So the latest CIC draw is out and you have received that very important ITA (Invitation to Apply)……. Woooooohoooooo!!! This is so exciting.

Now let’s get on with the real grind of the application submission process.

After you receive ITA, once you log in to your Express Entry profile, you will have two options/buttons:
– Continue Application
– Decline Invitation


Note: You will have 60 days to submit your PR application electronically with all supporting documents. 60 days start from the day you get ITA, if you feel that you will not be able to arrange all the documents in 60 days, you can decline the ITA any time before the expiry of 60 days and you will be back in the pool. In case you decline your ITA, then you will be eligible to be invited again provided you meet the CRS cut-off requirement.

ITAs received before 26th June will have 90days to complete their application

Once you click Continue Application, you will be taken to information forms similar to your Express Entry forms that you completed earlier. These forms may have information carried forward from your Express Entry profile and additionally, you will need to complete your Address History, Personal History and Travel History for each member listed in the application. Please check and ensure all details are correct.

Post completion of each section/forms, the system would generate a personal document checklist based on the information submitted by you in the previous pages/forms. A sample document checklist for a family of two (FSW) without any Canadian relatives would look like something below.
Supporting Documents for Primary Applicant
Details Document Name Instructions Options
Not Provided Passports/Travel Documents (Multiple) (required) instructions Upload file
Not Provided Marriage License/Certificate (required) instructions Upload file
Not Provided Proof of medical exam (required) instructions Upload file
Not Provided Education (diplomas/degrees) (required) instructions Upload file
Not Provided Employment Records 1 (required) instructions Upload file
Not Provided Employment Records 2 (required) instructions Upload file
Not Provided Employment Records 3 (required) instructions Upload file
Not Provided Police Certificates (Multiple) (required) instructions Upload file
Not Provided Proof of Means of Financial Support (required) instructions Upload file
Not Provided Digital photo (required) instructions Upload file
Not Provided Client Information (optional) instructions Upload file
Supporting Documents for Spouse
Details Document Name Instructions Options
Not Provided Passports/Travel Documents (Multiple) (required) instructions Upload file
Not Provided Proof of medical exam (required) instructions Upload file
Not Provided Education (diplomas/degrees) (required) instructions Upload file
Not Provided Police Certificates (Multiple) (required) instructions Upload file
Not Provided Digital photo (required) instructions Upload file
Details of documents required as per IRCC checklist post ITA.
These can be viewed online once you are uploading documents under the placeholders by clicking on the “?” link.
Document: Marriage License/Certificate
The marriage must be valid under the law of the country where it took place and under Canadian law. A marriage performed in an embassy or consulate must comply with the law of the host country where it took place, not the country of nationality of the embassy or consulate.

It is important to provide marriage certificate of registration of marriage document issued by a relevant government authority. Marriage documents issued by religious (like church, mosque, temple or similar) or social groups/society will NOT be accepted.
Telephone/skype/internet marriages are not accepted by CIC.
Document: Passports/Travel Documents (Multiple)
You must submit a legible copy of your valid travel document which you will use to travel. If you have a passport, you must provide a copy of the page that shows your birth date and country of origin, and any pages with stamps, visas or markings.

You are required to upload scanned pages of ONLY your current VALID passport.

Document: Proof of medical exam
You require a medical exam. To submit your online application, you will need to upload the information printout sheet Medical Report form. Your doctor will give you one of these forms when you complete your medical exam.
If you cannot get a medical exam before the deadline to submit your work permit application, you may submit proof that you have a scheduled an appointment.

It is possible to do an upfront medical even if you have not received your ITA.

The validity of medical is 12 months from the last date that you have appeared for tests at the panel medical center.
CIC has a list of empanelled clinics/hospitals where you need to get medical tests done. Check this link. The following basic tests and checks are carried out (If you have had any or have any existing medical conditions, you need to let the doctor know and carry any medical records that you may have)

  1. Blood
  2. Urine
  3. Chest X-Ray
  4. EyeSight
  5. Blood Pressure
  6. Height/Weight
  7. Physical examination by a physician

You will not be given the results of the tests; the clinic will upload it directly to CIC. You will be given an Acknowledgement Form which you need to upload as proof of medical exam. Please ensure all the information on the Acknowledgment Form is correct as per passport and that the category on your medicals is mentioned as Non-EDE/Worker. If you find any discrepancy, get it corrected then and there itself and get an updated Acknowledgement Form.
Document: Education (diplomas/degrees)
You must provide proof that you completed your post-secondary education. Examples of proof of education include a diploma and/or degree. Examples of post-secondary education are:
• Training in a specific trade, such as carpentry or auto mechanics;
• Training in a profession that requires formal education but not at the university level (for example, dental technician or engineering technician); or
• Training not at the university level for which a certificate/diploma is awarded.

Educational degree
• This is an academic degree awarded by a college or university to those who completed an undergraduate/postgraduate curriculum (also called a baccalaureate). Example: a Bachelor of Arts, Science or Education and or Master of Science, or Commerce etc.

In the placeholder for Education Documents – You must upload your Language Skills Test Report (IELTS or TEF), ECA (Educational Credential Assessments), Degrees/Transcripts (if available) /Marksheets for all credentials that have been mentioned in your EE profile under education history.

Document: Police Certificates (Multiple)
You must provide a police certificate for every country, region or territory, other than Canada, in which you have spent 6 months or more in a row, for the period of last 10years. A police certificate is a copy of your criminal record or a declaration of the absence of any criminal record. Example: If you visited, worked or lived in a country for six months or more at a stretch, In this case, you would need a certificate of clearance. This applies to all countries where you have spent 6 months in a row.

  • For the applicant’s current country of residence, the police certificate must have been issued no more than 6 months before the submission of the e-APR.
  • For countries in which the applicant no longer resides, the police certificate must have been issued after the last time the applicant stayed in that country for 6 months or more in a row.
  • Police certificates meeting the above requirements can be accepted even if they have an expiry date that has passed.
  • This includes the requirement to provide a police certificate for countries in which the individual has travelled for 6 months or more in a row, whether or not the individual had an established residential address during this time.
  • Police certificates are required upfront and are mandatory for each country (except Canada) where an individual has spent 6 months or more in a row within the last 10 years. The individual does not need to provide one for any period of time before the age of 18.
  • Police certificates need to be a scan of the original police certificate(s) in colour. Certified true copies and unauthorized copies are unacceptable and will result in the application being rejected as incomplete

In case you do not receive the PCC in time to submit your application before the deadline, it is beneficial to upload evidence that you have applied for PCC to ensure that your application is not rejected as incomplete (examples of proof might include payment receipts, tracking numbers, etc.)

For some countries, like Pakistan, the requirement of PCC is specific to your domestic stay. This means that you need to obtain PCC from each province/City in Pakistan where you have resided for 6months in a row, since the age of 18years.
Document: Proof of Means of Financial Support (also referred to as Settlement Funds)
If you are applying for permanent residence in Canada as FSW or FSTW, you must provide an official letter issued by your financial institution indicating your financial profile. These letters may be provided from any banks or financial institutions where you’re keeping money.

