Proof of funds is an extremely important factor that can influence your PR application under Express Entry. Let’s discuss today what it is all about, what can be shown and what may not be accepted……
Proof of Funds – Settlement Funds

Legal and Technical
Canadian Immigration Law – IRPA under subsection R76(1)(b)(i) states that
(b) the skilled worker must
(i) have in the form of transferable and available funds, unencumbered by debts or other obligations, an amount equal to one half of the minimum necessary income applicable in respect of the group of persons consisting of the skilled worker and their family members, or
Pursuant to section R77, the requirement and criteria for settlement funds must be met at the time the application is made as well as when the permanent resident visa is issued.

IRCC states::: (IRCC link – check under proof of funds)
“”For proof, you must get official letters from any banks or financial institutions where you are holding your money.
Letter(s) must:
• be printed on the financial institution’s letterhead
• include their contact information (address, telephone number and, email address)
• include your name
• list outstanding debts such as credit card debts and loans
• include, for each current bank and investment account:
o account numbers
o the date each account was opened
o the current balance of each account
o the average balance for the past six months “””
• The applicants will need to show proof that they have enough money when they apply to immigrate, and again when the application is approved.

Proof of funds/Settlement funds are required only by applicants under FSW/FSTW categories. Applicants being processed under CEC or those who have a valid job offer need not show any proof of funds to process their application for PR.

What we understand
As part of the permanent resident application process, you will need to prove to the Canadian government that you have enough monetary funds to support yourself and any accompanying family members when you arrive in Canada. This is because the government will not provide any financial support for new immigrants and therefore they need to be sure that you arrive with enough money to establish yourself in Canada.

Even if your family is mentioned as non-accompanying, you still have to show funds equal to your family size.

IRCC sets guidelines as to the required funds they consider you need as a minimum in order to establish yourself in Canada. The amount required depends on the size of your family. These amounts can vary from time to time, so you should check these figures at the time of finalizing your application.

At the time of your application, you must show that you have at least the required amount in order for your application to be processed. The funds must be unencumbered and free of liens and must not be borrowed. The money must be readily available in the transferable currency for settlement in Canada.
Obviously, you can carry any amount of funds when you arrive in Canada. You only need to declare if you are carrying $10,000 or more as per the prevalent border and customs regulations. You are also required to show #POF at the time of landing if asked for by the border officer. This may be in form of cash, bankers’ checks, drafts, updated bank statements from the home country account, or a combination of these.

You must provide evidence of the availability of these funds by means of bank account details which shows the required amount aging (recommended/preferred) over a period of 6months consecutively or progressively. Most PNP requires the fund statements for 3-6 months.
In case if your funds are not aged, then you must be able to show a transaction and evidence of an acceptable source of those funds, keeping in mind that they are not borrowed for this purpose. Your funds must be free of any liens at all times.

As per IRCC, you are also required to show the list of liabilities from the bank and which include loans, credit card debts, or similar.
In such cases, any loans against assets do not have any impact on the IRCC requirement of POF. Hence house loan, car loans, etc do not have any negative impact.
With regards to consumer loan/debt like personal loan/credit cards – It is ideal (not mandatory) to have the amount of debt covered when providing POF. This means that if such debt is $1000 and your POF requirement is $12300, then the ideal available balance would be $13300 or more. However unless this loan amount is big and covers a large portion of the POF, it “may” be disregarded by IRCC when considering POF. Indeed IRCC does take a comprehensive approach to previous debts and liabilities and it is best to address this in your LOE explaining how you plan to settle your liabilities without it affecting your #POF

When showing proof of funds in a currency other than CAD$, it is imperative that you maintain funds that cover the foreign exchange fluctuations. You can use Bank of Canada exchange rate trends to see the recent highest point and maintain your funds equal to or more than an amount that won’t be affected by the exchange rate fluctuations. It is important that the amount shown in your account is equal to or more than the applicable amount for your POF on the day CIC will verify your documents. They will use Bank of Canada exchange rate monitor to convert and check the equivalency of your funds that are held in your local currency.

Amount of funds required as of 15th July 2021 (always check the link here for updated funds requirement)

Number of
Family Members
Funds Required
(in Canadian dollars) 2021
1 $13,213
2 $16,449
3 $20,222
4 $24,553
5 $27,847
6 $31,407
7 $34,967
For each additional family member $3,560

You may be wondering what type of funds you can use and what type of proof is required. Well, there are several things to consider:
Savings/current/salary A/C: If you have savings which match or exceed the required amount then you can simply supply a copy of your bank statement for past 6 months showing the funds in your account. You should be able to show the funds in your account for a minimum of 3-4 months and if the funds have recently been transferred you will need to show where they came from.
It must be obvious that you are not just sending a statement just after being paid and that all the funds will disappear from the account the following week. If your money is split between several accounts, you will need to provide details of each up to the amount required.

Shares, Bonds etc: This type of investment is not acceptable for CIC purposes as these are volatile accounts and cannot be accepted at face value. If you want to use this type of funding, you will need to liquidate them in a suitable bank account and send the statements as above.

Possessions: Again this is not acceptable by CIC. you will need to liquidate the assets and deposit the money in a suitable account. This applies to vehicles, antiques, items of value, jewelry, gold bullion etc.

Real Estate: Money in property is probably the most invested globally. Many people plan to sell property owned in their home country before landing in Canada and will use the equity to establish themselves. Therefore Real Estate by itself can not be used as POF but you may liquidate it and show the sale deed as evidence of deposit and offer bank details as mentioned above.

BitCoins/ Cryptocurrency: Due to lack of clear legislation on this mode of funds, they are not accepted as POF. They are also known to be speculative in nature. If you hold these funds, then it is best to encash it to your account and show the transaction receipt. You can further explain it in LOE.
Showing funds held in joint accounts and spouse’s accounts
If an applicant’s spouse is accompanying, the applicant can show the funds held together in a joint account to meet the PoF requirement. However, to be able to show the funds for meeting the PoF requirement, held in an account under the spouse’s name only, the applicant must prove that they have access to the funds. This can be done by the dependent spouse stating in writing that the funds are freely accessible by the primary spouse to be used as they see fit and are free of any obligations.

Similarly, if an applicant has a joint account with their parent, then the parent will have to execute an affidavit affirming that the funds held in the joint account can be used by the applicant for the purpose of meeting the PoF requirements.
Using gift deed to meet PoF requirement
If you are invited to apply, and you cannot meet the PoF requirements, you can consider meeting this by getting the funds in form of a gift. Gift, as defined under the law is the “voluntary transfer of property (movable or immovable) from one person (the donor or grantor) to another (the donee or grantee) without full valuable consideration (exchange of money or property) or an expectation of return. When executing the gift deed (notarized affidavit), it should meet the formalities of the country in which the gift deed is being executed. The gift deed will also overcome the 6 months average balance requirement as the funds will be with the applicant shown as a gift. This is acceptable as the source of funds not meeting the aging requirement.

Please note that some PNPs like SINP (Saskatchewan) does not accept gift deeds for funds if the funds have not been maintained in the account for atleast 03months. They are quite strict about this.

What cannot be used as PoF?
Any asset which cannot be readily liquidated, and the price of which cannot be ascertained immediately, cannot be used to meet the PoF requirements. Therefore, real estate assets, stocks etc. cannot be used.

However, bank deposits, treasury bills, bonds, provident fund (India), Life Insurance Policy (only unconditional surrender value can be used. whole life insurance, term life cannot be used), and similar monetary investments that can be readily liquidated, can be used for PoF, without liquidating them.
So as a rule of thumb any funds that can be liquidated on demand and on face value may be accepted as proof of funds.

If you meet the majority of your POF over the required age and make small deposits nearer to your application to meet the fund requirement, then you may not have to prove the source of such deposits. The proportion of the deposits should not be more than 10-20% if you do not wish to show their source.

It’s also a good idea to clearly mention the details of your POF if they are not in the required format as per IRCC. Don’t leave it to their automatic understanding.

N.B. You do not have to show that you have these funds if you have arranged employment in Canada and are applying under CEC
Age of Funds Requirement

IRCC asks for an official letter from the bank that states the account details, liabilities, and average monthly balance for the last 6months.
This does not mean that CIC want to see the funds to be 6months old. Nowhere in the immigration law does it specify that the funds must have been maintained for a period of 6months or more.
This requirement is simply to check if there is any recent large deposits in your account contributing to the proof of funds requirement and there are then these must NOT be borrowed or a loan. These funds MUST be unencumbered and free from any liens.

