one of the most promising and sought-after systems to make this dream a reality.
Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) use an online points-based system – The Express Entry – to select top candidates keeping in view its near future economy and labor market needs. To be eligible under Express Entry, one must qualify for one of the three of Canada’s economic programs:

Canada Express Entry Program


The Federal Skilled Worker Program is one of the three programs under the Express Entry system.


The Canadian Experience Class Program is for permanent residency for temporary foreign workers and foreign graduates.


The Federal Skilled Trades Program is the only program available under federal economic immigration for tradespersons.


Provincial Nomination Programs, as the name suggests, are immigration programs by the provinces of Canada.

Express Entry is a two-step process.

In the first stage, you submit your profile in the pool of candidates where the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) awards points on the primary basis of age, level of education, language proficiency (English and French), and work experience.
Your profile will remain active in the pool for one year from the date of submission. If you receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) within this period, you may move to the next stage. However, if you do not receive an ITA and are still interested in pursuing your immigration prospects, you can re-enter the pool with a new profile again.
Upon receiving the ITA, the second stage involves justifying the points you claimed in the first stage of the process and applying for permanent residency. Keep in mind, submitting a profile to the Express Entry pool does NOT mean applying for permanent residence.

Who is eligible for Express Entry?

Anyone who satisfies the prerequisites based on work experience, language proficiency, education, and age is eligible to create a profile under the Express Entry system. Creating a profile is free of cost.
However, to receive an ITA from ICCRC under any of the programs of the Express Entry, a competitive CRS score is usually required, which should be above the Express Entry draw cut-off. Typically, the Canadian Government conducts a draw once every two weeks.

Does Express Entry require a Job Offer?

To answer this question precisely, No. However, having a valid Canadian job offer may give you an additional 50 / 200 CRS points in the Express Entry system, increasing your overall CRS score substantially.
If you have a valid job offer, we at Ask Kubeir Immigration will guide you comprehensively to completing the application to claim those points and elevate CRS scores competitively.