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What if my employer refuses to give me a reference letter – Canada Express Entry

What happens if I cannot obtain a reference letter from my employer?

If you absolutely cannot obtain a letter of reference for a position you hold/held, or if your letter of reference does not contain all of the required information, you will need to submit as many supporting documents as possible, including:
 Employment verification letter (a letter containing only minimum information confirming that you work(ed) for the company and in what position, ideally with mention of the salary);
 An employment contract or appointment letter;
 Employment offer letter;
 Deputation letter (if your company transferred you from one country or subsidiary to the other);
 Performance reviews;
 Pay-stubs covering at least the first three and last three months of employment;
 Bank statements showing deposit of salary;
 Proof of income tax payment;
 Reference letters from (former) supervisors, managers, HR representatives, or co‐workers;
 Reference letters from customers, clients or patients, as the case may be.
 Company public profiles detailing job descriptions
 ****General Job Description Issued by Human Resource that outlines the Job and its Duties and Responsibilities. This does not have to be in the name of the applicant but should have evidence of being published by the company.*****

Obtain a reference letter written on plain paper by a senior colleague, manager or supervisor covering all details as required by ICCRC. Get this letter notarized. Also, attach a copy of a business card and/or company ID card of the person who is signing this document.

In addition to any of the above, you should also prepare a declaration in your LOE explaining why you cannot obtain a work reference letter and why you have attached a letter from your colleague instead. If you have a refusal email from your employer, then do attach that as well.

IMPORTANT: Keep in mind that in the absence of a reference letter containing all of the required information, the final decision as to whether or not your additional documents demonstrate your work experience will be at the full discretion of the immigration officer who assesses your application. Please make every effort to obtain a complete work reference letter.