What happens if I cannot obtain a reference letter from my employer?

If you absolutely cannot obtain a letter of reference for a position you hold/held, or if your letter of reference does not contain all of the required information, you will need to submit as many supporting documents as possible, including:
 Employment verification letter (a letter containing only minimum information confirming that you work(ed) for the company and in what position, ideally with mention of the salary);
 Employment contract or appointment letter;
 Employment offer letter;
 Deputation letter (if your company transferred you from one country or subsidiary to the other);
 Performance reviews;
 Pay-stubs covering at least the first three and last three months of employment;
 Bank statements showing deposit of salary;
 Proof of income tax payment;
 Reference letters from (former) supervisors, managers, HR representatives, or co‐workers;
 Reference letters from customers, clients or patients, as the case may be.
 Company public profiles detailing job descriptions
 ****General Job Description Issued by Human Resource that outline the Job and its Duties and Responsibilities. This does not have to be in the name of the applicant, but should have evidence of being published by the company.*****

Obtain a reference letter written on a plain paper by a senior colleague, manager or supervisor covering all details as required by IRCC. Get this letter notarized. Also, attach a copy of a business card and/or company ID card of the person who is signing this document.

In addition to any of the above, you should also prepare a declaration in your LOE explaining why you cannot obtain a work reference letter and why you have attached a letter from your colleague instead. If you have a refusal email from your employer, then do attach that as well.

IMPORTANT: Keep in mind that in the absence of a reference letter containing all of the required information, the final decision as to whether or not your additional documents demonstrate your work experience will be at the full discretion of the immigration officer who assesses your application. Please make every effort to obtain a complete work reference letter.


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  • Good morning. I am a chief of the Public Organization. What documents should I supply to proof my work experience?

  • Hello Sir,

    I am working in the same organisation since July 2011. I worked in 3 different department with 3 different positions.

    The details are as below:
    1. Graduate Engineer- 1st Department
    2. Engineer – 1st Department
    3. Executive Engineer – 1st Department
    4. Executive Engineer – 2nd Department
    5. Executive Engineer – 3rd Department

    The above all the department were under the R & D department headed by 1 person i.e. Vice President of Company.

    I would like know that how many reference letters has to be shown or should i show all these details in 1 ref. letter.

    • Either is fine. As long as it covers all the employment periods and validate all of those periods

      • Thanks for your feedback. I will be provide 1 reference letter mentioning job responsibilities of all this departments. Yes, it will be validated with the joining letters and increment letters (every year). Thanks again…

  • Dear Kubeir

    I have total 7 years of work experience. Break down of which is as follows:

    1. 3 years 6 months with Employer A

    2. 11 months with Employer B

    3. 2 years 7 months with Employer C (Current Employer)

    The Employer B did not issue me the experience certificate, although, I have Hiring letter and last 3 salary slips. What is a better option:

    a. Remove my experience of Employer B from my EE profile and show a gap of 11 months


    b. Show my experience with Employer B in my EE and take support of Hiring letter and last 3 salary slips in LOE

    • You can remove employer B and mention that work experience in personal history post ITA

      • Can you please elaborate “personal history post ITA”? Do you mean Letter of Explanation

        • Personal history is the section of electronic form that appears once you have receieved the ITA.

  • Hi Kubeir,

    I worked at a hospital for 7months. I have the appointment letter which mentions my my salary and all T&Cs. Then I have the bank statement of my salary account which has the salary deposits in statement for the 5 months in between (my 1st and last salary were paid by cheque )
    Now my hospital HR gave me an experience certificate mentioning everything but my job responsibilities , they said they don’t do it for anyone. Also they aren’t giving any paystubs.
    I ve asked one of the Consultant who is also the co owner of hospital for a reference letter. Would that work?
    And what is better? Should the reference letter be on the consultant”s letterhead or the hospital’s letterhead?