Progressive build-up of funds over the last few months through savings, deposits, sale of assets is all acceptable and fine.
So if you have any large deposits contributing to your proof of funds, then be prepared to show a source of these funds and explain this in your LOE.
Under PNP (like SINP) some provinces insist that the funds must have been strictly maintained for at least 3months prior to the application. If the funds are newer in age then an adequate source of funds must be provided, but this may not be accepted by the province. Hence always refer to the updated province application guide for settlement funds requirements.
Though, Some PNPs will accept following under their POF (however, the same may not be applicable to IRCC under EE)

Personal chequing or savings accounts
Cash-value life insurance
Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GICs) or Certificates of Deposit
Mutual Funds
Provident Funds (an official letter from the provident fund organization indicating the amount of funds that are accessible is required)
Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSPs)
Stocks (only for PNPs. May not be accepted by IRCC during federal application processing)
Tax-Free Savings Accounts (TFSAs)
Term deposits and time deposits (must be valid at the time of application and remain valid throughout the entire application process)
Treasury Bills

Debentures, credit cards, lines of credit, gold, cash, property or businesses are not accepted as settlement funds.

Provident Funds (PF) or any similar retirement funds: It is largely accepted by PNPs as well as CIC. However, it has not been mentioned by CIC. A recent email to IRCC New Delhi confirmed that they will accept it as POF. Since in most cases, POF will be checked at LVO and they are aware of the local country-specific funds and requirements, hence going by that I would safely say that PF or similar retirement funds will be accepted. It will continue to be at the discretion of the VO.
Mutual Funds: Mutual funds are subject to market risks and conditions and hence cannot be liquidated at face value and demand. Therefore there is a large grey area in its acceptance as POF. Some applicants have managed to produce their MF statements from the holding institution and have succeeded in getting their PPR, but in most cases, the amount that they were able to show was far greater than the actual amount required on their application.
I know of a few applicants who got procedural fairness asking for clarity on Mutual Funds and to further show why these funds should be considered as safe instruments. In those cases, they had to liquidate their funds and show their liquid funds as POF.
Life Insurance Policy – If you can provide a certificate from the institution holding your funds, stating the surrender value of the policy which can be encashed on demand, then that amount may be used as #POF

Proof of Funds at the time of first landing

While #POF is not commonly asked for at the time of landing, however its best to have it available with you if the Border Officer does choose to ask for it. Most people are not asked for proof of funds or it’s just a fleeting question – “How much money are you are carrying with you today?”
You must be prepared to show #POF if and when asked by the border officer at the time of examination of your CoPR during your first landing.
In response to a recent query sent to New Delhi Visa Office with regards to Proof of Funds at the time of landing, they replied:
Acceptable proof of funds are:
-bank accounts in your name or the name of your accompanying spouse/common-law partner;
-cashable investments in your name or the name of your accompanying spouse/common-law partner;
-cashable fixed deposits in your name of the name of your accompanying spouse/common-law partner.
Not acceptable are:
-bank accounts in someone else’s name;
-bank accounts which are joint in your name and someone else (other than your accompanying spouse/common-law partner);
-bank accounts in the name of your spouse who is not accompanying you to Canada ;
-property valuations;
-vehicle valuations;
-jewelry valuations.
You are not required to carry your funds in cash when you arrive in Canada. You are, however, required to show documentary evidence that you have the funds available (in bank accounts or cashable investments) and that they can be transferred to Canada.

A port of entry officer in Canada may seek to confirm these funds before granting you permanent residence along with your dependents.

As per this CIC link, you may bring any amount of money to Canada as you wish, there is no limit. However, if you are carrying cash or other financial instruments equal to or greater than $10,000 then you must declare it to the border officer.
The link for CBSA regarding this information is here

canada money


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  • Hi Kubeir, two questions:
    1. My wife is primary applicant and getting a gift deed from my family for the entire amount (a little bit more than required). In this case, what content shall the letter from her bank include? Also, I guess an affidavit is also required from Notary. Anything else?
    2. In the above scenario, do I (being dependent) need to my get letters from the banks I am holding accounts with? I have around 60-70k INR due in credit card/personal loans, which I will anyways clear before moving to Canada. But do you recommend to show those accounts to IRCC and mention the explanation in LOE or ignore these accounts?

    • 1. Gift deed formats are available on google or through a public notary. It will be a notarised affidavit.
      The letter from the bank will indicate the account details, available balance and will highlight the transaction details of the deposit.

      2. Financial documents of a the secondary applicant is not required.

      • one more question…in case of gift deed, what shall be bank letter format? Gift deed amount need to be mentioned in letter? current balance and past 6 months average balance should still be displayed (average was very low since I have quit job in January 18)?

        • Bank letter format should still mention the account details and available balance. Gift deed just supports the recent large deposit as a valid source of those funds and to prove that the funds are not borrowed.

          • Sir, if you add 1L – 2L in FD and i already had 4 L FD and 2.5L in my current account maintained for more then 1.5 years. I just got my invitation and wanted to make another 2 L FD. Do i need to issue gift deed? Or its not an issue?

        • Hi Kubeir, I am Shihab working in a MNC bank in Bangladesh. I have submitted express entry account and planning to immigrate along with my wife. I have a question regarding credit card debt. I am planning to show current balance statement and last six months bank statement of my salary account. My average balance in the account over last six months period is around BDT 12 lacs (around CAD 18,600) and current balance is around BDT 13 lacs (around CAD 20,000). This should be sufficient to cover my proof of funds requirements. The issue is that I also have a credit card from the same bank, repayment of which will be reflected in account statement of my salary account. The limit of this credit card is BDT 5 lacs (around CAD 7,700). However I do not use this card that much. Average outstanding of the credit card over last six months would be BDT 25,000 (around CAD 400) and current outstanding is BDT 5,000 (around CAD 77). I plan to declare this card in my application and upload a NOC from my bank declaring current limit, current outstanding and that there is no overdue. I would like to know the following:
          1. When Immigration Officer will consider my debt from the credit card, will they be considering the limit or the outstanding of the credit card?
          2. Will Immigration Officer be deducting this debt from credit card from my bank balance when determining my eligibility under proof of funds requirements?

      • Hi Sir,

        I am ready with my IELTS, WES and all required documents to enter into CIC.

        Coming to proof of funds.
        I am planning to take Proof of Funds from my dad as a gift along with the gift deed and affidavit required.

        Before taking this step, I have 2 questions to clarify…

        Q1. As I am taking money from my dad as a gift, is it still required to maintain for 6 months in my account? Or I can start my process immediately?

        Q2. Is it required to show the proof of the source of funds from where my father got the money as my father wants to take a loan on our house/property. Is it okay to take loan on our property on my dad’s name and get that funds transferred to my account as a gift?
        Can I proceed with this option?

        Please advise. Thanks in advance.

      • For proof of funds

        would it be fine if i show my(primary candidate) and wife’s(dependent candidate) 2 accounts separately(i.e 2 diff bank statements ) as the sum is greater than CAD 15531 with a NOC letter signed by her on A4 sheet?

      • Hi Kubeir…

        I have saved progressive with my sister about 25k pm for last 4yrs and its like 12lakhs. My statement can prove this if need be. Now I got ITA. I’m taking money from my sister back and it will be completely from her apart from my salary and bonus for next 3 months – which constitute 20% of total POF needed.
        Query: do I need to submit last 6 m statements or just the bank letter, gift deed and current month statement showing the bump in my salary savings bank account.

        Pls reply. I’m working upon the gift deed.
        Thanks in advance.

  • Hi Kubeir,

    What happens when there is currency fluctuations. For instance i have to show 23,181 CAD and my bank letter has shown with amount 25,600 CAD during AOR. Now after 5 months due to currency fluctuations, rough calclation is coming 23,100 CAD. Should i add more money or it is locked during AOR?

    • Current Exchange rate will be checked on the day your funds are being assessed against the rate issue by Bank of Canada. It is advisable to always maintain additional funds to cover the exchange fluctuations.
      In your case if there is a drastic change from the funds requirement then you can use webform to submit updated proof of funds document with additional funds.

      • Sir in my case my relative and friends are providing me the money so I am planning to deposit my money in my bank account now and by the time I will have to show the bank statement for proof of funds it would be 6 months. So in this case will they ask me for the source of funds? As I have maintained for 6 months would the source need to be shown?

          • What if I have a fixed term deposit for 6 months that can be prematurely en-cashed after 3 months and at the time of application to IRCC the fixed term deposit is only 2-3 months old?. Statement of this term deposit will be acceptable as POF?

  • Dear Kubeir sir,

    If the money for (POF) is transferred from one’s mother, can it be explained in LOE? OR the gift deed is a better way to go?
    kindly reply.
    thank you.

    • Gift deed would be required as that would the legal explanation of this funds transferred. You can further explain in LOE that these funds are received as a gift from your mother

  • Hi Kubeir,

    I want to find out specifically if student blocked account with the required amount (held in Germany) can be use as my proof of funds.

    Thank you

    • The funds should be cashable on demand and on face value, only those funds may be used as POF. Therefore locked funds may not be used for POF

  • is the money(60%) in spouse a/c is acceptable and proof of fund ,if he is joining with me in express entry

  • Hello Kubeir,

    Is it mandatory that only a family member can contribute for a gift deed? Or a friend could also contribute?