This must:
• list of your bank (chequing and savings) and investment accounts, the account numbers, dates each account was opened and the balance of each account over the past six months,
• list all outstanding debts, such as credit cards and loans,
• be printed on the letterhead of the financial institution, and include your name and the contact information of the financial institution (address, telephone number, and e-mail address).

In an event that you are unable to obtain the letter which mentions all the details as required by CIC, you can enclose:

  • 6months recent official bank statements
  • A letter from the bank mentioning your account details
  • A liability letter

If there has been a recent large deposit in your account that contributes to your #POF, then you need to offer a valid source of these funds. It is imperative that you DO NOT borrow money to show as your settlement funds and your funds are free of any liens.
A monetary gift which contributes to your settlement funds is acceptable and must be accompanied by a notarized gift deed. Since the requirement of gift deed is not mentioned on IRCC website, it is at the discretion of the visa officer to accept this as a reasonable proof of funds.

Please see my detailed post on what can be used and what is not acceptable as #POF – Proof of Funds here.

You don’t need to show that you have enough money to support yourself and your family to meet the program requirements of the Canadian Experience Class (this includes provincial nominees who are part of the CEC stream). So applicants who are being processed under CEC can just upload a plain paper stating that they are applying under CEC and hence do not need to show any proof of funds. Do mention this in LOE as well.

Note that you do not need proof of funds if you are currently:

Keep your funds up-to-date in your profile as per the prevailing LICO figures updated by IRCC from time to time. You can find these applicable figures here
Document: Digital photo
Frame size
• The final frame size of the photo must be at least 35mm x 45mm.
• The photographs must show a full front view of the head and tops of shoulders, with the face in the middle of the photograph.
• The size of the head, from chin to crown, must be between 31mm and 36mm.
• Digital dimensions are often expressed in pixels or DPI (dots per inch). The physical dimensions in pixels must be at least 420 x 540.
If an existing photo is being scanned, the minimum resolution must be 600 pixels per inch.
File format
• The file may be submitted in JPEG or JPEG2000 format.
• The final size of the image should ideally be 240 kB (kilobytes), but not less than 60 kB.
• The image must be in colour (24 bits per pixel) in RGB colour space, which is the common output for most digital cameras.
Document: Employment Records
You must provide proof of work experience for your current job and for each past position you listed. Proof must include a reference letter from your employer and pay stubs, if you have them.

The reference letter must:
• be an official document printed on company letterhead
• include your name, the company’s contact information (address, telephone number, and e-mail address), the signature of your immediate
• show all positions held while employed at the company
• include these details: job title, duties/responsibilities, job status (if current job), the dates you worked for the company, the number of work hours per week and your annual salary plus benefits.
You must scan all documents for this period of employment and save them as one file. (You must create a separate file for each period of employment.)

For previous employers, the letter obtained after you have left the employment is good enough, unless and until you want to get a fresh letter or want to get the letter updated. For the current employer, it is better to get a fresh letter if the previous one which you got is older than 6 months. There is no specific for dates of these letters mentioned on CIC website and hence it is better to keep your documents as current as possible.

Please see my related post, in case you are unable to obtain a reference letter from your employer here.

Document: Client Information (earlier Letter of Explanation – LOE)
If you would like to provide more information about your application that you have not already provided, you can attach a letter of explanation to your application.

There is no specific format for this letter. This is a free format document which is used to explain all parts of your application which may otherwise not be obvious or apparent. This is also used to explain any gaps or areas of application which need a detailed explanation. It best to use to format this document under different heading addressing different parts of the application and using a chronological sequence of events.
Document: Legal Name Change Doc
You indicated you have another name. You must provide information on the use of this other name (such as a letter of explanation, legal documents of a name change, etc.).

You may obtain a “One and Same Person” affidavit from any public notary to address this issue. If at all you have ever changed your name, then you can also attach any other evidence for having registered the change of name.
For women who have changed names post marriage, a marriage certificate/document which shows the pre-post marriage name will suffice.

Minor name changes/name differences/spelling errors may NOT need an affidavit and can be explained in LOE.


You do not need to have a relative in Canada to be eligible for permanent residence. Although, if you claimed CRS/MEC points for a relative/sibling in Canada in your profile, you will need to back it up with proof.
First, you need to prove that your relative has Canadian citizenship or permanent residence status. If they are in Canada on a temporary visa, like a work permit or study permit, you can’t claim points for them.Second, you need to prove that they live in Canada. Things like rental agreements, utility bills, or bank statements can help with that.

Finally, you need to prove you’re actually related to them. You can be related through blood, marriage, or adoption – but only certain kinds of relatives earn points. You need to prove that you share the relationship you claimed in your profile.

Document: Birth Registration/Certificate
Provide a birth certificate or birth registration. This is the official document that includes a person’s name, and place and date of birth.

Under Express Entry, birth certificates are required only for dependent children. However, if you are a PNP applicant which required you to submit your birth certificate as part of the nomination process, then it is recommended that you add your birth certificate to the documents post ITA. If there is no placeholder for your birth certificate, then you may add it with the passport or with LOE.

Provincial Nominees(PNP)

If you are a provincial nominee would suggest you submit a copy of nomination certificate upfront along with LOE. Though these are not asked for when submitting eAPR, later you may be requested to submit Schedule 4.

Statutory Questions

In case you answer ‘Yes’ to any Statutory Questions, then offer a detailed reason for the same in LOE. You may be asked to submit Schedule A (IMM5669E) later, post AOR. Though Schedule A is not asked for when submitting eAPR, it “may” be requested as an ADR.

Document Size & File Format

The file formats you can upload are .tiff, .jpg, .png, .doc, .docx and .pdf. You can’t upload any other file format. The file size should not exceed 4MB. The digital photo which should be in JPEG format and not less than 60KB.

For each placeholder, it should be one PDF. If you have multiple pages, merge them into one PDF for each placeholder. If the file size exceeds 4MB, scan the documents with scanner settings at 100 dpi or less but ensure that the files are legible. You can also use online tools like Small PDF to compress, merge and split PDFs etc (

You may also use other online tools or download Adobe, Nitro PDF, PDFSam to merge and compress your PDF files.

In case you feel you need a 2nd person perspective or a 2nd pair of eyes to review your documents to check if everything is in order, then you can always count on us to be those eyes. Feel free to contact us, to see how we can help and assess your documents.
You can use our paid services to review your documents before your final submission, here.


If you have any doubt about the documents that needs to be uploaded, check the help, blue button (Instructions) next to the Upload File button
Link to IRCC Generic Document Checklist is here


Once you have uploaded the documents, you will now have the option to make payment and submit your eAPR.

Post ITA after clicking Continue, you will be asked whether you want to pay RPRF upfront, in case you have mentioned Yes and later want to modify it, you can do so by going to Modify Family Information which you can find in the menu bar.

Permanent Resident Application Fee: CAD$825 per adult applicant. It is CAD$225 for dependent children
Right of Permanent Resident Fee (RPRF): CAD 500 only for each adult applicant. RPRF fee is not applicable for dependent children.

You can make payment using a credit card and debit cards provided international transactions are allowed on your card. Contact your bank to check the same. MasterCard, Visa, and Amex cards are accepted. Ensure that your bank has not put any transaction limit, contact your bank before using your card for payment. In case you do not have sufficient balance or credit limit, you can use your family member’s or friend’s card as CIC has no restriction on the same.