    • The answer to your query has already been explained in the post. Please review again

  • Hi Kubeir Kamal, I have a question with regards to the reference letter for proof of work experience.Would the below documents suffice in place of the reference letter.

    1. Offer letter
    2. Letter of appointement
    3. Letter of confirmation that I have been confirmed into the company after a period of 6 months.
    4. I have been working from the month of March 2017 and I am currently working there and I do have all the
    payslips for 16 months
    5. Income Tax returns form
    6. Form 16
    7. The bonus which was awarded to me in the month of March 2018. I have all this on the companies letter
    8. The job description.
    9. Revised pay for the year 2018.

    • A reference letter from the employer is a mandatory document. If this is missing then provide an alternative from a peer or supervisor. In absence of this document, VO discretion in accepting the alternative document will apply.

      • Hi Kubeir, thanks for your response and I have approached my colleagues and none of them are willing to sign a letter of reference. Would a notarized self declaration work in place of a reference letter, and of-course I have all the desired information on multiple letters. I have the roles and responsibilities on the companies letter head and my salary on the salary structure document given to me and I have the revised one and hours worked on the appointment letter, date of joining on the appointment letter and to prove that I am still working with the company I am giving the latest payslip as of June 2018.

        • self attested duties usually are not acceptable. But if you have no other options and you have all other supporting documents, then you can surely try

          • Hi Kubeir, I’ve got a letter from my HR stating that. We regret to inform you that we are not in a position to provide you with a reference letter while you continue to remain employed with us. Hope this serves as a backup as well.

            Please reply and thanks.

          • Hi Kubeir,

            Can we provide self attested declaration with reference of a collegue mentioned along with his email ID and telephone details. The problem is the colleague won’t be comfortable signing on a document for this

          • Self attested document are usually not preferred and may not be accepted. But if that the only option you are left with then u can take a chance. Make sure to add a lot of supporting documents as listed above in the post

          • Hi Kubeir, I have submitted all documents to the T and as already mentioned, I have submitted a self attested reference letter but with incorrect date of joining on it. Instead of March 2017, I have given March 2018. Will this be a problem, however I have submitted other documents clearly stating my date of joining and pay slips for 16 months. The only error being the date of joining on the self attested reference letter. Will this be a problem. If so what is the form I should raise to correct the same.

            My Aor is 27th July and medical passed. It’s been 65 days since Aor ?

        • @Aaron Aaron, What is the status of your application now ? I am on the same boat. Please share your experience.

          • Everything is fine for me and it’s in review required stage for the self attested documents provided by me

  • The first company I worked with is now closed. I cannot obtain a reference letter from a closed company. What is my best option here?

    • Unfortunately you need to prove your work experience through substantial documents as listed in my above post.

  • Hi Kamal Kubeir Sir, I have worked in two MNCs till now,

    from my previous employer I have
    1. Offer letter,
    2. Joining Letter,
    3. Relieving cum experience Letter (soft copy), which mentions
    DOJ , DOL , Designation , signature of HR Head.

    From my current employer I have letter with details
    1. Current Designation
    2. Current location
    3. DOJ
    4. employee code
    5. And mentioning it current Job

    Is this sufficient?

      • Actually in this detail

        Below two things missing, which needed as per their rukes

        1. Working hours
        2. Type of work not mentioned(only Designation written)
        3. Details of salary drawn, (for which they ask me to use pay slips)

  • Do i need reference letter from past employer also where i had worked for only six months and now i dont have any contact with them .Also i think they will not provide me that anymore but i have experience letter for that company.would it be enough for express entry???Overall i have 2 years of experience including those 6 months.

    Thank you and waiting for your prompt response regarding these concern of mine.

    • The biggest problem is the roles and responsibilities, canada does know that you were employed, but as far as the Noc code you’ve chosen your roles and responsibilities got to allign with that.

      So try getting a roles and responsibilities letter from your manager or HR if not possible try getting a refusal letter.