    • Technically anyone can give you a gift and there is no clear directive on this document by CIC, so by that you can get it from anyone. However it is suggested it be by a family member.

  • Hi all,

    Could anyone please help me with my proof of funds query…If I have an FD in my name in a joint account with my father (primary name being mine too) and get it prematurely credited and then transfer into the bank account I want to show in the process…So in this case the funds would be lying in my account just for few days…I can prove that this money is mine by showing all documents related to the FD and bank account it got transferred from (which is in my name too as primary holder)….Should this create any problem? What all documents should I provide in this case?

    Thanks in advance for the help.

      • Hi Kubeir ji,

        If I understood correct, we can get a gift deed from anyone and/or a relative. My plan is to get a gift deed from my uncle (Wife’s Father), in this case please address my below concerns.

        1.In order the gift deed to be valid should my uncle have the funds in his bank account/s or not necessary.

        2.If the answer is Yes for my first qtn, does he have to share his bank statements besides to the gift deed?

  • Hi Kubeir,

    My pof requirement is CAD 23181, so it comes to INR 12-13 lakhs. I have 11 lakhs in my PF account, and have gift deed for the rest. Information here says PF (India) can be used as POF.
    Is there any restriction to the PF amount that can be used for POF?
    Can both the employee and employer contribution be shown?
    What documents should I submit as proof for using the PF? If I get a letter from the PF office that it can be liquidated on demand and on face value, would that be sufficient?
    When should I withdraw this amount from my PF account to liquidate?

    • Yes get a letter from PF office stating your PF balance and that it can be liquidated on demand. Also add a letter from your bank and bank statements

  • Hello Kubeir,

    I’d like to find out if I can show proof of funds in a new account that I have opened recently to do a transfer of funds given to me by my parent ( I have a notarized gift deed to this effect) specifically given to me to assist me in my application, in addition to getting letters from my regular bank for my older accounts for my day to day transactions?

    Will this work or do I need to have the money in an older account? We are using this new account because it is the same bank my parent uses and it’s easier to do a transfer of that money to that account.

    • You can provide details of the new account. I would also suggest to add the 6months statement from your old account to be in the safe side.

  • Hello kubeir, I have 2 questions.

    1. Must d required amount be in my account for 6 months.Meaning if I require 23181cad for my application, from day 1, 23181cad will remain till 6month. Or I can build up this within the 6 months.

    2. I borrowed some money from my brother which I paid back fully after 1month. My statement can confirm it. For my proof,I am saving in another account so had to transfer out what my brother gave me for this. I do not intend showing the statement of the account where my brother paid the money. How do I explain this in other not to pass the wrong message.

  • Hi Kubeir

    Please let me know if I can share LIC surrender money and systematically invested Mutual funds as PoF. They both are cashable within 3 days of submission of application.

    Apart from that, if I state on an affidavit that my father is providing rest of the funds as gift of deed, however, the money stays in his account only. Would it be considered as PoF?

    • Yes you can. You will need a letter or certificate from LIC and funds manager stating the amount of value available for liquidation.
      Money as gift deed should be in our account to claim as POF.

  • Hello,

    Pls I v a query. I borrowed money for this process before now. This was when I was thinking it’s necessary to keep the money in my account for 6 months. I v paid back fully now , can be verified in my statement.

    How do I explain this in LOE not to be instantly rejected because I borrowed.

  • What is an acceptable difference between the average and current balance in one’s account?

  • Hello
    My father gave me the required amount of money as a gift but the bank refused to give me a bank letter.
    What should I provide as a proof of funds beside the document of deed of gift ?

    • You do need a letter from the bank stating your account details. You can also add the official bank statements

      • Thank you for your response, but the refused to include the required deatails. They only agreed to include my accoung type and the date it was opened and refused to include my current balance and average balance in the letter and said that I should get bank statment.
        Will that be enough or my application will be at risk ?

  • Hi kubeir, I had 60-70% of funds in my account till may.
    I have added 1.3 lacs in june and will do almost 1 lac in july too. I was thinking of applying in august itself…as i was waiting for funds to reach the required amount only.

    Would it create any issues since 35% of the funds were deposited within 2 months of applying for EE ?

      • Hi sir, I have a doubt regarding proof of funds as you mentioned it is not compulsary to maintain required fund in the account for past 6 months for Express Entry, my question is then why in CIC website they are asking for average balance for past 6 months please clarify this as soon as possible

        • They need last 6 months details just to ensure if there are any spikes in deposits and those need to be explained. This is mainly to check if your funds are not borrowed and are unencumbered.

  • Dear Kubeir,

    I intend to use fixed deposit as POF. Kindly help me clear out the following posers.

    1. I’d like to know if the investment letter would be sufficient only or I’d need to get an additional letter from my bank?

    2. Do I need to show the source of funding the fixed deposit?


    • You need an official letter from the bank listing your account details and balances. If you use FD, then provide FDR as well.
      Source of funds is required if these are recent deposits within the last 6months in your account

  • As we are a family of 4 members, our minimum funds requirement is CAD 23,181. I have a housing loan in XYZ bank that is my salary account.
    To meet the POF requirement, I have 3 fixed deposits in the ABC bank. For the fixed deposit of INR 2,00,000 the source is a gift from my father. The other two fixed deposits are in a nationalised bank of INR 5, 50,000 each, for this I withdrew an amount of INR 11,00,000 from my provident fund, post ITA, that was credited to my salary account.
    I will upload the below documents to the “Proof of Means of Financial Support” section in my application:
    1. Gift deed, which is the source for INR 2,00,000.
    2. Provident fund withdrawal receipt of INR 11,00,000 and my Savings/salary account statement of XYZ bank that shows that it was credited to my savings account.
    3. Fixed deposit receipts and bank letter from ABC bank that proves that I hold the said fixed deposits in their bank.

    Questions are as below:
    1. Are these sufficient?
    2. My salary account is in a private bank, so I opened the FDs in ABC (nationalised) bank which gives a higher interest rate and is more credible. Is this OK, or will opening an FD account in another bank post ITA lead to rejection?
    3. What details about housing loan should I give in the LOE?

    Please answer this, it will relieve a lot of tension from my mind.

    • I am sorry, but there are too many details in your comment for me to focus on.
      multiple accounts and funds can be accumulated to provide POF as required.
      Liabilities must be mentioned on the official bank letter, and you can explain in LOE about the details of those.
      FDs from any bank are fine.

  • Hi Kubeir,

    I recently got my ITA. I have a query about POF.

    I have enough funds in my savings account (lets says in Bank 1), which i will be showing as POF.
    I took an educational loan from a financial institute (not a bank), the institute which primarily provides education loans for higher education. As a part of this, I am paying my EMI from my salary account (from Bank 2).
    1. Will education loan affect my process in anyway?
    2. Should i disclose my education loan? But it is not associated with my Bank 1 from where I will be submitting my POF.
    3. What will happen if i don’t disclose my education loan?

    • Yes, please disclose the liabilities. Your education loan will not affect your application.
      As per Section 16.1 of IRPA – you must complete your application truthfully in all aspects. Not doing so may lead to your application being refused.

      • Dear Sir,

        I have received my gcms notes and my POF has been marked as review required. I have declared the required proof of funds but my PG student loan outstanding is well above the required POF (x2). I’m not in a position to declare funds over and above my loan outstanding. The letter from the bank States that collateral security has been taken for the loan and the loan is in regular status. Kindly advice if there is anything I should do or will this be affecting my eligibility. Request your advice if anything has to be done.

        Thank you.

        • Hi Pradeep,

          I am in a similar situation and would like to know if you’ve got an update from IRCC. Hope there was no issue with the loan.


        • I am in the same exact situation, my POF is marked review required. I have been waiting for 13 months since i submitted my appliation 🙁

  • Hi Kubeir,

    I have a TD checking account in which I have some cashable funds for daily use. I also have a RBC non redeemable GIC of 14 months. When I combine both of these amounts I have the required funds for PR. Can I combine both of these amount and show it as a proof of funds?
    Thanks very much.


    • If you are combined funds are equal and over then the required, then you may use them as POF. Do remember to add an official letter from the bank with account details and average balances as well.

  • Hello,

    What do you think large sums of deposit would be considered ? in terms of monetary value?

    We have received our ITA already and we have deposited around INR 1.5 Lac around 5 months ago, and then INR 3.5 Lac the following month. Could this raise red flags?

    The money was sourced from my dad. in this case is it advisable to issue a letter of gift deed or it would not be necessary?

    Thank you in advance.

  • Hi, if my mother gives me a half the required amount as a gift, is she required to show her source or funds or pof? Or all I need to show from her side is the bank transfer/cheque receipt?

