Top 5 Things to Love About Canada

Canadian Immigration: Top 5 Things to Love About Canada
– Adnan Kamal


Canada is known worldwide for its scenic beauty, natural landscapes, exotic wildlife and mouth-watering food. If you are planning on visiting Canada or Immigrating to Canada, here are five things to love about this beautiful place.

Fresh Air & Friendly People: A clean breath of fresh air! Canada is second only to Iceland regarding air quality, mainly due to low population density and significant forest cover and lakes expanses. In addition to the lovely fresh air, the people of Canada are pleasant and extremely polite. Canadians are also known to be some of the nicest people and their nicety is contagious, creating a wholesome and welcoming environment for all newcomers and visitors alike.

Landscapes & wildlife: Did you know that Canada has more lakes than any other country in the world? Canada holds around 60% of the world’s lakes. Canada is home to 48 national parks, lush forest cover, and beautiful mountain ranges, glaciers and coastline that can take years to experience and cover. The wildlife in Canada is equally exquisite, where the Native Canadian animals include polar bears, Canada lynxes, moose, wolverines, Beluga whales, and beavers.

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Maple Syrup and Poutine: Every spring, Canadian part-take in a tradition called ‘tapping,’ which is primarily how nature’s most delicious phenomena are made available and drizzled over waffles & pancakes; Maple Syrup.

Picture a bowl of thick, crunchy french fries covered in homemade hot gravy and topped with melted cheese curds. This national institution is made available everywhere, from restaurants to small food stalls. This dish is called Poutine, pronounced as “poo-tin.”

Winter Wonderland: While the winters may sound daunting, the people of Canada love the winter wonderland. Canada is home to some of the best ski resorts across the country. Some of the most widely known slopes are the Whistler and Le Massif. Places like Banff National Park are popular destinations during the winters for their scenic and mesmerizing beauty, where fun activities like skiing, snowboarding, sledding, and cozy winter lodge stay become an ideal plan.

Hockey is a national passion commonly spread throughout Canada, where a CAD 5 bill has a hockey scene depicted. The Canadian National Hockey team is something to be feared as they have bagged 9 Olympic Medals in Men’s Category and dominated the last 4 Olympics in the Women’s category. So be prepared to put skates on your feet or play the games or enjoy the sport for all its beauty.

Canada’s Vibrancy: Canada is one of the most diverse countries globally, where one-fifth of the population has been born outside Canada, which is more than any other G8 country. The most diverse city in the world is Toronto, where a staggering 140+ languages are spoken and half the population was born outside of Canada.

With diversity and culture ignites the vibrancy that is Canada. From the vibrant neighborhoods of Vancouver and some of the best craft breweries in the pacific northwest. To the country’s largest and most dynamic city of Toronto, which is the definition of shop till you drop to the very diverse lands of Ottawa, where you have an array of options to do pretty much everything to your interest.