      This is what I’ve done and I’ve provided about 10 documents to oroce my work experience

    • Any period of work that had been included to gain points will need to be proved with proper documents and reference letters

  • Sir,

    Should I upload my salary slips, ref letter from senior in office and personal data card of the organization in one file straightaway?

      • Hello sir
        I have a query quite similar to the ones in this post.I am a public sector bank employee in India and in past 8 months my three branch heads have been changed and transferred to another branch though organisation (bank) remains the same .
        My present branch manager who has joined my branch just a month ago has refused to sign Reference whereas my previous manager who is presently branch manager of another branch of same bank is willing to sign Reference on letter head of his branch (bank remains the same) charting out all my responsibilities , salary , working hours etc.
        Is that reference acceptable.
        In addition to that I will be attaching my salary slips, pf statement , appointment letter, promotion letter , salary account statement .
        Kindly guide if that is acceptable?

        • Its better to get from the same branch a letter stating that you are employed there. Add to that the letter from the other manager with details as required and stating that you are working in the other branch. You can explain further in your LOE

  • Hi Kubeir,

    I was employed with a company from December 2011 to February 2012 as a paid intern. After my internship i was given a job offer, where i worked from February 2012 to December 2015. I did not include my internship as a part of my work experience in my EE profile. However the reference letter that HR provided me with states that i was employed from September 2011 and did not mention that the first 6 months was an internship.

    Whats the best way to approach this issue?

    I am worried that CIC may be suspicious about the different start dates mentioned.

  • Hi Kubeir

    The reference letter issued to me by my employer mentions everything except for the salary and the work hours. It does mention “full-time”. What to do in this case. For salary I can attach pay-stubs, increment letters and ITR along with a letter of explanation. What should i do about work hours. Is ‘full-time’ mentioned in the reference letter enough. Your opinion please.

  • Hi Sir,

    Me and my wife are applying for canada through express entry.
    There are few doubts for which I really want you to help us out.

    I have done bachelors of science in IT and my wife has done BBA in 2011.
    we both worked in concentrix (BPO ) for 05 years in a travel process as CRM practitioner.
    we both were in a sales process for MAKEMYTRIP (SALES ).

    Currently I am working as Assistant Manager sales in a travel company.


    What would be my NOC and how my experience will be counted ?

    Best Regards,
    Kanav Khurana

  • Dear Kubeir – I don’t want to approach my current employer (<11 months) for experience letter as that may impact my employability with them. I have over 6 years of previous work experience for which I have the documents that are mentioned in the post. Is it Ok to now show my current employment while the salary credits would be clearly visible in my bank statement that I will submit as proof of funds?

    • Dear Kubeir – Also, I have experience across 5 different companies. If the experience for one company is rejected due to incomplete document or NOC mismatch, does that particular experience gets neglected or overall application is rejected.

  • Hello,

    I was employed from Oct 2010 – Jan 2015, and the initial 2 years were considered as internship, though i was paid in cash during the period. The job position mentioned in the offer letter and reference letter is different, though the duties/responsibilities are same/similar. But the reference letter i obtained in 2015 mentions the duration from 2010-2015, does not mention internship or the position mentioned in the offer letter. I am claiming points for the entire tenure. How can I address this in the EE profile?

  • One of my ex employer has shared the reference letter stating ‘full time employee’ instead of mentioning the no. of hrs. as per their standard format. Is it a sufficient proof? Or do I need to get an affidavit for claiming no. of hrs?

  • I have total work experience of 4 years in finance department of three different organisations. I have the appointment & resignation letters along with salary documents from all three organisations.
    My designation in my last job was Assistant Manager and prior to that i was Executive, however my role matches with 0111- Financial Manager (as per NOC list).
    Can I apply in this category even if my designation was not manager level?
    Secondly I have not been working from last 4 years ever since i quit my last job. Is that a negative point for my application?

