What is a ‘Statement of Purpose’ or SOP?

A statement of purpose (SOP) is a letter of essay written by students when seeking admission, or applying for a study permit, outlining their academic and professional accomplishments, career objectives, the reason for selecting the specific program, and other factors that motivated them to apply for admission to the institution.

Almost all educational institutions and prestigious organizations have made it compulsory for opportunity seekers to present their personal, academic, and professional experiences and future roadmap through legible, smoothly flowing, fact-driven, and engaging statements.

What is the importance of an SOP?

A well-written SOP becomes the primary distinguishing factor that sets you apart from your competitors. Your SOP is also an important mode of interaction through which the admissions jury assesses your expectations, objectives, subject knowledge, and future outlook. It justifies why they ought to pick you over the other candidates who have applied to study in Canada.

How is the sample statement of intent for a Canadian student visa different from other countries?

SOPs for other countries are presented to universities. However, if you aspire to study in Canada you will need to write SOPs to universities as well as the immigration officials stating the purpose of your visit.

An applicant wishing to study in Canada must write an SOP for Canadian universities and the visa process. The SOP study visa for Canada requires the applicant to write an essay outlining their motivations for selecting Canada as their study destination, academic goals, post-study plans, and the factors that led them to select a particular course and university.

Key factors for SOP for Visa and SOP for Universities

SOP for Canadian Universities:

  • You describe your academic journey, personal and professional experiences that align with your interests, etc.
  • For admission purposes
  • The emphasis is on the importance of your interest in studying at that particular university.
  • Maintain a conversational style of writing.
  • You are required to write 1000 – 1500 words.
  • There will be no tolerance for plagiarism of any kind.
  • Avoid grammatical errors.
  • Submit your SOP in PDF format.

SOP for Canadian Study Permit:

  • For travel and Visa purpose
  • The emphasis lies in the – why do you want to study in Canada?
  • Outlines your interests in the course and your background.
  • How will you be covering your expenses during your study?
  • How much will you spend in Canada?
  • Request for a study visa.

SOP for visas or private/public universities in Canada is a good way of expressing yourself. The purpose of this document is to define you, both personally and professionally. Therefore, dedicate yourself to the task despite the challenges. It will help you grow confident about your interests. In case of any difficulties, Team Ask Kubeir is here to assist you in creating the ideal Statement of Purpose (SOP), which can effectively convey the core of your journey and goals in an impactful language. Our well-qualified counselors will provide you with end-to-end guidance, making your experience smooth and successful!


SOP (Statement of Purpose) is not mandatory when applying to a Canadian university. Some universities insist on SOPs while others do not. Visa officers in Canada will always consider the SOPs extremely important and although not always mandatory, it is a crucial document. Visa authorities attach importance to this document as it conveys everything about the aspirant and all their strengths at a glance. This benefits them because they have little time to spend on each application. At the same time, they look for SOPs that are written objectively without hiding the facts or providing false details.

The SOP (Statement of Purpose) is a vital document that is usually between 1,000 and 1,500 words. It is a crucial document to apply for a student visa to Canada. As mentioned, there is no absolute word limit, but you should strive to stick to that word limit or around 1-2 pages. In addition to word count, you should clearly delineate and present your profile and other information.

Charges: USD 269.00 + taxes

Refusal SOPs : USD 329 + taxes


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