You will get Acknowledgment of Receipt (AOR) after you make the payment. This can sometimes take 24hours to appear in your CIC account.

Congratulations, you have done all that you could to submit a successful application. Now the waiting game for the golden mail starts.
Wish you all the best and “May the odds be ever in your favour”

To learn about acronyms used in Canadian Immigration, check my recent post here.


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    • If you havent mentioned spouse education details under education hisotry then you need not upload these documents

      • Hello Kubeir,
        I mentioned my wife’s bachelor education under education history though there is NO ECA. Should i still upload her Bachelor’s degree and Marks Sheet?

        • If mentioned in the education history then you should upload the degree and marksheets/transcripts

          • Will it be considered as misrepresentation if i remove her education from education history and add it in Personal history as her certificate now has abbreviated initial?

            Thank You

          • Hey Kubeir,

            My high school diploma do not include my last name but the rest of the documents have my last name, would it be a problem? Do you think, I need to select “YES” for the option where they ask us to specify if we have use a different name.
            Also, should i get a One and the same person affidavit or just explain the things in LOE?

      • Even If my husband has education degree and I don’t want to claim points for it nor upload it I have to mention none in education while creating EE?

  • Hi kubeir… I didnt attach schedule4 ehile submitting my eapr… Whats the workaround now.. Pls suggest

  • My spouse last name was marked as Moorthi instead of Moorthy in marriage certificate, I have got affidavit stating both are same, still should i need to enter this name as Other Name in Personal details section of the application or its enough to simply attach the affidavit

  • Hi Kubeir,
    First of all I would like to thank you for this useful blog.
    I was not able to find details about common law proofs. I would appreciate if you can help me to know if the following proofs are good enough to prove my common law status:
    1) a notarized form of Statutory Declaration of Common-Law Union (form IMM 5409)
    2) copies of residential leases list our names (12+ months)
    3) Mutual Life insurance policies
    4) Auto insurance policy lists our names on the same policy
    5) Birth certificate of our 3 year old daughter
    Note: we don’t have a joint bank account, and all our home utility bills are under my partner name.

    Thank you

    • Your list of documents looks fine to me.

      If possible also add the following:
      1. Rental receipts with both names. Random period possibly covering atleast 12 months.
      2. Phone bills for you and your partner, which shows the same address. Again random bills covering atleast 12months
      3. Any evidence of sharing household expenses such as bills paid by the partner
      4. Any mail that has been addressed to both of you at the same address

      Good luck and wish you all the very best in your application.

  • Hi Kubeir

    Awesome post. I have few doubts which I would like to ask:

    1) My Marriage certificate has old address from the old passport. So do i need to upload the copy of old passport as well for proof of old address?
    2) DO i need to attach my spouse’s Experience letters from her job?
    3) I am uploading the mentioned documents for me and my spouse:

    Me(Primary applicant)
    Education( Degrees, marksheets, eca, ielts all in a single file)
    Experience letters in mentioned format
    Passport(old and new)
    Proof of funds( COmbined for me and spouse)
    Marriage certificate

    For spouse:
    Education( Degree, marksheets, IELTS) ( No ECa and i didnt claim points for that)
    Name change affidavit
    Passport(Old and new)
    Proof of fund( Already done above) ( old address in her proof of fund hence attaching old passport for address)

    Is there anything else that needs to be done?

    Thanks in advance 🙂

    • 1. Not required
      2. If your spouse is secondary applicant and you havent mentioned her work experience in her EE profile then the checklist wont ask for her experience documents. If you did mention then you can upload whatever documents you may have.
      3. For document requirement, please see my post. If your document list satisfies your checklist and includes all requirements, then you should be fine

      • Do we get messages for any changes after we have submitted our profile post ITA.
        Like medical passed, and other changes. I submitted on 2nd April with a CRS of 459. What is the expected timeline for PPR?

        • No. The only messages you get through email are for any additional documents request (ADR) and PPR.

          • Hi
            Need some help. I have got internal transfer from my office to the toronto office. But i am still awaiting my pr.(AOR 2april) And the role has to be filled on urgent basis. What can be done in this case?

      • Hi Kubeir,
        How about funds? I am the dependent while my while is the primary applicant. For me there is no option for declaring funds. Shall I go ahead and add my financial reports with my wife’s?

      • My age 33 now but date of birth is 08 feb 1986.Qualification 3 years mechanical engineering diploma and 2 years bachelor degree in arts subjects. 10 years experience as a supervisor plumber.I will apply for express entry in Jan 2020.I am married but I want apply single. If I get CLB 9. Can you tell me my CRS points. Please Sir

  • Hi Kubeir,
    I’m about to submit eapr. I’ve couple of queries.
    1. My last is not expanded in my academic documents, just an initial. WES report had message about this name mismatch. Passport – Swaminathan Mathivanan, Few documents – Swaminathan M
    I’m attaching name difference affidavit.
    Should I have to mention this as my another name in application? Bcos it’s not a name change just my last name is represented as initial.

    2. My passport has my dad’s first name alone. I’m getting gift deed from him. Both deed affidavit and cheque has his initial. How should I mention his name in family details?
    My passport: Mathivanan
    His passport: Mathivanan Singaram
    Cheque and gift deed: Mathivanan.S

    Please provide your suggestions.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Hello Kubeir,

    1) Can you please help me in getting a perfect match NOC for my job.
    I work in Corporate Actions ( Asset Services – Income Claims Processing ) in one of the financial services bank. I completed my Masters ( MBA Finance ) and Bachelors in Commerce. I searched a lot but not able to find exact match. However 1112 NOC A seems to be a bit related. Can I go with it ?

    2)How to get a letter from Manager explaining about job duties. If i ask them directly, they will come to know about me leaving company soon which is a problem for me.

      • Thanks Sir. If I go to some photographer, do I need to mention that it is for PR application not for post PPR ?

        • The photographer won’t know the difference. Just ask him for Canadian visa application specifications. If he doesnt have it, then provide it to him,

  • Hello Kubeir Sir, I am a Secondary applicant, I have 4yr overstay in UK while I was study there ( I finished my study with Certificate from UK Uni). I didnt work that time, stay with my GF and try to get info of how to get PR in UK but all came out false so I left voluntarily after 4 yrs. Should I put my personal history section as– 2006-2010–Unemployed–Overstay ( as status) then write LOE and explain why I was overstay, is that ok in your view? Please advice a little bit. Thank You sir

    • overstay in a different country is of no impact as long as you can get the PCC that covers your entire stay. Explain in LOE

  • Thank you so much for this post. Kubeir sir , i am a secondary applicant and my wife is primary applicant. We have received ITA. This is my second marriage. Do I have to mention my previous marriage in personal history or I should write that in LOE?
    Kindly advice.

    • When completing your personal details post ITA, you will need to reply to the question if you were previously married. At that time you must answer as yes and it may require you to also upload a copy of your divorce certificate.

  • Hi Mr Kubeir, hope you well, Can you please advice me , should I mention my MCSA certificate (Microsoft Vendor IT Cert) and send a copy of it with my post ITA submission? I have my ECA and everything, just wondering should I put this as an extra Certificate? will it have any positive impact towards my skill. Please advice. Thank You.