  • If employer provides the reference letter on mail and not on the letterhead of the company, will that suffice? Or do I need to submit additional documents for the same?

  • Hi Kubeir, I doesn’t get the response from previous company HR. and There is no known person in company who provide the reference letter. I’ve sufficient document to proof my employment. But non of document has role and responsibilities and working hours

    Is self-declaration work for in this case.

    • Hello.

      Didi you got any update on that? You got PR with self attested document?

      Please reply, I am in the same situation.

  • Hello Kubeir, thanks for providing this video and your advice. For a prior position I will request a colleague to provide a reference letter because I was unable to obtain one from my former manager. As supporting documentation I am planning on providing the email communication requesting this letter to my former manager, as well as other documentation (paystubs, contract, offer letter). However all this information is not in English. My questions are: 1) Can all this information be submitted in the original language or do I have to get it translated? This is plenty of information and I am wondering if it makes sense to pay this much for it. 2) Does it make sense that a colleague (same level, neither subordinate nor manager) states my salary in the reference letter? In my experience colleagues typically don’t know each other’s salaries. I’m wondering if a CIC officer might question how can a colleague know this information if he/she is not in a position that typically has access to it.

  • Thanks for the well written summary!.. i got experience letter from my company but salary details are not provided as per the policy. I am planning to attach paystubs and the reference letter received from the company. can you please suggest if i can attach any further details for proving the salary details?

  • Hi sir

    My wife is a government primary Teacher in education department and his block officer refused to give sign nd stamp on reference letter, even they don’t have any official letter head too.

    Her current school has a letter head in punjabi and we can take it from her head Teacher, she is teaching here from last 2 years.

    Prior to that she taught in different school bt block was same. Chances are minimal that Teacher shall give sign nd stamp on reference letter. Therefore in this situation what u suggest.

    Thanks in advance

  • Dear Kubeir,

    I am an Express Entry resident under the Canadian Experience Class. I received my ITA in March 2018 and submitted my application in May 2018. As my application processing is four months overdue I requested my GCMS notes and found that a “Review” is required for two of the work experience reference letters that I submitted as they were not dated (they contained the dates of my work experience, but not the date that the reference letter was written).

    Do you know how long a “Review” of a reference letter would usually take under these circumstances?

    I am thinking of requesting additional letters of reference that are dated from my former employers and submitting them via web-form, do you know if these are likely to be accepted (provided that they contain the other relevant information)?



  • Can anyone advise me can I use References Letter instead of Job Offer Letter to apply for OINP ?

  • Respected Sir,

    It’s been 3 years and I am taking in-hand salary from the starting With salary slips.
    I have joining letter and my boss is ready to give reference letter as well.

    I didn’t file ITRs coz my income was not taxable.

    Will it be any problem ?
    I heard that many people that don’t upload ITR document they got PR

  • Hi Kubeir – My previous employer (consultancy) is out of country and I have less than 14 days to submit my experience letter for the PR. I have tried the CIC customer care number but Iam unable to reach them. What are my options here? Please advice

  • I got Reference Letter but what happen if I cannot get Employer Form from my employer ?

  • Hello, Mr Kubeir Kamal kindly need your advice,
    1- currently, I have a part-time job as an HR Specialist, along with my main job as a bank teller, so what’s your recommendation when submitting the application, as you know the teller designation is not considered a skilled job. your recommendation will be appreciated

  • Dear Kubeir,

    i just need to know what can be done if an immigration consultant is not providing the services he paid for and by giving wrong information to the client causing him more money . Keeping his client in dark by not showing his profile status and not telling whether the applicant has got any ADR or any updates.

    How can SINP applicant can get access of his profile and do the rest on his own as the consultant is really don’t know anything regarding SINP and not being transparent with his client ..

    I am deeply disappointed with the consultancy service and in serious depression and can not focus on my daily normal activities.

    I can even pay you for this if you can get me my oasis access and help me in getting rid of this consultant.

