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What If My Age Changes After I Recieve ITA?

How is my CRS score affected if my birthday arrives after I have received ITA?

Do I lose points for age, if my birthday falls after I have received ITA?

Wow, so much confusion on this.

Please know that your CRS will not be affected due to change in age once you have received your ITA. In other words, your CRS points for age are locked on receipt of ITA.
So if your birthday arrives after you have received ITA, you won’t lose points and your application cannot be refused due to this reason.

Here is the official quote on this:
Exemption to section A11.2: candidates whose birthday occurs after they receive an ITA
An applicant may have a birthday after they receive an ITA but before they submit their e-APR. Their change in age may lower their CRS score below the lowest score in the round of invitations. It may also result in the applicant no longer meeting the minimum requirements of the FSWC and, consequently, no longer meeting the MEC, resulting in a refusal based on section A11.2.

When a change in age results in the candidate no longer meeting the MEC or having their recalculated CRS points score fall below the lowest points score in that round of invitations, officers should consider applying the public policy to exempt applicants for permanent residence from certain age-based requirements between invitation to apply and application, based on section A25.2. This consideration can result in an exemption from the refusal of an application under section A11.2.

This public policy also grants an exemption to applicants who may be refused for failing to meet FSWC program requirements when their birthday occurs between the ITA and e-APR.

Here is the official CIC link.

Public Policy regarding this exemption as issued by the Honorable Immigration Minister Mr. Ahmed D Hussen states as follows:

Public policy considerations

As described above, applicants may fail to meet the regulatory requirements pertaining to the number of points required due to the loss of age points as a result of their birthday occurring between the time they were invited to apply and the deadline for submitting an application for permanent residence. Aging is a change of circumstance that an applicant has no ability to control or remedy, and therefore warrants a special dispensation from the requirements. These applicants would likely be refused, resulting in a loss of application fees.

Therefore, I hereby establish that there are sufficient public policy considerations that justify granting, in accordance with section 25.2 of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act exemptions from the criteria and obligations found in the provisions of the Regulations listed below to foreign nationals who meet the eligibility criteria and conditions set out below.

Here is the link to this policy.

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