  • In a hasty way I did not read the requirements for POF for CIC ,I only submitted the same Proof Of Fund That I used to get the nomination From Province which is The official Bank Statement For 6 months,And I submitted my application with this only And I do not Know what they are going to do with my application I did not submitted the letter required but the official bank statement has all information required My name Account Number and balance .any hope??

    • Dear Sir,

      I recently I applied SINP that time I attached showed my salary account statement 3 month old. Now days SINP takes more time to process. If SINP raised ADR,that time can I submit Fixed Despot term aged amount of same my applicants name.(if yes Can I withdraw my Salary account amount).

      • If you get an ADR it will not be for new documents but for clarification for old submitted documents.

    • In most cases of POF if CIC needs more documents or further clarification then they will ask for it by way of ADR

      • Is it better to club the accompanying spouse account balance in the primary applicant’s account and use it as gift deed OR use a letter of consent from accompanying spouse for access to fund ? Are any of these required to be notarized ?

        • Notarization not required.
          Funds may be jointly held or may be in the name or accompanying spouse. Just a plain letter mentioning the primary applicant having access to funds will suffice.

  • Hi Kubeir,
    I got through the express entry, my medicals are passed and background check in process. Now i have received a letter stationg that my mutual fund which is the major amount reflected in proof of funds is alleged investment and they are not satisfied with my proof of funds. I have been given 30 days to resubmit docs and clarify the things. My dilemma is wether i should liquidate those mutual funds now to my bank account or either my father is ready to transfer the said amount in form or gift to me ! Kindly suggest as this is a critical matter and they are capable of rejecting my application if there’s something that gives them a red flag!

    • It’s best to liquidate mutual funds and show the new pof along with the source of the funds

  • Term deposit and time deposits (must be valid at the time of application and remain valid throughout the entire application process).For SINP, it should also age 3 months from the date of application submitted. Please suggest.

  • Hi Kubeir,

    Request you to please let me know on below queries related to POF:
    1. Considering I am the primary applicant, is joint Fixed Deposit allowed if I am the secondary holder and my spouse is the primary holder of that FD (FD is booked through my Spouse’s Savings Account)?
    2. Do we need to show loans if we are showing only FDs as POF? Is showing FDs alone sufficient?
    3. If we need to show loans, do we need to increase the POF requirement and show more money than expected (approx. 15500 CAD for 2 family members)?
    4. If I create a fixed deposit today and take letter from bank the next day, is it allowed as my FD is not aged till 6 months?

    • 1. If jointly held funds are acceptable.
      2. Cic asks to show the liabilities
      3. No
      4. If the funds for POF are recent then you need to show source of these funds as well

  • Without iltes any way to reach Canada i am car technician with distance learning courses be mechanical 13 years of experience in automobile industry.

    • There are several programs. Each has its own criteria. Kindly research and review accordingly

      • Dear Kamal,

        I have balance confirmation letter from bank on Letter head with sign/stamp

        But below are the points:

        Two different letters ,
        one for CAD amount (not mentioned the INR)
        One for INR amount (not mentioned CAD in this)
        Both are of same date, (amount is same)

        Both these letters not mentioned
        1. Account opening date.
        2. Average 6 months bal(for this bank says that use Statement downloaded on line)

        is this OK.

        • Letter from the bank is required with account details such as account opening date, average monthly balance for six months and current available balance plus list of liabilities if any. If the bank does not mention the average balance then attach 6months statements

          • Dear Kubeir,
            If I am attaching only fixed term deposit account details then the bank does not provide a 6month statement on those accounts since they are of the type fixed deposit. What should we do in that case?

            If we are attaching fixed deposit account details, is it okay if we do not attach the six month bank statement?

          • attach bank statements from the regular account that you have and an official letter from the bank with account details

  • I have doubt, if I’m the only member from my family going through expess entry. Do , I need to show proof of funds for 4 family members ? I live with my parents and younger brother.

    • For the purpose of PR – your family means your spouse and children. Your parents and siblings are not part of your family for this PR application

  • Hello Kubeir,

    Could you please advice me on below;

    My requirement for pof is 15Lacs. 50% of which is through gift deed from my father and the 50% I am trying to build up gradually in the next 3 months through cash deposits, cheque deposits and online transfers.
    What I need to know here is for upto what amount of deposits do I need to explain in LOE? Do deposit amount upto 50K need any explaination or do amounts more than 1lac need explaintion? What is the upper limit that needs explaination in LOE?

    Thank you so much in advance for your valuable comments.

    • CIC can ask for explanation of any deposits to your account if they feel that the amount could be borrowed. If you have good explanation, then it would be fine.

  • Dear Sir,

    Keeping my question absolutely concise;

    1. Is it MANDATORY to give Credit Card statements? I have 5-6 of them with a combined debt of a maximum of 50k, which I should be clearing within a month or two max.

    2. My Father is gifting me funds of INR 10L, which will be put in FD in my name, the same is more than the required INR 8.5L (For Me & My Spouse). Will get the notarized Gift Deed in order. However, apart from this, is it MANDATORY to show liquid cash in Bank Account or the amount received from Parent is enough?

    3. Is it MANDATORY to provide Six Months Bank Statements, can I not ask my Bank to issue a simple letter as per the Banks standard format stating/ mentioning Account Number, Amount of Funds available on the specific date, Name of Account Holder, etc.?

    Warm regards,

    • 1. It is mandatory to list your liabilities if any.
      2. no
      3. if your bank does not show average monthly balance for 6 months, then its strongly recommended to add bank statements for the same period

  • Dear Mr. Kuber,

    During the initial stage of my PR process, I consulted an advisor on the ‘Proof of Funds’ clause and was informed that I could present a joint account with my mother (where I am the primary account holder) as acceptable evidence. Subsequently, I have continued to maintain the required balance accordingly in it.

    However, now that I am close to filing my EoI there seems to be some ambiguity on this. A few people have also mentioned that such an account is not acceptable.

    I’d be grateful if you could offer some insight on this as otherwise I’d either have to transfer to another account and wait out another six months or remove my mother’s name from the existing account.

    I eagerly await your response and thank you for your time.

    Warm regards,


    • usually, joint accounts other than the spouse are not acceptable. The best thing would be to transfer the funds to your name or change the account and remove the other person. Alternatively, you may take a chance by adding a letter from your mother stating that she has no objection to your using the entire funds in the account for your personal use as you see fit. But its on discretion of the visa officer to accept it or not

  • Hi Kubeir, I am in US and don’t have funds to show for 6 months. I am having a savings account in India ( not NRI account). Can I get gift deed from my parents into my india account and proceed?

  • Hello Sir

    Befor I ask you any questions, I want to shae some background

    1. I have $4200.00 in my Bank of America savings account since March 2018.
    2. My bank of America checking a/c balance as of July 21 2018 was USD
    3. My bank of America checking a/c balance is USD $ 3000.00 as of Aug 21
    2018. This is because my salary was credited on 1st Aug 2018.
    4. On Sep 5 2018, my bank of America checking a/c balance will be USD
    5. I have Rs. 50,000 in my bank of India a/c in India. But it is a joint account
    with my mom.
    6. I have a LIC policy. Its surrender value is Rs. 1,30,000. However, the primary
    name on that policy is mine and the secondary name is my mom’s.
    7. As of today, when I convert all this money to CAD, It converts to roughly,
    CAD $ 11400.00.
    8. Additionally, I will be doing a gift deed from my mom for approximately
    Rs.3,50,000.00 which converts to CAD $ 6500.00.
    9. So the total amount I show is roughly CAD $ 18,000.00

    Now, I have the following questions on the same.

    1. I am able to show 6-month average of $4200 for my BANK OF AMERICA
    savings a/c. However, the $ 6000.00 which I will be showing from my bank of
    America checking account will not be 6 months average. Is it ok to show this
    amount as this money is my salary I have earned or would be earning for the
    month of aug and sep 2018.
    2. Can I get a affidavit sample for affidavit to be made by my mom on the Bank
    of India joint account where she will affirm that the funds held in this joint
    account can be used by me for the purpose of meeting the PoF
    3. Should I show the LIC surrender value in case of two names on this? Me
    and my mom’s name on the policy.
    4. I don’t have any other account apart from the joint account in India with my
    mom. If she were to do gift deed, in what account should the money be
    transferred as the bank of India account is joint and I am avoiding
    transferring money to my Bank of America account as there will be foreign
    transaction which I want to avoid for US tax purpose.
    5. Also, please do let me know, if I should get more than 1 affidavit from my
    mom for PoF (1 for gift deed and 2nd for joint account statement).

    Please help me in this.

  • Hi Kubeir,

    Urgent help sought…
    My Dad has created an FD 5 months ago which is around 20 lks. And the source being his account but on my name in SBI. The FD is bearing my name and Pan number. We can get a statement from the bank that on maturity the amount will be credited to my account in SBI.
    Also I have a gift deed from my dad stating the same that my Dad has unconditionally given the FD (created from his SB account)

    My account in SBI is a joint account with my spouse who is my co applicant.