    • Not required. You only need to add documents for the credentials in your work history along with ECA and ielts.

  • Thanks so much for the assistance and the great blog!
    Please assist.. My housband is the main applicant but somehow the ITA marks as “required” my work experience and education – although I have not claimed any points for it (his points are more that enough).

    What should I do?

    • remove your work experience from the work history and mention it under personal history. This will revise the checklist and wont ask you for your work documents

      • Hi Kubeir Sir,

        I had a doubt regarding this. By Work documents does it mean reference letters or just offer,experience and relieving letters? We are having a big confusion regarding this.

        And if we don’t mention in the work history can we upload the work documents(offer, experience and relieving) for secondary applicant along with LOE?

        • Hi, did you upload offer, relieving and pay stubs then ? Or just the reference letters?

      • Hi Sir, can we provide offer letter and relieving letter for spouse in case we chose to show work experience ? But mention in loe that we are not showing all documents as we are not claiming any points ?

  • Hi Kubeir Sir,

    I got a mail from CIC saying “Please provide an RCMP Certified Criminal Record Check based on fingerprints”. I currently live in Toronto. I checked the link provided in mail, and I have a little confusion. After I complete my finger print scan from accredited fingerprinting company , do I need to again visit local police to submit the document whatever I received from fingerprint company ? Basically what document I need to upload in CIC portal ?

    • Once you have provided the fingerprints you will recieve the PCC from RCMP in your mail, you will need to scan the copy of this report.

  • What are the chances of an application being reject after getting a rprf request .its been 2 months since I got the request to pay rprf and my aor is jan 15

    • RPRF is asked for either post R10 completeness stage or during the A11.2 assessment stage. As such RPRF has no connection to the application assessment, which may be refused if the application does not comply with the processing requirements.

  • Hi Kuber,

    I have a query.
    My wife worked in Singapore for 1.5 years, 4 years in India and is currently working in UK 6+ months. We can arrange Police certificate for India and UK. Can you guide on how to obtain Police certificate from Singapore? We don’t have any contacts over there.

    Prince Sood

  • Hi Kubeir
    I would like to know , which documents are scrutinized with 100% check . All docs or docs which are linked with claiming points ( eg : ECA IELTS etc )

    For example if one has submitted ECA then will they still verify Degree certificate ( Date Stamp Name Signatire etc ) ?

    Hope my question was clear .

    • No, I don’t understand your query. Whatever documents are provided “may” be checked for its authenticity.

  • What if am self employed. For example, I have been running my own community pharmacy and I am both the owner and the superintendent pharmacist. How do I go about the reference letter and the proof of employment. Thank you.

    • As per CIC

      “if the applicant is self-employed, articles of incorporation or other evidence of business ownership, evidence of self-employment income and documentation from third-party individuals indicating the service provided along with payment details (self-declared main duties or affidavits are not acceptable proof of self-employed work experience).”

  • Thank you for the reply to my previous question. Please, I need more clarification on the evidence of self employment income. This is because, I have a functional account attached to the business but it is in my name and spouses name.can this serve?

    • Kindly refer to CIC website for details of requirements for documents for self employed work experience.

  • hi,
    I studied in canada for two years, but now I am back in my home country,
    Do I need a pcc for canada as well?

  • Hi Mr. Kubeir,

    Grateful for the useful information you provide us. Wanted to clarify an issue we came across while filling in the post-ita application. We had mistakenly entered the wrong ECA issue date in the pre-ita application (it was issued back in 2015 and ita received in 2018 April). Can we correct it now along with a LOE? After reading your Misrepresentation blog I am sure we never meant to mislead. Please advise.

  • Kubeir Sir,

    What is the application processing time for Express entry having Canada working class experience. I submitted my application after ITA on 27th April. 2nd May, I got message to upload RCMP fingerprint data. I uploaded that on 11th May. After this I am not seeing any update..

  • If i want to add my mother as a dependant in my express entry profile, do i add her in family? as it says family means applicant ,spouse n children , there is no mention of mother etc.

    • For the purpose of PR application you family means your spouse and dependent children only

  • Hi Kubeir,
    Thanks for your informative post. I had two questions:
    1. There are four names (Irfan Mahmood Raees Abbasi) on all my educational documents, while my passport has three names only (Irfan Mahmood Abbasi). WES did not raise any objection to this name difference in their report. Should I still get my passport updated to have four names, or I can just submit an affidavit and explain in LOE?
    2. I have worked for two different companies in 6 different roles. Do I need to submit details like duties/responsibilities, work hours/week and salary for all these 6 roles? Or should I just submit for the last role in the second company? The last role lasted for 3.5 years. Who can issue this letter (HR or Manager)?
    3. I am working for a company where I am based in Pakistan, but the employment letter will be issued from Dubai. Will that be an issue, or can I explain that in LOE?
    Once again, thanks for all your support.

    • 1. Affidavit is fine. and you can explain in LOE
      2. You will need to provide complete documents for all the work period that you mention in your work history. If your FSW points are over 67 with 3 years work experience, then you are good to show documents only for the last role of 3.5 years
      3. Yes thats fine, you can explain in LOE and also add your pay stubs and any other employment related documents that you may have.

      • Hi Kubeir,

        My name in my education documents is “Deepak” but in my passport and work experience is “Deepak Singh”. So for WES credential creation what name should i use.

        Kindly help.!

  • I have an old passport that is due expiry on 29 Jan 2019. I have recently got a new passport.
    1. In the ID documents/summary, should i mention both old passport and new passport details as well?
    2. If old passport is not required to be mentioned there, where should we upload the scanned copies of the old passport?

    Thank you inadvance


    • 1. just the new passport
      2. Yes you can scan the old passport pages with stamps and markings as well

      • Thank You Kubeir for the information. Is there a need to mention regarding the old passport in the LOE

      • Hi Kubeir,
        Can the scanned copies of Stamps and markings of the Old Passport be merged with all the pages of the New passport? as you have mentioned that only valid passport needs to be uploaded above, I recently have new passport taken. Kindly clarify

    • Transcripts are preferred but not mandatory. You can instead upload the marksheets instead.

      • Thanks.. Actually my first year marksheet is lost; which is better option after ITA. (Upload transcript, BTech degree, WES result) OR (Upload 2nd, 3rd and 4th year marksheets, Transcript, WES results and Add details in LOE that first year marksheet is lost and transcript can be referred

  • Hello Kubeir Sir,
    I need your help regarding three queries:
    1. I am working in Canada in a service based company from more than two years on closed work permit(Employer name mentioned on work permit) and having two years T4, payslips everything as proof.
    Recently my work permit was renewed for two more years, valid upto 2020. My company didn’t provide offer letter of more than one year and the current offer is going to expire in Nov 2018 but as per work permit validity, I will continue to work till 2020. Need advise, how to claim 50 points as job offer.
    2. To claim full points in a particular NOC, how many years of work experience is required
    3. In my offer letter, roles and responsibilities are not mentioned and my company also doesn’t provide such letter. How can I show my roles and responsibilities after getting ITA.
    Please advise

  • Hello Kubeir,
    This is excellent information. Thanks for putting them together. I have a couple of questions.