    Looking for a kind response.


    Syed Faizan Ul Haq

  • Hello sir, can i provide job description from branch level Because head office is not providing experience letter but not job description ?

  • Hi I have all the valid letter relieving joining salary slip if i give reference of my HR or some other person i am not able to trust what they will write in the email abt me as my university 1 st want to go for online interaction before asking 4 documents,so how can i keep watch what is been written in email

  • Hi, Greetings!
    I have filed my application in the Express Entry portal recently. My CRS score is 471. I am working as senior Accountant in central government of India.
    Do i need No-Objection certificate from the government while applying my ITA application?
    It’s very difficult to get the reference letter from the government office.

    Kindly provide your valuable suggestions to move ahead on my application.
    Thanks in advance.

  • Hello,
    I am working in psu bank and i cannot demand reference letter As i cannot tell my hr and neithr immidiate manager about immigration as this will cause negative impact on my job.but i can get employment letter for like canadian tourist visa type or for study purpose. My query is will the ircc call or visit the organisation? And do they disclose immigration details about them and me.?
    Hope to have a reply!
    Thanks in advance

  • Hello Kubeir,
    I am self employed and applied for EE canada. I am looking for a format of reference letter for self employed. Please help me with the same.
    Many thanks in advance.

  • Hi Sir Kubeir.

    I am finding it nearly to impossible to get a proper reference letter since I work in a govt organization. However what I can manage to get a letter from my supervisor on the company letter head. I also have other documents such as offer letter, joining letter, admin appointment, pay stubs, personal company profile, professional trainings etc to support the letter. Kindly suggest whether I should provide these supporting documents upfront when i apply or should I wait for the “ADR” Additional Document Request from IRCC before providing the supporting documents.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Hello Sir,

    I am working in USA from August 2016. During this time I worked for two different employers.

    Employer A – Aug 2106 to April 2018
    Employer B – May 2018 until now.

    From Employer A – I have just the required reference letter with all the detail about working hours, salary, location, job details, job title (as mentioned by CIC) from Employer A but I don’t have any pay slips or w2 for that period of time.

    From Employer B – I have every document from my current employer.

    So, Is pay stubs and w2 mandatory from employer A, although, I have reference letter which mention every information in it ?

    I am in a really big dilemma to use that experience or not.

    Please, let me know if anyone knows about this situation.


  • Dear Sir

    My education qualification is BAMS Degree and One Year Diploma in Early Childhood Education and both transcript is submitted to IQAS for ECA under process

    Pl advise can I claim points for TWO or More Certificates option while calculating CRS score on IRRC web

  • Hi Mr. Kubir

    I have submitted the below documents for reference letter as per the advise from my consultant

    1) Reference letter with Roles and Responsibilities from Immediate supervisor just on a Plain White paper . (did not notorize it)
    2) Offer Letter
    3) Last 3 Months Pay slips
    4) Recent Appraisal Letter
    5) Refusal Email from HR to provide Reference Letter
    6) ID cards of Immediate Supervisor, Process Manager & Mine

    I’m just curious to know if there will be any problem with the letter since I did not notorize?

    N S Viswanathan

  • hi sir my pr got rejected though i got nominated by sinp under 2173 noc code as my experience letters dint mentiob anything about my duties. could you please help if i can raise a webform and send all the required documents now? what should i do now..

  • Sir

    I am applying for SINP. The employer is not ready to provide the reference letter. What can be the alternative.

  • HI Kuber sir,

    I wanted to know that experience letter from previous employer is enough to show?? Do i need to specially to draft i reference letter?

  • Hello Sir, I have one question…I have applied for PNP(under OID) with my wife as a primary applicant. I have recieved ITA from SINP. But as her employer refused to give us the documents, I am unable to provide the experience letter related to her job duties. I want to know shat are the consequences if I will not proceed with the ITA and will go through EE with me as a primary applicant.
    Is it necessary to mention work history of my spouse? If I don’t want to mention the experience as I don’t have the necessary document to prove it. Will it effect my application?