    Is the gift deed proof enough for POF?
    Do you see any challenges before I submit my application. I ALREADY have the ITA and am due to submit all proofs next week.

    Please help!!

  • Hi
    Wanted to know if we can show an overdraft account as Pof? As most of my savings are in that account

  • Hi Sir,
    I am in a big trouble. Please help me. It will be a great favour on me..

    Actually I am going to take POF from my mother as a gift deed. I am afraid would they ask about her Pan card, or bank details or source of her income and all. Is there any case you seen where they asked details about the person who are gifting the money.

    I look forward to hear from you sir.
    Kind Regards.

    • In most cases they do not ask for source of funds of the doner, unless there are some flags in your financial history.

  • POF requirement: $16000, PA account balance: $16423, avg of 6 months in bank letter: $17927.

    1. I am the PA and had transferred $18000 to my spouse account 1 month before ITA, leaving me with very low balance. Just before ITA, my spouse transferred $3600 back to my account. Should this transfer be shown as gift deed from spouse as I am also taking spouse consent letter for using his bank funds of $15000.
    2. There were some cash deposits of $1780 in my account just before ITA, can I include these in gift deed from spouse ?
    3. Can there be 2 gift deeds shown for my account from my mother and spouse ?
    4. I have taken consent letter from spouse for his salary account funds usage. He has a home loan going on from another bank. Is it required to disclose this home loan ?

    • Funds in your account or spouse account or joint account with the spouse if accompanying is not an issue. You can add a consent letter for use of funds from the spouse.

      • Thanks for the reply !
        Should I write any explanation in LOE about the below transactions in my POF account in last 3 months?
        1. Cash deposit transactions worth $1782 in POF account with balance close to $16000.
        2. Transactions to and fro spouse account whose consent letter is already attached for access to funds

  • I am primary applicant and my wife will be accompanying me after PR grant.

    My wife has an bank account in India with 60% of the funds ( accessible online by net banking and Card)
    and I use a bank in Thailand where i am working presently having 30% of the funds required ( accessible online by net banking and Card)
    remaining 10% of the cash is in another account in India in my name. ( accessible online by net banking and Card)

    How to i format the PoF letter for funds distributed in these accounts, or is it even possible to use as proof of funds in first place.

  • Hello Kubeir,

    I am applying for the Canada PR and, I got the ITA in the recent draw as well.
    I am having few doubts on the POF. I have a PF amount of 3 lakhs and it is not liquidated.
    I am ready to get the PF statement from the PF Regional Office. My question is, could I submit the PF statement along with the Gift deed that I get from my father for the remaining amount? Will that be accepted.
    Please give me advise on this.


  • Please guide.
    1) In the bank certificate for proof of funds my bank has mentioned the date of opening account wrong. Will it be any issue? All other details are mentioned correctly though.

    2) The bank certificate mentions my permanent address instead of temperory one. Is it okay?

    3) The gift deed from my father, a line has been mentioned by lawyer that I live with my father (i.e. my home address), whereas my address history will reflect me to be living at my temporary address. Is it a descrepancy or it can be explained in LoE?
    4) I am receiving around 40 thousand per month as salary from my current job since last one year, in my main account. Do I need to provide salary slips for that as well?
    Will be much thankful for the support.

  • Hello Kubeir,
    My PR got rejected on 31/08 due to incompleteness (regretfully i mistakenly uploaded wrong invalid passport attachment) thus i got a new ITA and need to resubmit. what is teh validity for the bank statements and bank letter ? i have ones issued in July wheni applied for the first time. can i use the same ones or request new ones?
    many thanks

  • hi,

    I have a joint account with my father. Will a FD made in my name only from this joint account count as proof of fund?


  • I have just got some amount transferred to my bank as a gift from my father. Now, I am trying to get a Gift Deed made. I have some questions:

    1. Even my father did not had the money and we arranged from various sources into his account and then got them transferred to mine using a cheque. Would it be an issue? I mean I think it could be an issue only if his bank statements are also checked since the amount got transferred to his account in the last 10 days.

    2. At the bottom of the gift deed, there is a place for me to sign. My father is in India and the gift deed will be made in India. The witnesses also are in India who will sign. However, I am in US and the gift deed mentions my address from US. Since I cannot be present in India to sign I can either not sign the proposal at all or sign it after getting the original copy shipped to US. However, won’t that be illegal since the gift deed is made in India and I am in US so how can I sign?

    3. Since I have recently moved to US, I do not have funds here. So I got the amount transferred from my Father’s account in India to my India based account even though I am living in US. Would it be an issue?

  • Hello Sir,
    Thank you for all the valuable information above. I am the secondary applicant and I have major part of funds to be shown as POF in my Fixed Deposits under my name. In the post above, you have mentioned that I need to prove in writing that my husband has access to those funds. Sir, for this, a plain letter with my signature listing my FDs, would suffice or an affidavit is required?

  • Hi,. I am the primary applicant and received the ITA in sept. I have transferred huge fund to my joint account with my spouse in March and returned back the same amount in the month of June to my bank account. In joint account I am secondary. Do I need to submit gift deed from spouse. Or I can explain this in LOE.

  • I m from India I have 7 Lakhbir rupees fd 5,6 month old given by my mom but my salary account not showing good amount. Will it work out ?

  • Sir my father has two accounts for proof of funds
    In one account there is a lump sum amount present without any account history
    And another is a savings account in which there no lump some but acount history is there
    I cannot add my lump amount into another and show it
    So at time of visa if i show both accounts will it work fine for me or not?

  • Hello Kuberi,

    Great answers to so many questions I already had. There is one question though regarding the POF.
    1. My wife if the primary applicant. She has an FD in her individual name and no secondary name. This FD is from her father and we will be having it with her exclusive name and no other. Although, is there any restrictions for a nominee? Can her mother be a nominee?

  • Hi kubeir,
    I have two queries related to Canada express entry.
    1. For pof if I maintained my account before creating my profile and after submitting my application for PR can I take some money from my relative as a gift deed . will it affect my case.

    2. For reference letter I m working in my own school how I mention my experience for express entry because I received my pay in cash in my hand not in a bank account. Because I don’t have any pay slips to clarify this.

    My process is stuck just because of these 2 issues

  • Hi sir ,
    Is it necessary to convert the amount mentioned in the home currency into equivalent CAD on the bank’s letter ?

  • Hi, we(me and my husband) have received the ITA. But we don’t have enough balance in the bank. We can arrange it but what about the 6 months criteria? Please revert soon.

    • Hello, The proof of funds criteria of 6 months is applicable to the money you have been gathering for or hold with you which is earned by you. There is always an option of borrowing money from your parents (preferably) or a blood relative (not too sure on what the criteria is in this aspect). When borrowed, you must have a gift deed for the same amount. The amount can be in the form of fixed deposit only on your and/or your husband’s name. These Fixed Deposits can be scattered in chunks with either of your names but the total amount must suffice the basic requirements.

      Hope this helps.

      Thank you for the platform Kubeir.

  • Hello Kubeir,
    We have received an ADR for a one month gap shown between two educational institution records. This was the time when the new degree course had not started and my previous diploma course had ended. We have received a Scheduled A Background Declaration form to be refilled and submitted. Should we show a record of unemployment for that month?

    What should we do? Please advice. We don’t want to face rejection due to incomplete information

  • A query related to proof of funds:
    When I applied in July for PR through express entry, I had my friends transfer me money to show on my account which is still in my account. These transactions took place in the month of May.I showed around 18000 USD. I just got an update from CIC that they need proof for funds, asking for past 6 months transaction details. I can submit the bank statements of mine for last 6 months, but do I need to submit any additional documents related to the transaction from friends?

  • Hey I am asking for my girlfriend who is planning to apply for her Canadian PR. She is currently staying in the US and she wants to use a gift deed from her mother as a POF and it is in Indian currency. She wants to know if it is okay to not send a POF in the currency of the country she is staying and instead send a POF in another country currency of which she is a citizen? Will this affect her application in any way?

  • I have joint account with my parents and my spouse also with my parents but the first name of both the accounts is in name of my name and my spouse name can I show that account as proof of fund and can we get affidavit saying that the account belongs to both the account belong to me and my spouse and there name is just for signature purpose.

  • Hello Sir,

    I have applied for permanent residency. The update said that the medicals are passed and rest are under process. I have shown the PoF in my savings account and have submitted the letter from the bank stating this savings account. Now I would like to convert that amount into fixed deposit as it gives me double the interest. Is it possible now after the application submission. Kindly help me with your valuable suggestions.

    Thank you

  • Hello Sir,

    I have recieved my ITA ON 29 OCT 2018.