    1. Regarding Birth Registration or Certificate:
    I have an issue with my recently issued birth certificate from my country where the municipal office made an error in the Place of Birth which does not match with my Passport’s Place of Birth. From your post, I could see that the birth registration or certificate is only valid for PNP nominations and dependents. Me, being a primary applicant, is it not mandatory for me to provide my birth certificate under Express Entry? Please advise.

    2. Proof of Funds:
    I did not have enough funds in my bank account as per CIC requirements, however, I do have them now but its been only one month since the funds have stayed in my account, in your post, you mentioned about the balance letter should show the last six months from my bank, is it true that this is basically the average balance for the past six months which means that it will be evident that I had a huge inflow of funds in the past month? Should I wait for a few months before I update my EE profile?

    • 1. BC is not required under EE
      2. if the deposits in the account contributing to POF are within the last 6 months, then it is better to show and explain the source of funds

  • My first year marksheet is lost; so which one is a better option after ITA. (Upload transcript, BTech degree, WES result) OR (Upload 2nd, 3rd and 4th year marksheets, Transcript, WES result and add reasoning through LOE that marksheet is misplaced but transcript can be referred)

      • 1. As there is attestation on the back side of degrees and transcripts as well so should i scan and upload as well?and both degrees and transcripts to be uploaded?
        2. For biometric, are they requested for Post ITA? if yes then which documents and form are required?
        3. how many form do i need to download from CIC and from which purpose?

  • Hello Kubeir, Thanks for the information. i have some doubts can you please clear them 1) Under spouse education details if i say no education then will it appears as hiding information ? as i am not claiming points for it ?
    2) can i fill the education information of spouse correctly and at the end on ECA question i choose No so no points will be claimed and i will not be hiding anything? If i do this will cic will ask me to submit spouse eca also with educaion documents ?

    Thanks in advance and have a Good Day.

    • 1. You can mention that education under education history and choose no ECA and that would not give you the points.
      2. yes you can do that

        • Hi Kubeir Can we make the change post ITA as before i did not mention it thinking to mention it under personal history. or Is it okay if we mention it as NO in education history and mention the education in Personal History?

          Thank You

  • Hi Kubeir, Thank you for this informative post. I have got my ITA in April and putting my documents together.I noticed that one of employment job duties better falls under 2173 than 2172.But I have given it as 2172 in my express entry pool.can I change it at this point as both of them fall under skilled level A and doesn’t change my score?

    If I have to decline and make this change and get a new ITA again, can I submit the medical exam results which is done now that is prior to receiving that new ITA?

    Could you please advise? Thank you so much!

    • you can change your NOC post ITA. Choose your NOC based on best match as per job roles and responsibilities described in your reference letter

      • Thank you for your reply Kubeir. So after changing the noc of one of the experience, this is how my work history looks like

        Job 1 – NOC 2173 skill level A ( after changing from 2172) – 2.8 years of experience
        Job 2 – NOC 2172 skill level A – 1 year of experience.

        Primary NOC : 2172.

        As I now changed my 2.8 years of experience to 2173,do still my total skilled experience account to 3 years or more because my CRS score to get the ITA was based on 3 years or more experience points.

        Please advise, Thank you!

          • Hi Kubeir,

            Thanks for the answer, I understand from your answe that for the CRS score all the skilled years experience in different NOCS will be considered.

            Could you please clarify whether for FSW points should we consider the years of experience only in primary noc code or all the skilled years of experience with different NoCs in the same skill (level A) can be considered

            Thank you

          • Cumulative work experience for multiple NOC is acceptable to calculate collective max CRS for 3years. However it is mandatory that there is atleast 12month continuous work experience period under 1 valid NOC in this 3years claim.

  • In spouse renewed passport, his place of birth states something else from his old passport can he continue to use it for the process and explain it in the LOE.

  • Mr Kubeir, Consider a scenario here. We have a LMIA supported permanent job offer and thereby get 50 CRS points. Now I complete electronic application and upload documents. Side by side I discuss with my present company in India who agree to give me a Inter company job transfer to Canada. So in nutshell, if I get a PR I will be taking the transfer to my own company and NOT joining the company who supported my PR application through LMIA. Is this acceptable to CIC or am I making some form of breach. Do I need to inform/take approval from CIC on the same?

  • Hi Mr Kubeir Kamal, I have 2 question, please clear me out.
    1) I dont need to provide PCC for Malaysia as per CIC it only require if I stay 1year or more, I stayed there 10months, now CIC said when ask for PCC write ”I cant provide because not 1 year stay ”– Now should I write this as plain document and upload it in PCC Placeholder and write LOE with old passport scan to prove my stay in Malaysia?

    2) LOE for spouse matter–should spouse write LOE or Primary applicant write LOE on behalf of spouse and upload it?\
    Please clarify me on this two doubt , thanks a lot for your noble work.

    • 1. For Malaysia PCC, please check CIC website for Malaysia PCC requirement.
      2. Only Primary applicant uploads an LOE and that also includes details on all secondary applicants if there is any explanation required.

      • So, if I need to explain overstay in old passport for spouse, should I upload old passport pages in LOE section or passport placeholder?
        And write LOE on behalf of spouse by PA or spouse write himself? Please advise Mr Kubeir Sir. Thank you.

        • LOE is written only by the Primary applicant and can include clarifications for the spouse.
          Old passport is not required.

  • Hello Kubeir sir, I have question regarding canceled passport details. My wife has post marriage new passport. Now I want to give reference of old passport in name change document. However her cancelled passport has some blue pen markings done by my baby while playing with the cancelled document. Thank god she has not marked anything over bio pages. I know, you have already said in many comments that only valid passport is to be uploaded. However sometimes they ask ADR in form of old passport. So my question is, having blue pen marking on cancel passport create any doubts? I presume it shouldn’t be as old passport details anyway reflect in new passport as well. Thanks in advance.

      • Ok thanks kubeir sir, in name change document should I quote the reference of old passport? And as I mentioned my wife’s old passport is having some ink marks on cancel page, will it be a problem at all having blue pen marking on cancelled page ?

        • If the name change is post marriage, then a marriage certificate with maiden and married name is fine for the purpose of name change. Else you can get a one and same person affidavit made.
          Old passport is not required.

  • Hi Kubeir,

    1) I have my name mentioned in bachelors certificate as Venkata Pavan Kumar C instead of Venkata Pavan Kumar Challa. My wes completed. Should i mention it in LOE or do I need to have a notary done?

    2) In my FD my name is written as C.V.Pavan Kumar instead of full name. However, the bank has given a letter mentioning my full name and explained it is abbreviated in the F.D. Should i mention about this in LOE or do I need to get a notary?

    3) If notary is required for the above two, where should I attached in application while uploading, in the respective sections or in the LOE?

    Thank you inadvance.