  • Hi Kubeir,

    Please can you share your insights on the nocs issued with Alberta pnp nomination in January 2020?

  • Hi Kubeir,

    Have a small question.

    I’m performing activities and working as a programmer writing software code which corresponds to NOC 2174, but while moving to Canada on a closed workpermit, my employer filed my application as with NOC 2171.

    I’m currently in Canada with NOC 2171, so can I use NOC code 2174 (my employer refuses to provide a reference letter)

    Thank you very much in advance for your help

  • Hi Kubeir sir please advice
    I worked for a company(Client) with employer 1(contractor) for 3 1/2 months. This is my first employment. Just have the payslips, bank statement, tax document and can get a supervisor email that I worked there with my responsibilities listed. Then I worked for the same client changed to employer 2(contractor) and worked for 1 year 2 months. required docs are provided.

    All the interns for client have to go through employer 1 and should change to a different employer once converted to regular.

    Questions I have:
    1. Should the first employment last atleast for a year or more? (as my first one is only 3 1/2 month intern)
    2. If I can include the above employment(question 1), will the mentioned list of documents during that time suffice to prove my employment.

  • Hi Mr Kamal. I submitted my EE profile with CIC with a total of 8 years working experience. And i also applied for nomination through PNP and got nominated yesterday. But during my application process with the province they exclude my most recent work experience of 3 years because I submitted a reference letter from a colleague together with other documents, they said that they do not accept reference letter from colleague.I could not get a letter from my HR because they do not give ref letter for currently employed staff. But thank God yesterday i got nominated by the province giving me an additional 600 points. My question now is?

    1. this excluded work experience is still on my CIC express entry profile.i wants to know how to remove it, but am afraid it will affect my application. Please what can i do, can i exclude this working experience when submitting my complete application with CIC?

    2. When applying for cic express entry profile, i chose the option that said my wife will not accompany me to Canada. now i have additional 600 points via PNP, can i include my spouse and kids when submitting my complete application with CIC.

  • Sir, I am a practising Advocate what happens in my case. I get paid in cash from my clients. I do have IT returns and I am also doing Govt. Assignment I.e I am an empanelled advocate with ESIC corporation for the last 2 years.

  • How does one obtain a reference letter prior to resigning, as this letter has to be provided only after an ITA is received? In that case I would have to reveal to my employer about my immigration plans. Any advice would help. Thanks.

  • Hello Sir, I worked in Canada for over 3.5 years and while I was at Canada that time I have received a employer reference letter (that time I had total 1.8 yrs of experience in Canada). So in that letter “till date” was mentioned. Now I returned back to India, but my employer has refused to provide any such letter. I have refusal email from HR. I just left that company. So my question is, since I already have an old reference letter and subsequently all pay stubs, T4, return ticket, Deputation letter, ICT letter, email to HR with my roles and responsibilities (although she just refused to provide an official letter, but she didn’t oppose anything on roles and responsibilities), farewell email from my last supervisor where I had thanked everyone mentioning my roles and responsibilities. Is that sufficient enough to convince the immigration officer about my inability to provide an fresh reference letter ? Please provide your inputs as I already have received NSNP. Thanks in advance.

  • Good morning, in work history section I mentioned all jobs i did since I graduated from university in 2005. After getting the ITA, I am asked to provide a reference letter for all the jobs I mentioned in my work history noting that two of these jobs are older than 12 years. Is it ok to remove these two jobs from my work history, noting that my CRS score won’t be affected? Or this would lead to a rejection of my file? My problem is I can’t get reference letter from these two employers.

    • Hi @bound moun, I am in similar kind of situation. I have been asked to provide the ref letter from my old employer (job older than 6 years) and they have denied to provide any such letter.
      colleagues working with me then have left the org as well so I cannot get it from my ex colleagues or manger as no one works there anymore.