  • Hi Kubeir, Thanks for the informative video, it is really useful. I have an additional query on top of what you have covered. My father is opening a FD in my name and keeping himself as the secondary owner. He will open it in his own account. Can I show this FD as POF?

  • sir will case officer ask where did the person get money from who is gifting you. For eg I will be getting money from my mother and she will have a gold loan which will be paid to her in cash. Then she will deposit into her account and then will send it to me. is it ok or not? Please guide I am last stage as I am teting to arrange POF.

  • Hi, thanks for all the content you provide. In addition to my current account and home mortgage I have a buy-to-let property with a mortgage. Do I need to include this in my application and how should I reflect it? Thanks

  • Hi Kubeir,

    I am from india and i have a Tax Saver FD with a lock-in period of 5 years. Can it be used as a Proof of funds?


  • Dear Kubeir,

    If I am the main applicant and I have an access on my wife’s bank account and her uncle will give her a gift deed through a bank transfer, could this be used as a proof of fund?!

    Thank you.

  • Hi Kubeir, Thanks a lot for your amazing service.

    I just want to clarify whether what I am going to do to show my POF is okay.

    I need to show around CAD16K for myself and my wife. I will be opening an FD just after receiving the ITA. The sources of the fund are:

    Our savings 7K + My year End bonus 5K + My Wife’s year end Bonus 3K, which will sums up to be 16K.

    I can provide statements of my savings account and our salary slips for the month of December 2018. Would this be sufficient? Or any other suggestions?

    Thank you

  • HI Sir,

    I have submitted my ITA, now the issue is I have submitted the bank statements for 6 months and i have got it attested from the Bank itself. I have uploaded this document. I just went through your blog and I see that we need to get a bank letter.

    Can you please let me know as to how do I submit this Bank letter. Kindly let me know if I submit IRCC Webform, will it be considered.

    Please share your advise.


  • Hi Kubeir,
    I plan to submit my profile for ITA by mid of this month (December-18). Currently I don’t have the funds in my account. I plan to sell an asset (Car) from which I will get a bit over half of the required amount. The remaining amount I will be covering through gift deed from my mother.
    I have an excellent draft for the gift deed (much better than the ones I found over internet) which I got from a very senior lawyer and it includes detailed extensive clauses to ensure that the money is mine in every sense. But recently I heard that there is a change in IRCC documents requirement for gift deed, where they can ask to provide bank statements of the donor of the gift to see movement of money in their account. Is that true? The money actually is coming from a relative’s account into my mother’s account and then in my account supported by a gift deed.

    Also, is it Okay if I place the money in my account through sale of asset and gift deed AFTER I GET THE ITA?

  • Hi Kubeir. I have 52 days left to apply after receiving ITA. In the last 1 year my bank balance has been quite less. There is a relative of mine who is willing to provide me funds and I don’t need to return it to them. What should I do now? Looking forward to your help.

  • Dear Kubeir,

    I just got an invitation for express entry PR application. I am the principal applicant with my husband being another applicant. I have to show 16K CAD as settlement funds. I have 10K in savings accounts which can be shown as savings for past 6 months. For the rest I am planning to include my salary and bonus (4 + 3K CAD), which I will receive this month. Will this be a problem? Is it better to get money from family as gift?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Hi Kubeir,

    I have a couple of questions:

    1. I have to show POF of $19,093, I have them in my bank but lying only from three months. So, my husband (dependent) transferred more rs Rs. 12 lakhs from his savings(which was not saved in the bank). now my question is can I show them as gift deed showing he has gifted me?

    2. Apart from these Rs 12 lakhs which i mentioned above, he has taken loan of Rs. 8 lakhs from the bank and should I have to submit these loan details also? if I have to submit these details also, will there be any problem or any objection is raised?

  • Hello Kubeir,

    I’ve recently received an invitation for PR and I had some questions regarding proof of funds.
    My wife and I are planning to immigrate and currently, the only source of funds are my wife’s fixed deposits, which have been in her name for several years.

    I am the primary applicant for the PR though.

    1. Do I have to change that FD into a joint one and have my name as the second holder (she has to be the primary since the interest goes to her bank account)?

    I have read here some folks just get a letter/undertaking/affidavit stating from the spouse that the applicant is allowed to access the funds. I couldn’t understand how that would be possible for FDs unless the bank is on board with it too and there’s a letter from the bank stating the same thing? We aren’t sure our bank (Indian bank) will cooperate on this matter. Could someone provide me with more insight on this? A sample letter would help a lot.
    Also, if we change the FD into a joint FD, do we need any letters from the bank or my spouse to show where the money came from since I’m assuming it will be counted as a new FD and not six months old??

    2. We currently have just enough to show proof of funds for two people ($15531) plus enough to pay for the PR fee for both. Can we declare the full amount of our funds first in the PR application, then break the FD when it comes to paying the PR fees, OR would that reflect as misrepresentation since the money declared will be higher than what it is once the fees are paid?

    3. Do we need to break our FD and have all the money in the savings account at any point? If we do that now, would it make the application process easier? Do we have to to do this once we are in Canada since the FD cannot be broken from there and we need access to these funds?

    Thank you in advance for your replies.

  • Hi Kubeir
    My daughter has received ITA . We have a joint savings bank account in the names of myself, my husband and daughter. For proof of funds can we change this into a single account or open a new account and transfer the funds( in which case we can not provide a statement for six months) .kindly advise as soon as possible as we have to submit the documents for visa processing. Thanks in advance

  • Hi Kubeir,

    Me and my wife are planning to apply for Canada PR. I had 3 questions.

    1. Can i show tax saving FD’s as proof of funds ( lock in period of 5 years). This would not be a significant portion though of the total proof of funds required. Around Rs 50k (~1k CAD)

    2. My wife would be the primary applicant and we dont hold any joint account. I understand that I need to provide letter mentioning that she has access to funds from my account, but do we need to get it notarised or just a simple letter providing relevant details?

    3. As you had mentioned in this article that if we are short on proof of funds by a small amount then it can be added into the account from any source and we dont need to provide any further details about the source while applying. Would there be any issue if we show around 2k CAD ( ~Rs 1 lac) deposit in our accounts over a period of 3 months from now and not showing the source of it while applying?


    Vishal R

  • Hi,

    Need advice on following:

    Is it acceptable if I take money from father in law along with gift deed to show POF?

    My husband is secondary applicant and he is having some personal loans (around 10% amount of POF). Will it have any impact and do we need to show this?


  • Hello Kubeir,

    I am planning to show proof of funds through two bank accounts. For one bank account I have taken gift from my father. For this I have prepared proper Affidavit and Gift Deed. This account has enough funds to meet single person requirements. Along with this I am planning to show my current account in US as well. This account too has enough funds to meet the requirements, but the average amount over past six months has been fluctuating, as I’ve been using this account for my day to day needs and I also receive salary in this account. Will this be a problem for express entry ?

    Thank you!

  • if I am using my provident fund as my PoF,
    after receiving your PR, and would like to do a soft landing in Canada to just collect your PR and visit the country for a week or so before actually relocating to Canada.

    will i have to cash my provident fund for that soft landing “visit trip”? or will an official letter from my provident fund organisation be enough

  • Hello Kubeir.

    Thank you for your very explicit video on POF.
    In my case I just received ITA and trying to build up my funds. My spouse intends to move money to me in small bits (within 2 weeks) for the the purpose of our application. Would I need to show his own bank statements at the point of application?

    Thank you.

    • If spouse is accompanying you don’t need to transfer, you can show funds in account belonging to your spouse

      • Kuber sir, but what about If my spouse bank account contains her Father name as last name? Is it valid in this case to shows POF from my spouse bank account ?

  • Hello kubeir,
    I have some concerns that needs clarifications.
    1. Early December last year, a customer gave me a gift of $2500 with which I opened a domiciliary account and paid deposited the money.
    2. Early January, my husband sold his land for N5m and opened a new account and did a term deposit on the account since the interest rate is very high.
    3. Just this afternoon, we sold another land for N3.5m which will be paid in tomorrow into my account and will be fixed for a 6months term
    4. I have a savings of N 900,000 but fixed in my minor child’s account because there is an extra 1% interest rate on minor accounts.
    5. All these accounts are in the same bank.

    My questions are, is a bank letter covering all accounts okay with individual TD contracts? Can I show TD in my child’s minor account as proof of funds?
    Do I need further documents?

  • Hi,

    I have applied to PR through express entry and my husband is the primary applicant. The proof of funds is in my name and I have sufficient amount in the account. I have also got an affidavit done that my husband can use the money in the account any time. I also have a bank statement for 6 months and a letter from the bank. Kindly let me know if these are enough to upload the documents. Any details regarding my husband’s bank account is needed?