  • Hi Kubeir,
    A very informative post there especially for newbies like me. I am the secondary applicant while my husband is the primary in our express entry profile.
    I would be grateful to you if you could clear a few of my queries
    1) since I am the secondary applicant with work experience only in home country (no Canadian work ex) can I skip mentioning any work experience in the work history section of express entry profile? Since there will be no points for my work ex. Will this approach be fine?
    2) can I mention my work history in the personal history section after I recieve and ITA when I select the option of continue profile? In that way I wouldn’t be misrepresenting anything and I wouldn’t have to submit letter of references ( would be difficult to get for me). I can submit my pay stubs, bank account statement, joining letter etc..
    3) can my husband and I both show proof of funds? I mean can we both give our account statements, fixed deposits, provident fund statements, etc? Both of us need to show since only one of us won’t have enough fund. We are early on in our jobs.

    Thanks in advance!
    Will wait for your response!


    • Secondary applicant may remove their non-canadian work experience from work history and mention it under personal history. No documents are required.
      Yes if spouse accompanying then combined accounts may be used for POF

  • Hello kubeir sir, I have questions on making gift deed. My mother has transferred some amount from her bank which has her maiden name in bank and second time she transferred money from her second account which is a joint account with my fathers name in it. Now I want to make a single gift deed for both the transactions. Can I mention two Cheque numbers with details like ….. drawn on Sbi and drawn on BOB. Questions 1. Name reflected on my statement is maiden name, different from the one mentioned on my passport. 2. In first transaction though it was transferred through the cheque, in my statement it is reflected with reference id, so I guess I must mention cheque no as well as ref. Id. 3. The format I am using no where describe the account number of my mother (donee) as well as mine (donor). The sole purpose is to justify the sudden fund. Right . 4. I am using my company’s letterhead and many of my colleagues just took reference letter by keeping the mail id and phone number. Is that mandatory to get physical signature?

    • You can keep the gift deed simple and straightforward. A lot of formats can be found online using google. It may include any number of transactions. It is a notarized document and hence signatures are required.

  • Hello, Thanks for the detailed information. I have received invitation and in process of completing application and documents part. I have a query which all family members details needed to mention in family section.

    Please tell us about ** immediate family members that have not been identified in the application.This includes any parent, any spouse or common-law partner, any child including adult children, and any brothers or sisters. If the relative is deceased, provide the date of death.

    so in this part do we need to provide details of all relatives? that is do I need to provide my married sisters huband details etc and also my spouse married brothers wife details? And also do I have to mention spouse and child details again, which are already reflecting in application? As it is mentioned any spouse or children.

    Another question in address history, do I need to provide all address in my country of residence also, also do I need to provide each and every residence address of foreign countries, where I stayed? i have travelled to US for 3 months,,, few days in some hotel, few days in another city at another hotel. I do not have address of all these hotels , so what should i do in this case?

  • Hello Kubeir Sir,
    Is it possible to make changes post ITA towards the work experience.In my case I already have 5 years of proven work experience with all supporting documents but for another 2 years I am unable to provide documents. So can i delete this work experience or amend it with self employed experience or add self employed in personal history. I have proven self employed work experience for the same 2 years.

    • Yes you can amend your work history. However, you must be careful that your FSW eligibility points stay over 67 and your CRS score is not affected by any changes.

  • Hello Kubeir Sir,
    I have an important question. Please help me in this regard. Is the below information good enough explanation for the reason of answering YES to statutory question of H-1B visa denial for USA post ITA?? Your expert advise is extremely important on this very important question. I am planning to give the below explanation in LOE and Schedule A IMM5669E for the temporary resident non-immigrant visa denial. Please help.

    I have been residing in the United States of America since 6th August 2007. I migrated from my home country India & came to study at San Jose State University & obtained my Masters’ in Electrical Engineering in 2010. After graduation I started working Full Time on H-1B visa. The H-1B is a visa in the United States under the Immigration and Nationality Act, section 101(a)(15)(H) which allows U.S. employers to employ foreign workers in specialty occupations. Unfortunately, my post 6th year extension was denied by United States Citizenship and Immigration Services(USCIS), recently in May 2018. The reason for the denial was USCIS was not convinced that the job I was doing was considered as a specialty occupation. My wife, (primary applicant) came to USA on a H4 dependent visa after our marriage in May 2014. As the H4 dependent visa is tied to the primary H-1B petition, both her H4 legal stay visa in USA & H4 EAD work permit visa in USA were also denied. Immediately after the denial my employer and its lawyers filed B2 visitor visa petition for me to legally stay in the USA. They have also made another petition of H-1B and I am hopeful I will soon receive my H-1B 3 year extension by the end of July 2018. I hope I have been able to explain this situation convincingly. Please let me know if you have any additional questions on this matter.

    • I haven’t reviewed your explanation above, however as long as your correctly respond to the statutory questions and provide explanation, its fine.

      • Thank You very much for your reply. Would it be a good idea to explain our situation upfront with Schedule A IMM5669E form along with LOE for the H-1B visa petition/application refusal while submitting documents post ITA or should we wait for ADR from IRCC ?

  • Hi Kubeir,

    I do not have any travel history. Is it ok if i should scan only the BIODATA page of my international passport or all the pages? There are no markings or visas on my passport yet; it is blank save for my BIODATA Page. Kinldy advise

  • Hi Kubeir,
    I am preparing my application for Canadian experience class.
    I need some clarification regarding entering dates for travel history. In this section, it asks visited from and to dates. Does it mean, I have to enter dates I left and arrived at my country of origin or residence? or dates when I reached and left the country I visited?

  • Amazing post, very detailed and helpful.

    I have 3 questions regarding my profile:

    1. Is it okay if i change my current employers company name post ITA. Actually my company sometimes for visa purposes transfers employers to their holding company’s name.
    So now the name of the company i have been working for has changed and the same is reflected on my reference letter.

    When i applied for the express entry pool and got an ita it was a different name and now in the documents it has changed.

    Do they compair post ITS answers with the answers in the express entry pool before ITA?

    2. My current employer is not giving me the reference letter with all the detials, so as per your post i an adding the below docs
    – offer letter
    – standard reference letter
    – job description on a plain paper (this is an official document but Not in the company’s letterhead.
    – bank stataments that show last 3 months salary deposits
    – business card

    Is this sufficient?

    3. Do I need a PCC for my country of origin (India) if I have never stayed there for more than 6 months in a row?

    I am based in dubai, and I moved here when i was 1 year old and since then I have only visited India for around 2 – 3 weeks (in a row) in a year maximum.

    Cumulatively, I have completed around 250 days in india in the last 10 years. But not in a row.

    I have already applied for a PCC from india but its been 2.5 months since I am waiting for a response from them. My application deadline for eAPR is just a few days away now.

    Awaiting response.

  • Great Article! I found out a spelling mistake in my first name after getting an ITA, how do I go about correcting it? Should I decline the invitation and apply again?

    • Use family modification tab on the top bar in your CIC account and you should be able to amend the details

  • Hi Kuber…I received ITA on July 25, 2018. My score was 452 but my preview score have become 459 before final submission. It would be really nice of you if you can guide me on this. Does it increase? Marks in level of education have become 135 earlier it was 128.

    • It’s a system glitch where it increases the points based on your actual degree instead of equivalency. Make sure to recalculate ur scores and it they are above the drawn score then go ahead without any concerns

  • Sir, thank you very much for all the valuable info. I am checking the CIC website and they don’t mention that we need passport pages with stamps/previous visas. Could you please confirm this is needed?