      My questions –

      1> At this stage, can i remove this employers experience from EE profile (which will not hamper the CRS score )? would it be a problem ?
      2> can i provide a Statutory letter from a colleague of mine who DOESN’T work there anymore?
      3> can i provide a self signed Statutory letter

      To support my employment there i have below docs-

      * Joining letter
      * Acceptance of Resignation letter
      * 1 year Salary slips
      * Form 16
      * Bank statement for the whole tenure

      @Kubeir — I would really appreciate your response on this query .

      Please help !

  • I’m currently working for TCS and I want to get the reference letters from them and they have refused to provide me the same since I’m currently employed.

    Im totally lost whom to contact now here are my concerns.

    1. I cannot tell my manager nor HR so who can give me the reference letter?
    2. In the above steps its mentioned that if taking from colleague it has to be notarized so do we need their signature or thumb print on that notarized page?
    3. What if we do not have a rejection email? should I ask the HR to reply back from his/her official email?
    4. If I am creating a Reference Letter are working hours mandatory? I could so many sample letters on the net which doesnt include the working hours so not sure which works?
    5. If we do manage to create a reference letter should be from HR? or Manager? or both? what I mean to say is some reference letters I dont see Managers providing but the HR providing so is reference from Manager important?

    Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you.

  • if someone claims points for arranged employment for cec draw , then does he has to work even after PR for same employer

  • Hello Sir,
    I have question regarding foreign experience letter format. Which date I have to put on the top heading section if I requested new reference letter from company. Old date when I got my experience letter or New date when company give me new reference letter as a Canadian format.

  • Hi Kubeir,

    You are doing a great job! I like how simply you explain the process and also provide help for specific cases.

    I am in the process of getting employment reference letters from my employers. Since my job profile was almost the same in couple of jobs, is it fine to have the same roles/responsibilities mentioned in both the reference letters?

    Also, one of my employer is not in a good relation with me and has not provided a experience letter or relieving letter. However, I do have all the proofs (Offer letter, joining letter, salary slips, etc.) of being employed at the company (except experience letter). I also have the proof of multiple email conversations seeking the experience letter. Is it fine for me to explain this in LOE?


  • Hi Kabeir Kamal sir,
    Actually my company said they are only mention title, salary, and job FT on the employment letter and they only can send my duties through email on my email ID. Even they are not able to mention my dties on the offer letter as well. What should i do?

  • Hi,

    My employer provided me a letter, however it’s all black and white. it’s seal and sign but it’s black and white and it’s more looks like a copy. will that be acceptable.

    Thank you

  • After struggling My employer give me letter of food service supervisor (in training) for 11 months. Is it valid for express entry in Canada. What can I do now. Please reply me sir.

  • Hello Sir,
    I have total of 10 years of experience which includes 4 years of Canadian experience and 6 years of Indian experience. Out of 6 years in India, for first 2 years I am unable to get the reference letter from my Company. Even I am not able to get it from my Manager or HR. In that situation, do IRCC check very old experience, can I only submit the joining letter, salary slip, increment letter, reliving letter. I have all the official letter except reference letter. Please advise.

  • Hello Kubeir,
    Hope you are doing well.

    I and my husband are planning to apply for my Visa file. I would like to have clarity on reference letters and I have worked with 4 different organizations :

    Employer A – Jan-20 till date – 1.8 + years
    Employer B – Jul-17 to Dec-19 – 2.6 years
    Employer C – Oct-15 to Jul-16 – 10 months
    Employer D – Apr-15 to Oct-15 – 7 months

    Additionally, I have one year of exact gap in my employment.

    1. Do I have to get reference letters from all the employers with job responsibility ?
    2. While processing Visa file, do they want continuous employment and would they consider my 5 years of employment if I am the primary applicant?

    Can I have the Sample Format for HR employee?

    Thank you.

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