What is My Application Status?

IP1-NA1-NA2-IP2 = No more

This is in response to numerous posts asking for their application status. Expressing anxiousness, frustration on the application processing time and continuously wondering why are other applications being processed faster than their own……

Please know and understand that each application is unique, each has its own background, has different circumstances surrounding their work experience, their travel history, their education, their nationality, their family composition, their spouse’s background and of course not to forget their allotment of LVO and its workload. Each of these individually and collectively will have a bearing on how soon the application is processed.

What you see on a timeline posted by successful PPR posters is just their CIC account status updates followed by a PPR date. This is very agonizing for people who are comparing with their own timelines and are probably been waiting for months longer than the poster. However, you do not have any idea about the background of that applicant or the process that the application followed.

It’s also about time, we get out of this rigmarole of IP1-NA2-IP2 etc. These statuses were real and had some significance and could give you a fair understanding of your application until JUNE 2017. It is strongly “speculated” and suggested that during this month CIC adopted new systems and processes. This basically meant that CIC was now able to use new updated workflow-based processing.

Using the new systems they are able to break the application electronically into several parts and responsible departments can start processing the application simultaneously. Though R10 completeness checks continue to be the first step which precedes other eligibility checks and other steps in the application processing.

This saw immediate results. The unthinkable started happening. People started calling it a Miracle …… (just kidding). 1month processing time was the new 6month average processing time.

IP1-NA1-NA2-IP2 – actually don’t mean anything anymore.

You will see a lot of applications who have managed to get PPR even when their status shows IP1. There are others whose CIC account still shows NA2 or IP2, even long after they have received their PPR/CoPR.

The front end (myCIC account) of the system that you see is actually no more in sync with the back-end process of your application.

Yes, the status still changes, but that is merely a system update, as part of your application is still controlled by the same system that was followed earlier. The only thing real-time status update is the Medical Pass update. Everything else has absolutely nothing to do with where your application is at and what exactly is happening with it. If you really want to know then order GCMS notes and you will get an accurate picture.

Starting July 2017 and owing to the new “speculated” workflow processing, CIC was able to complete the applications must faster. The fastest AOR-PPR timeline I have seen was 11 days flat. That was amaaaaaazing!!!

Slowly this balanced out and early 2018 largely witnessed average processing times of 3-4months with medical pass status showing up in the CIC account within 10-24days.

On the negative side, what this also did was, make other applicants who were not seeing the miracles with their applications, totally depressed and anxious.
Now you could hear moans and groans everytime someone posted their PPR messages. These were filled with envy and anger towards the system and CIC.

ICCRC has advertised that its average processing times of applications as 6months for 80% of the applicants.

Things started slowing down post-July/August 2018 and the processing times started touching the advertised 6months.

Towards the end of 2018 and now in early 2019, the average processing times are hovering between 5-8months. Medical Pass update comes reflects in 40-50days post-AOR.

So what can you do to find out the status of your application?

  1. You can call ICCRC call and request an update.
  2. You can use the web form to write to ICCRC requesting an update on your application.
  3. You can order GCMS notes. Check my post on this subject and how you can do it here.

So this is what I think – Guys please have patience. Just like with everything in life, good things can sometimes take time to come. Enjoy these waiting moments, spend time with family and friends. Once you actually get to Canada, you may not get many opportunities to make frequent trips back to your home country. Start a new hobby or skill that you can use in Canada. Start learning French and if possible stay away from these forums and the CIC website for some time.
You will get your Golden Email.

Remember Canada needs you here as much as you want to get here. It’s just a matter of time.

Patience and Faith.


*Please ignore my spelling and grammatical errors. This is not my IELTS writing exam. 🙂