  • Hi Sir, I wanted to ask one thing. My wife is the primary applicant in my case. For PoF my father gave us amount to get deposited in my wife’s account. But he didn’t make any gift deed. Instead, my consultant who is one of the Pakistan’s renowned, mentioned in one page (which he calls tags and has provided with every document) before bank statement that the amount was gifted by her father-in-law.
    Was I asked him that why not gift deed? he insisted that we have learned by our practice that its not mandatory if you want mentioned it in tags. Since I am under eligibility review after MEP & Biometrics this is making me scared.

  • Hi Kubeir!

    I am sinp nominated applicant applied for PR in Aug 2018.

    I have attached 2 docs in Pof section.. (For family of 4)
    – Letter from bank showing my FD details(mentioning it is free from any lien)
    (Fd -Cad 35,000)
     – statement from HDFC life for my Ulip holdings with them.
    (Ulip -Cad 5,000)

    Both, Fds (atleast the required amount of 23,181) and ulip are more than 6 months old

    Now after reading in forums I am worried whether I should have attached my bank account statements, liability letter or my credit card statements along with these docs??
    My home loan and top up loan will reflect in my account which is against the property and my bank can give me a letter for the same.

    Thru webform Do I now send them my 6 months bank statements and a liability letter from bank stating my home loan and top up loan?

    Please give your suggestions on this.. it will relieve a lot of stress for me! Thanks

  • Hi Kubeir,

    I and my wife have applied for Express Entry, our CRS is 437 and waiting for ITA. We are from India and I am the primary applicant. I have few queries on Proof of funds and hope this forum will help me to understand. Below are the queries

    1. I am showing my wife’s account as well as POF and she is accompanying me. What is the format for the NOC?

    2. I don’t have CAD 15,772 in my account right now. But we will be getting the required amount as gift deeds from my father and father in law. What documents should i submit as proof for that? Also, in this case, a huge amount will be credited in the account within 6 months. Will that creates any problem even after we provide Gift Deed Notary Signed document.

    3. Can I show my PF Account balance proof and statement certificate

    4. If we have any liquid cash in hand. how can we show that as proof? For eg. I have 1 Lakh INR or 1500 CAD cash in hand by selling a few commodities, how can I show this as proof? should I deposit in the bank account ? in that case again a huge amount will be deposited, what proof should I show for this?

    It would be very helpful if you could help me with this.


  • Hello,
    I am the main applicant and Have applied for express entry under FSW program. I received my ITA and am about to apply.
    My husband has funds in his account and he wants to gift the amount to me through a gift deed.
    Is it doable? Can i receive a gift deed from my husband??

  • Hi Kubeir,

    Thank you for such a detailed and informative post. I have few questions:

    1. I have more than required funds in my Savings and Checking account with one bank in USA. But, I also have other saving bank accounts in India. Do I still need to submit official letter from all these banks?

    2. I am the primary applicant and I have a joint account for credit card with my husband, where my husband is the primary account holder. Should I show that under proof of funds?

    3. I have another credit card that i rarely use. Should I still submit proof for that?

    3. Do I need to submit official letters from credit card banks, or will 6-month bank statements suffice?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Dear Kubeir,

    I got ITA and submitted POF as a saving account statement, in my Accompanying Dependent Child Name, from a financial institute other than bank. I am residing in the United Arab Emirates and the financial institution is “National Bonds”. I explained the same in my LOE and confirmed that funds are accessible to me as I am the legal guardian for my Accompanying Dependent Child.
    I used the same POF when I applied for Ontario Province Nomination. I went through and I got the Nomination Certificate within one month.
    It has been more than 6 months now since the AOR. My application is still in IP2 stage since 26 October 2018. I retrieved a GCMS report and saw in one of the notes “RECOMMENDATION – OFFICER REVIEW REQUIRED – Please review Funds re information under client notes concerning the name account”.
    However, so far, I have not received any clarification query or additional document request about the subject.
    I would like to have your opinion about this case and if this matter would jeopardize my application.
    Thank you in advance.

  • Hi,
    My sister in law transferred 3.5L and then 1.5L in my bank account. After that I made an FD of 11L to show POF 1 month before the AOR. During submission of application, I also submitted letter from bank for FD and bank account along with my 6 months bank statement. Now do I still need to show any gift deed document?

  • Hi Kubeir,
    My query is related to proof of funds. I have around 10 lakhs INR (15000 Canadian dollar approx). Will the statement of PF fund be enough for proof of funds for me.

  • Hi Kubeir, I have sufficient POF in my account and have got letter too. However when I will pay the Application fees there will be deficit of that amount in my account, which will be corrected by this month salary cycle. Can I do it, as I already have letter from the resective banks for the amount. Also, its will be just 15-20 days post e-APR that balance will come back to current levels.

  • Hello Kamal,
    Thanks for this thorough explanation!
    my bank letter doesn’t include the contact details of the bank as specified by CIC, only the bank name and branch. However it can be found very easily with a google search.
    Also, the address included is my workplace not my home.
    PS: i already submitted my application 2 weeks ago.
    Do you think i should be fine?
    Also, when is the right time for ordering GCMS notes??

  • Hey Kabir 1 question, What If I declare 19000 CAD while uploading my documents after receiving an Invitation and withing a span of 5 months I have 17000 CAD remaining in the account for 1 person? will this cause an issue? I am in the IP1 stage currently, I had to use the amount for an emergency. I will be adding the amount back to my account in some time, However I am concerned about showing 19000 CAD in the application but not maintaining that much. I have 17000 CAD in the account now.

  • For SINP settlement fund

    My case is that ,I’m one of 2 signatories to an account that
    has excess for this fund requirement opened in 2014.The other
    signatory is my father .The balance of the account had been
    maintained above CAN$27,000 . It is an Estate account in the name of
    my late mother. .The mandate on the account is “either to sign”.

    I subsequently placed the funds in Bonds which was last
    rolled over on March 23 this year.

    My questions are

    1. How can I use this account as my POF?

    2. What additional documents can I presents apart from account
    statement , Bank letter and treasury bills certificates to satisfy
    SINP requirements

    My father , the other signatory, is willing to write an affidavit to allow me present the funds and account as my POF for SINP


  • My daughter in low is awarded for ITA
    We have shown balance in bank more than minimum required
    13700 canadian dollar .
    If she wants to widrow some amount over 14000 canadian dollar keeping minimum required balance .
    Can she widrow fund iver minimum required..

  • hello sir,

    I have been receiving my salary in cash, so there are no entries for that in my bank statements. However, my father credited funds in my account in the year 2016, 2017 to make an FD. I already have an FD using those credit from my father. So my question is, Am i supposed to show gift deed for the funds which i received from my father in the year 2016, 2017? or just FD will work as a proof of funds? please guide me

  • For SINP ,If fund is slidely lesser than required for exchange rate will application be rejected.I have been maintaining the fund but now it is less for small amount due to rate increase.what to do now

  • Hi sir

    * i have recieved my ITA
    * i have a week left to submit it.
    * my query: regarding Pof

    I have around 7lakhs as FD and i have got q letter and deposit slip from the bank for the same .it is 1 year old and is valod till 6more months

    Is this enought or do i need to provide other bank account info , loans as well . As it is isnt realted to pof …they are just my salary accounts of different companies

    Kidly advice asap

    Many thanks !

    • Hi sneha

      Get the POF details documented on a proper format(bank letter head) with the signature of the manager in proper format.. get the statements of the banks also signed n duly stamped by the bank guys.

      Also of u do not have any loans on ur present sb account, then u don’t require to show on the letter.

      The bank should simply state you hold 7lacs one convert to CAD current markets price.


  • Hello Kubeir,
    Do I need to mention the PAN card number of my mother(she is giving gift deed to me ) on the gift deed affidavit ?
    Please help.

  • I have a property which was transferred last week as gift from my dad , will canada embassy consider it as my net worth ?

    • Can a settlement funds be gotten from anyone who isn’t my parents or siblings? I got mine from an uncle and I have the gift deed and necessary bank documents. Please I need to know. Thanks

  • Dear sir,

    Good day!

    I am new in this group and learning lot of things.about the proof of fund,my spouse is primary applicant,she s not working now after maternity ,can I show my account details as a part of proof of fund?or each month can I deposit some amount to her account?or can make it as a join account?wat about the case of land and vehicle etc in her name?
    Is it enough?

  • Hi Kubeir,

    My current balance for past two months is 12K CAD but the average 6 months balance is not.
    Will this work as POF? Or do I have to wait another 4 months, to make the average > 12K.

  • Hi! Do I need to clear any personal or consumer loans in the bank before I apply? If I cant settle and decided to apply, Is it really possible to get rejected?Do they check for any personal loans I have in the bank?I may know the answer but I want to hear from you. I plan to apply as immigrant along with my husband and toddler. I didnt start anything because of this matter. I am gathering all informations about this before I start.Any advice?Hoping for your response. Thank you.