    • Yes it’s needed. In post ITA stage click on “?” against the relevant placeholder for passport. It will be mentioned in it.

  • Please what documents will I require to prove relationship between my uncle(Canadian resident)and myself?

    • Birth certificates of your parents and your uncle showing common parents or any other official document that shows common parents

      • I have a cousin who has a PR in saskatchewan from my mother side , in order to prove my relation with her I have marriage certificate of my mother and aunt which shows a common grandparent name , will this be ok ? or do i need to produce any other documents , because they do not have passport and birth certificates?

  • “For each placeholder, it should be one PDF” Can you clarify what is ‘placeholder’?

    Further what I understand, we need to make one PDF file for each of the following

    1. Passports (Principal applicant + Spouse + Dependent)
    2. Marriage Certificate
    3. Medical Exam (Principal applicant + Spouse + Dependent)
    4. All Education Documents
    5. PCC (Principal applicant + Spouse + Dependent)
    6. POF (Principal only)
    7. Experience Letters (All Employers)
    8. LOE
    9. Birth Registration Certificate (Dependent)

    • Place holder explained. Yes only 1 document for each placeholder. So you can merge related documents using pdf and upload it

  • Hi, Great article! My question is about different addresses in passport for me and my wife. Actually we never got her address changed after marriage as we stayed just 3 miles away before marriage. She even got a new passport recently and we have renewed it at the old address only (her parents address) . All her documents mention address she had before marriage. Please advice if mentioning different address (for me and wife) is a problem? Or how to best approach this issue.

    • No it’s not an issue. Mention all addresses correctly in the address history post ITA

  • Hello Kubeir,
    Please help me in counting work experienc.
    I have both part time and full time experience..

    I am working part time as pharmacist noc code (3131) in India..I work for 3 hr/day.. from 19:00 pm to 22:00 pm.My total work experience will be 18hrs/week..
    Total experience is from June 2014 to present

    I am also working as manufacturing manager NOC code is 0911.
    I work for 48hrs/week from morning 7:00am to 15:00 pm
    Total experience is from October 2013 to present..

    Can I count both part time as well as full time experience at a same time in EE ?
    What will be the total work experience for me ?
    Please suggest

    • parallel work experience exceeding 30hours during the same period wont get you any additional points

      • So can i only show the main experience and claim their points and the other one can be shown in history post ITA?

  • thank yiu very much for the post.
    i xould like to know more about travel history records as we are supposes to mention it. how much time do we need to go back for that

    • last 10 years travel history is required for all international travel taken, even if it was for a day

      • Sirji, how to make reference letter for those company which is no more exist/non functioning.??????

  • Thanks a lot for great support thru ur posts.

    My AOR Date is 15th July and currently I am in IP-1 since 1 August.
    I need a suggestion…… Can I voluntarily upload additional documents to support our application thru CSE…..Is this allowed? I want to upload some tax returns, which I was not able to upload earlier due to their availability and also I want to submit some additional LOE regarding address mentioned on my marriage certificate. Address mentioned on Marriage certificate is different from my actual residential address. So my main concern is that address mentioned by me in personal/job history (say City X) varies from what is mentioned in marriage certificate (say City Y in same country). The address mentioned in marriage certificate is of my parents house, and same thing I want to explain to Visa officer.
    Please guide on this. Should I go ahead or this is just minor issue which will be overlooked or I should wait for IRCC to raise ADR/seek explanation……..
    Or I am just worrying about non-important issue.
    Thanks in Advance….

  • Is it ok to send CSE and ask for expediting the PR process if you want to go to Canada as early as possible? Reason being having H-1B visa issues in USA and don’t want to go back to India. Will they consider such a request ? Current VO is Montreal. Heard processing times are 3-4 months plus. Is that true ? I am FSW-O USA, generally applicants gets processed faster than 6 months. AOR July 14th. Only medicals passed as of now. Eligibility is under review. Please advise, will CSE help here.

    • You can raise CSE for whatever purpose you wish. However requests for expediting the process are not entertained or accepted.

  • Please I have previously withdrew EE Profile. I have ITA now ,is it necessay to declare in LOE that I have preciously withdrew EE profile

  • Hi Kubeir,

    Could you please resolve a little issue.

    1. I have been associated with a Group for more than an year, but was transferred within the group from one company to another as the group has good number of companies under one umbrella.
    I had 8 months of experience in Company A under Group X and then the rest 6 months in Company B under same group X.

    I have all the documents as well valid bank records for the salary and to support my claim.
    All I need to know is that can I get an affidavit either declared by me or by my ex-colleagues that I had been working under the same group for more than an year and also had same job duties for that entire year.

    Will that work ?

    Pleas reply.

    • yes should be fine or get an official letter from the company stating the 2 group companies are under the same umbrella

      • So can i show the full 1 year experience in one main company in which i got transferred rather than splitting the experience between two companies?

  • Hi Kubeir,

    I have received an ITA invite. However, I don’t have the following documents. Would this impact my application in any way.

    1) Birth Certificate
    2) I have my previous two passports. I don’t have my passports prior to that (passport prior to 2010 is lost). Would this be a problem?

    Thanks in advance


  • I submitted my EE profile on 11 September, I forgot to scan the stamp when I was flag poling for my work permit. Now I can not upload additional document. Should I wait for their answer or should I send documents through CSE. Please provide a guidance.

  • Dear Kubeir, good day.
    I got the ITA.
    I have recently renewed my passport (one week ago) and has only one entry stamp on it. My valid residency visa (dubai) is on my previous cancelled passport. Also my medicals, employment letters, police certificates have been issued last month using my previous passport number mentioned on them. So my question is:
    – Should i upload both my new and previous passport since my residency visa and official letters have been issued referencing my previous passport?

    what do you advise?
    thank you

  • Hello kubeir sir. I had visited Malaysia and stayed there 8 months ,it was 17 years ago.
    Now , on my travel history if I put last 10 years I don’t need to provide PCC for Malaysia, can I do that? Would that be OK as per CIC or I need to mention last 17 years travel history ? Please advice Mr Kubeir .TIA

  • My spouse had diploma from UK but we are not doing ECA for it, as he is secondary applicant
    My question is , can we put his education as none in the EE profile and then post ITA put his education details as personal history and leave education history empty?
    If we need to upload any education document or CIC will ask anything if we do this way?
    Mr Kubeir please advice on this. TIA

  • Hi,
    I need help on one of the issues i have that is, that my wife is primary applicant however she got her name changed on the passport some time back after marriage, basically took my surname on the passport but her educational documents and work related documents have different surname(i,e. Surname before marriage). We do have a marriage certificate on which her name is changed. So would there be a problem with the application. Please help.

  • Hi Kubeir,
    This is regarding work experience letter content from previous employer. We are planning to get the letter from previous employer HR. HR will verify the contents we provide and give the letter in company letter head ( mostly digital signature).
    In your blog , you mentioned like signature from previous Supervisor is required. Is that mandatory? Chances is like we won’t be able to get this previous supervisor signature since this reference letter will be handled by HR person.
    Also do we need to mention previous supervisor name and contact details in this letter?

