Do I need to stay in the province that nominates me for 2 years??
Regardless of the destination mentioned on your COPR, you can land at any port of entry in Canada.
If you are an FSW applicant you can choose to mention any address or destination (except Quebec) when asked by the border officer.
If you are a PNP applicant then you MUST indicate your intention to proceed to the province that nominated you and your intent to reside and work in that province. Do not deviate from the intention expressed in your application for PNP.
This is an extremely important process and must not be taken lightly. You should either have proof of travel indicating your final destination to the province or your firm intention of doing so.
At no point should you indicate about not intending to reside in the province that nominated you or you may be inadmissible to Canada due to misrepresentation (section IRPA A40.1(a)). It could be considered that you misrepresented your intention to reside in a province and adopted unfair means to obtain nomination and therefore PR.
The officer can either deny you entry or refer you to the immigration authorities who can further investigate and then revoke your PR.


Until you CoPR is signed you are NOT a permanent resident of Canada. At the Port of entry, the border officer has right and is responsible to check the conditions under which you were awarded your PR and also if there are any other conditions which make you inadmissible to Canada.
Therefore your intent to reside in the province must be consistent with your application.
Once you become a Canadian PR, you are now protected by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom established under the constitution of the country.
Mobility rights under the Charter allow the residents to live and work anywhere in Canada and therefore you cannot be restricted to stay in any province regardless of that province having nominated you.
For moral and ethical reason you must make genuine effort to settle in the province, however after a few weeks/months if you feel you are not able to find a suitable job or the weather is too harsh for you and your family, you are free to move to any other city or province in Canada and there are no repercussions to it.

I would strongly suggest staying in the province for atleast the period, until you get your PR cards and then after having tried to settle in the province, move if you have to.

Some email queries to Province Authorities and IRCC on this subject has been replied with the same response that, – You are free to move to any province once you have your PR cards, and that you are not required to inform any authority of your move. The responses also suggest residing in the province until you get your PR card.

Don’t take my word for it. Please review Charter mobility rights and also feel free to write to the province immigration and ask them if there are the restriction to move from the province post your arrival.
Safe travels and happy landing.


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  • Does the move (outside of nominated province) affect while applying for citizenship later?

    • No, it does not. Your moving is protected by your mobility right under the Charter.

    • Hi
      my name is Amit. I am coming Canada on SINP category . staying Saskatchewan last 7 months I want to change my provience so can I move other provience please let me know thanks

  • Hi, but what will happen when you apply for citizenship? the immigration officers will not verify if I lived in my nominated province or not? will they consider the lack of job opportunities as an excuse? Thanks.

    • Charter protects your rights. However its always best to have some evidence of reasons from having moved from the province. For example – Jo search attempts, Doctors report regarding allergies due to harsh weather, or just effort of having attempted to settle in the province in the initial months.

  • sir for moving to other province do we need their permission and if they allow us to enter in their province then we can move?

    • As a PR of Canada, you are free to live and work anywhere in Canada. You do not need to inform any authority and neither do you need any permissions.
      This freedom is provided under the Mobility rights by the Charter of Rights and Freedom

  • Sir, I’m 37 years old Indian citizen working as IT Security Advisory having more than 12 years of work experience. My IELTS score (L 8.5, R 8.0, W 7.5, S 6.5) and my spouse aged 35 has not appeared for the IELTS yet. So is PNP the only option left for us? If PNP could get me 600 points straight then shall I reappear for the IELTS again for the top score to increase my chances of getting PNP in Ontario or such better province? Please suggest.

    • Forgot to mention that my CRS score comes to 383 without my wife appearing for IELTS. If she clears the IELTS with the top score then my CRS becomes 403 which is still less.

  • I submitted my application on 3rd July and received AOR. I was working from last 6 years in UAE.Due to family reason, I need to relocate to India after 2 months. My file is submitted and in process.

    I want to know what is the impact of this on my application and how I can manage this. Below changes
    will happen after relocation to India.

    1. Change in physical address.
    2. Change in Visa Office.
    3. UAE Bank Accounts which shown as Proof of Fund will be closed.

    • if you have changed addresses, you can use webform and update CIC about your new address.
      Other details remain the same

  • In my CoPR the POE is Cambridge, ON. I had applied through an agent. My agent tells me I have to land in ON only. And that other clients(Indians) of hers are having a hard time at the immigration if they land in another city than what is mentioned in their CoPR. And that since a few months it’s been a rule to land what is mentioned in the CoPR. Is that correct?

    • That’s incorrect. As FSW you can land at any POE in Canada including Quebec. If you do land in Quebec you must have an onward journey outside of Quebec.

  • Just wanted to know under PNP I have to live and work in the province or just need to live to prove intent. I am getting a job in Toronto and USA, if I stay and work remotely from province and just travel Toronto occasionally, will this be OK or will create future problems?
    Please let me know as it’s very much imp and it’s getting hard to find good job.

    Thanks in anticipation.

    • Just wanted to add that I already landed 4 months back in my province (SASK) and have PR cards with me and currently working in US.

  • Based on the below update, I wanted to know why I didnt receive NOI for my profile. Below are my details.

    My CRS score: 378
    Application Submitted on: 17th November 2018
    Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program Updates
    Visit often … and keep up to date!

    Visit this page to stay current with news, announcements and new developments with Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program.

    November 27, 2018

    Express Entry – Targeted Notifications of Interest under Human Capital Priorities Stream

    Please be advised that the OINP has issued Notifications of Interest (NOI) under the Human Capital Priorities (HCP) stream to targeted candidates in the Express Entry pool who meet the HCP stream criteria and have a job offer in Ontario with points for arranged employment.

    This targeted search was done to help Ontario meet its labour market and economic development priorities, as well as to be more responsive to employer needs.

    The results of yesterday’s round are as follows:

    Number of invitations issued: 185
    Date and time of portal search: November 26, 2018 at 1:13PM EST
    CRS score range: 350-448
    Date Express Entry profile submitted: January 1, 2018 to November 26, 2018

  • I received my COPR through Ontario PNP and destination city is Windsor, I made travel plans to Canada but my POE is Montreal, I made a rental car reservation to travel Ontario but not sure if that is enough proof to show that I won’t reside in Quebec. Also I’m planning to do soft landing. Is it enough if I just provide the Ontario local address for PR cards?

  • I have recently been nominated by saskatchewan. However i recently got a very lucrative job in my home country. I really desire to have my family relocated to saskatchewan. Is it possible for me to relocate my family to the province and still work in my home country, while i visit the province very frequently until am able to get a good job in saskatchewan.
    I need to take a serious decision about this.
    Please i need information on how feasible this is.
    Thanks in anticipation.

  • Hi
    My Ielts overall score is 6 bands Reading 5, Listening 6, Writing 6 & Speaking 6 do I qualify for FSW program. And is my IELTS score is CLB 7 with the above score

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