Provincial Nominee Program

Do I Need to Reside in a Province for 2 Years??

Do I need to stay in the province that nominates me for 2 years??
Regardless of the destination mentioned on your COPR, you can land at any port of entry in Canada.
If you are an FSW
applicant you can choose to mention any address or destination (except Quebec) when asked by the border officer.

If you are a PNP applicant then you MUST indicate your intention to proceed to the province that nominated you and your intent to reside and work in that province. Do not deviate from the intention expressed in your application for PNP.
This is an extremely important process and must not be taken lightly. You should either have proof of travel indicating your final destination to the province or your firm intention of doing so.
At no point should you indicate about not intending to reside in the province that nominated you or you may be inadmissible to Canada due to misrepresentation (section IRPA A40.1(a)). It could be considered that you misrepresented your intention to reside in a province and adopted unfair means to obtain nomination and therefore PR.
The officer can either deny you entry or refer you to the immigration authorities who can further investigate and then revoke your PR.


Until you CoPR is signed you are NOT a permanent resident of Canada. At the Port of entry, the border officer has right and is responsible to check the conditions under which you were awarded your PR and also if there are any other conditions which make you inadmissible to Canada.
Therefore your intent to reside in the province must be consistent with your application.
Once you become a Canadian PR, you are now protected by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom established under the constitution of the country.
Mobility rights under the Charter allow the residents to live and work anywhere in Canada and therefore you cannot be restricted to stay in any province regardless of that province having nominated you.
For moral and ethical reason you must make genuine effort to settle in the province, however after a few weeks/months if you feel you are not able to find a suitable job or the weather is too harsh for you and your family, you are free to move to any other city or province in Canada and there are no repercussions to it.

I would strongly suggest staying in the province for atleast the period, until you get your PR cards and then after having tried to settle in the province, move if you have to.

Some email queries to Province Authorities and IRCC on this subject has been replied with the same response that, – You are free to move to any province once you have your PR cards, and that you are not required to inform any authority of your move. The responses also suggest residing in the province until you get your PR card.

Don’t take my word for it. Please review Charter mobility rights and also feel free to write to the province immigration and ask them if there are the restriction to move from the province post your arrival.
Safe travels and happy landing.