March 14, 2018

Requirement of Birth Certificate

Do you need a birth certificate for your application process?
Economic classes under Express Entry do not require a birth certificate for adult applicants but only for dependent children.
Please see this link for the ICCRC Website under Copy of Birth Certificate or Other Equivalent Document.

However, some PNPs do require BC for all members of the family in the application.
If a copy of your birth certificate is unavailable you must provide a Non-Availability Certificate from your country’s registry indicating that a copy of your birth certificate is unavailable and it should indicate a reason it is unavailable.
Go to the Registrar of births & death office and ask for NOT FOUND CERTIFICATE from them and then make an affidavit stating that you went to the office for B.C but they did not find/issue it and hence consider my matriculation/school board/ another legal document like a birth certificate.

A birth certificate is a mandatory document for some PNP programs. Please check the respective application guide for updated information on this requirement. When a birth certificate is unavailable, SINP may accept two alternative pieces of identification that state the name of the applicant, date of birth and the name of the father and/or mother.
So you can offer documents like Educational Documents, Baptism Certificate, Voter ID cards, National ID cards, Family registration cards etc. The document must contain the parent’s name, your name and the date of birth.

You may also apply for a “Certificate of Date of Birth” from an Indian embassy/Your Embassy as an alternate document, though you will still need additional documents to verify your date of birth.
You can also approach the local mayor/political party leader/government administrative head and ask them to attest an alternative document stating your birth date by providing/ offering any other applicable document that may state your date of birth and the name of your parents.