  • Hi Radhika,
    Thanks for your response on my query. I just got the money transferred to my account today. I took it from my uncle actually who lives here in Canada. I am planning to start my PR application this week itself. Do you have any idea if it is fine for me to start the process or do you suggest me to wait. Also, will it be a challenge down the line specifying the source. As some people are saying it’s not acceptable at all to borrow money from anyone else than your parents. Please enlighten. Thankyou!

  • Hello Kubeir
    I’ve received OINP NOI (where I’m guessing age of funds does not matter)
    For POF, half the funds are in my non accompanying spouse’s individual (NOT JOINT) bank account. .
    Can I get that amount transferred to my account and show the cumulative amount as POF. This way I don’t need to worry about creating a gift deed etc.

    Or should I get a gift deed from her ?

    Or will a NOC (claiming access to her account) from her be sufficient ?

    Or is there any other way?

    Kindly suggest.

  • Wonderful. However, I have one query. CIC website states that you don’t neend to show POF if you have valid job offer AND you are authorised to work in Canada. What does this phrase ‘ Authorised to work in canada’ means? Kindly explain. Couldn’t find clear answer.

  • Hi Kubeir, I recently got NOI from OINP, and have a month’s time submit all the document. I have my marriage after three months and would like to know if I add my spouse in IRCC profile after accepting PNP nomination, would that nomination still be valid? If yes, what is the formal process?

    Please advice!
    Thank you

  • Hello Kubeir,
    I have this question about proof of fund. According to the webform raised, background verifications and criminality verification is currently valid and security background has not been initiated. Can I move my money to my saving account (FD) in the same bank? Am I safe to do that yet?

  • Need suggestion pls i have ADR with the family of two members but coming days i will have baby for that my bank statement is not mature what should i do ?

  • Need Help,

    we created FD in march 2020 as POF which was linked with my saving account. The bank started reoccurring term deposit scheme from which I was completely oblivious. Due to insufficient balance in my saving account they started deducted 2000 rupees/ month from my FD, so now my FD balance is less then that shown in FD certificate, Bank manager has suggested to me to show both FD and Reoccurring term deposit in balance in bank certificate.
    would it be right to show the different balance in FD certificate and Bank certificate.

  • Hello Kubeir.

    I am writing to you as I desperately need help. I have been working in New Zealand for almost 2.5 years now and I always had a account in NZ bank and one Indian bank which has a branch here in NZ. However in July, I opened up a NRI account in the same Indian bank but in Delhi branch and transferred all my funds. Now my local bank does not deal with Canadian currency and hence they are unable to provide a POF certificate and they are asking me to get from Delhi.

    Now I have two questions which I am not sure about.

    Would CIC accept a POF certificate from an NRI account, that too from Delhi, while I am living in New Zealand
    The NRI account is only three months old, and the CIC ask for last six months. Although they are same bank, they are in different countries, how do I establish that link that they are the same funds. Do I even need to that.
    Any help to resolve the situation would be great help. Please help out here,

  • Hi Kubeir,

    I am at post AOR stage and IRCC has asked for POF again. Previously we had taken a Gift Deed and my Husabnd (Secondary Applicant) PF in our joint USD account. Now, we have a shortfall as we took around USD 1.5K from the account and money devaluation of 1000 USD.

    My Hubsand’s current PF is enough for us to cover this shortfall. However, we plan to show his organization’s authority letter and gold valuation at the moment mentioning that this will be transferred at the time of travel.

    Do you think this is the good approach or should we sell the gold and beef up the USD account right now and then inform IRCC?

    Which approach is better, please help!

  • HI Kubeir,
    I have education loan account. Do I need to show additional fuds equivalent to outstanding education loan amount?
    Looking forward to hearing from you. Please revert.

  • Hi, I am David Vagolu, I submitted my Express Entry profile (Federal Skilled Worker class) and today there is a new draw and I am picked up. I studied here in Canada and I am currently working here. I have a NOC C job and for proof of funds, I have 13,000 CAD which is the requirement. However, my last 6 months’ average balance is around 11,000 CAD. Should the average balance be strictly 13,000 or even if less than that is fine provided that the overall amount is 13,000? Can I write an LOE – letter of explanation stating that I am working in Canada so even though avg bal is <13k I am financially independent and can still manage the living expenses with the help of my current job?

    Please suggest, what can be done if I have an average balance of the last 6 months less than the required amount (13,000 CAD in this case). Thank you very much.

  • Hi Kubeir,
    I just received my ITA, I have a fixed saving joint account with my wife. The funds have been increasing gradually (on monthly basis) so my average of funds would be much less for previous months.
    1. Is it fine if average balance is almost 40% less then the cureent requirement?
    2. If for instance I need 25 lack PKR and i deposit 3 lack in last month should i need to give any proof for that.


  • hello Kubeir,
    It would be very helpful if u could answer me this…
    Me n my spouse have received ITA. Me being the primary applicant, can i show that funds are transferred from my spouse’s account who will be accompanying me? or do i need a gift deed from my spouse?
    Please answer soon.
    Thanks a lot!

  • Hi!
    I’m the primary applicant, received ITA in December at 474. I’m jobless currently and we managed to show savings( from my husband’s salary) and gift deed as POF.

    1.) My husband’s savings account is different from his salary account. Do we have to show both accounts’ statements or just the savings account’s statement.
    2.) We haven’t got any points for his experience so we have added his work experience in personal history. Do we have show that we have a running income by providing his current work experience letter, his pay slips and salary account statement?

    Please advise! Thanks in advance!

  • I have a trading account in my individual account and a demat account wherein I am the first account holder and my father is the second holder.
    I had redeemed my mutual funds recently in my individual trading account and the redeemed amount was credited into my individual savings bank account.
    I have also obtained a declaration letter from my broker confirming the details of the mutual fund redeemed and credited to my individual savings bank account.
    My query are:
    1) do I need to submit Demat account statement as well where in my father is 2nd account holder
    1a) if yes, then is it adequate to submit Demat account statement for that particular redeemed month or for 6 months
    1b) if yes, does my father, the 2nd holder, get a gift deed made for the amount redeemed which has been credited into my individual savings bank account
    2) Is the declaration letter of the broker adequate stating the my mutual fund in my individual name, redeemed value, details of mutual fund, amount credited into my individual savings bank account
    Thanks in advance for your guidance

  • Have 1 FD which is running since Oct 20 and expire on Feb 21, If i will make another FD on Feb 21 before the expiring the first one, Do the time count for settlement fund of earlier FD? and both FD in differ bank.

  • Do I have need to show statement of all the savings account I am holding or of one saving account in which I am going to show proof of funds?

  • Hi Kubeir,

    For PR process, my dad is transferring required amount to my savings account. From which I am planning to transfer the amount to my FD. Meanwhile, we are also arranging for a gift deed.
    So, how long do we need to wait before applying for Saskatchewan PNP?
    In case today I am getting required amount credited in my account. Do I need to wait for 3 , 6 months or immediately apply for PNP considering I have my gift deed.
    Also do I ask my dad to transfer directly to my FD or savings account will do?
    And do they track my dad’s account for POE?

  • Dear Kubeir,
    Well want to congratulate you for all the great work you do and the vital information you provide to make peoples life easy.

    Request you to kindly pls. advice as to after getting the PR what are the rules and regulations if someone wants to move/transfer the major chunk of their savings and jewelry to Canada on their 1st arrival.

    Also what happens in terms of taxation/duty to the transfer of funds and jewelry if the same are brought on the later trips or after spending few months or so in Canada.

    Will appreciate your vital inputs and thoughts.


  • Hi Kubeir, I saw your responses in this forum and I believe you will be the right person to answer my query. I searched in google but I did not get any legitimate response. the situation is as below :
    We are a family of 3 people. Husband, wife and 3years old daughter. Suppose my wife is going for Study in Canada for 2 years Diploma/PG Certificate program availing Student loan. She will use the loan amount for only tuition fees and GIC 10K will be deposited from our own. If I show 20K CAD (this is more than 6 months old) as proof of fund for me and daughter, is there any risk of getting visa rejection ?

  • Hi Kubeir
    I really do hope that you would see my message.

    I am a FSW- AOR October 2020 applicant. I had deposited a settlement fund of $13500 during submission where the required minimum balance was 12960. My eligibility is passed by a case processing agent in December 2020 and when he passed it I noted that he calculated my fund as $13063 which is very close to the borderline. Is this a problem because I understand that there will be second review by the officer and since there is a lot of fluctautions now, I am worried if the fund will fall below minimum requirement during the officers review. Pls help me with the right way to go forward. Should I put some extra amount and send an updated bank letter by raising a webform immediately or wait for the officer to review and ask me for an updated POF documents. I sincerely appreciate your time and efforts in helping many of us

    Thank You

  • Hi Kubeir,
    I am a FSW inland applicant and I have enough $13250 funds in my Canadian account. But I also have a education loan which I took for higher education from an Indian bank. The loan was took on security of property. My repayment period haven’t started. Will it affect my pof?

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