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New Immigration/IELTS SCAM Alert

New Immigration / IELTS Scam Alert!!!
In several social media groups, scammers are seen posting very happy updates stating that they have been successful in securing a CLB9/10 in IELTS or a job or work permit or LMIA while being outside Canada.

Obviously, when asked for details and source and method, they ask you to PM/contact them for details, where they share details of agents who have helped them obtain this coveted document.
Once the agent is contacted he/she is happy to help you with charges ranging from $200-$15,000 and once payment has been done, as usual, you don’t hear from them again or if you do it is for additional payments 😫.
So once again, pay heed to overzealous success stories related to IELTS scores, job offers (AIPP) or LMIA.
If it’s too good to be true then it probably is.
Be a knowledgeable client, Do your research and be diligent. This is your future and this is your hard earned money.

You have been warned!!!