  • Hello Kubeir,
    We have received an ADR for a one month gap shown between two educational institution records. This was the time when the new degree course had not started and my previous diploma course had ended. We have received a Scheduled A Background Declaration form to be refilled and submitted. Should we show a record of unemployment for that month?

    What should we do? Please advice. We don’t want to face rejection due to incomplete information

  • Hello Sir,
    I have worked in 3 different organisations. I know that we need to provide a separate PDF file for each different organisations.
    My doubt is, In the current company I have taken up 3 different designations. Whether I need to mention each designation in separate PDF or in a single PDF file? which includes Reference letter, Promotion letter, Offer letter, Payslips

  • Hi Kubeir, I have my ECA and degree certificates . If I get ITA , is it necessary to upload my semester mark sheets while applying. Please clarify.

  • Hello Kubeir Sir, I have a question that seriously confusing me kindly clear me out.
    I had an overstay in UK . I left UK voluntary and never had any visa denial or order to leave any country. So how should I mention this in my background history ?
    I had valid visa from 2003 till 2008 and then overstay till 2010 . should I fill background history for last 10 years or fill from 2003 and write LOE for overstay period?
    Please clear me out. Thank you much.

  • In my first job I was paid in cash considering the amount was there gonna be an issue since I don’t have payslips but my former employer agreed to write me a reference letter on my job with them..

  • hi kuber i and my husband has different adress on our passport and we have pcc from those addresses would there be any problem

  • hi kuber another question i have worked in bank but the documents has spelling error at salary slips and reliving letter but my salary account has the right name how should i go about this. i have name as CHATNA SEHGAL in passport and other documents but CHETNA SHEGAL in my work documents and my hr is not correcting it as its 2years old now . what should i do as its 3years banking experience

  • Hello Sir, thank you for ur help in advance. Well, I heard whatever education details u put it automatically goes to personal history. Now my spouse education was more than 10 years back so what to do here? If I choose NO to ECA , (not doing ECA) should I mention then in personal history? That way I will have to provide more than 10 years.
    OR should I just select NO to education and provide 10 years history only? Please guide. TIA

  • Hello Kubeir, I intend to apply now with a joint account and I transferred the funds from my personal account to the joint account about 4months ago. This fund was received as a gift from my mum. Do I still need to provide a gift deed?

  • Hi Mr.Kubeir

    I’ve veterinary medicine degree. Can I claim points for professional degree in education even though my work experience is in skill type B?
    Or it’s mandatory to work in my field as skill type A?

    Thank you.

  • Sir,
    i have a question that My spouse is not completed graduated so do i need to upload her 10th and 12th academic certificate or no need to upload anything , She doesn’t carry Diploma / Degree
    though haven’t claimed her any points even not given IELTS as wel .

    I really appreciate your early response..


  • Greetings, I have questions related to work experience and employers.

    1. I have added 2 employers in my Express Entry profile, one from India (Nov 13 to Aug 14) and one from USA (July 16 to Jun 17). I have been working at my current employer since Jun 17 but I did not add this employer in my application as I was uncertain about obtaining a reference letter. I received ITA yesterday and since I have not added 1 year of continuous work experience, will my application get rejected if I were to continue the application?

    2. Can I add my current employer post-ITA or should I decline and add the employer to be considered for the next draw? My current CRS score is 450 and if I add my current employer it goes to 475.

    Please let me know what would be a safer option.

    • Hi how did you resolve this issue? I mentioned my current employer in EE but now I can’t get the ref. letters so planning to remove it from work history. can that be done? any idea?

  • I have completed B.Pharm in 2009 and from last 2.5 years i am working under Paramedic field on that basis i have filed the application to SINP and received ITA from the same. The question is will that create a trouble since my education field is different with NOC 3131 and what i have applied is of Paramedic which lies under NOC 3234? Kindly guide me for the same.
    Ghanshyam H Kalathiya.

  • Hello sir
    I got my ITA. Now I m filling the details and I got stuck in family section.. .i need your help here. As my parents don’t have surname what to write in first name and last name.. .As it is mandatory to fill the both.
    Also my sister is in Canada on study visa. .what will I write in her country of residence? ?
    Similar is the case of my father. .he is working in Dubai. .
    Please help

  • Hi

    Many thanks Kubeir for a wonderful blog. Wondering if you can help me with one thing.

    I am intending to apply in July for express entry. Expect to receive ITA in April. My current CRS is 446 (based on the fact that i apply individually and my family will not accompany me). I am starting maintaining minimum funds from 1 Jan 2019 (I would have that min required funds available at 1 Jan in my account. This will accumulate till 30 June and i would have net worth {since i have a bank loan} above the minimum criteria. All the funds material or immaterial i would receive is from employer as salary and allowances). Would that be fine or i should transfer in a separate account and maintain there for six months.


  • Hello Kubeir,

    I would like to ask you that my wife’s passport is expiring in January 2020 And she will be applying as my dependent/spouse in Express Entry Canada.

    We are all set for submitting our profile and only medical examination is to be completed which we will do by 3 Week of January 2019.

    Can I go ahead and submit with my wife’s existing passport as passport renewal will delay the whole process.

    Reason I am asking this is because I read on online forums that Passport must be valid for 6-12 months for express entry process?

    Please guide me if I can update CIC with my wife’s new passport at later stage of Express Entry and for now submit existing passport details.

    I would really appreciate your response.

    Looking forward to your earliest reply.

    Thanks and Regards,

  • Hi Kubeir, this information is superb!
    One question for you …. I got my PR invite, just confused if I need to submit my visa too as I am a student in Australia still? Also did not claim point for my current education in Australia.

  • Hello, i am a military personnel in my country still on active service. My job duties matches perfectly with NOC 3212 and i have about 6years experience. am i eligible for express entry? Will the fact that i am still on active service count against me?

  • Hi Kubeir,
    That’s quite an informative blog u have there. If you could please clarify my lil doubt. I’ve lived in Mysore( 2009-2010) , UK (2010-2011) and Bangalore(2011 – present) in the past 10 years . Should I get my PCC from all these places ? Please advice.

    Thanks in advance

  • Hi Kubeir,
    My name on passport is “Jasmeet Singh Brar” whereas my name on my educational certificates is “Jasmeet Singh”.
    So, while applying for WES which name should I use?
    Also, will it create problem while applying for immigration or will I have to attach some affidavit explaining the same?

    • Hi, just wanted to know how did you resolve this issue, i have a similar issue with my dad’s name. all my documents don’t have his middle name whereas his documents do have.

  • Hello Kubeir Sir,
    I am applying for EE with my common law partner. We have a joint bank account, rent agreement, affidavit from parents and friends, photographs and emails. Are these documents enough?
    Or we need any other document?
    Thanks and regards

  • This is the best article ever, covering every single minute detail! Thanks a tonnn Ask Kubeir Team! 🤗😇

  • Hi, it is mentioned that only valid passport is to be uploaded. In the last 10 years, I have made a visit to UAE with the old passport. So shouldn’t I upload the stamp pages of this passport?

  • I got My ITA, But now I am scared about my work-related documents. I am a digital marketing manager and I select my NOC is 0124 according to my job responsibilities.

    Here is my work experience
    1. (2013-2015 )2-year experience as a web marketing manager (Cash). (Appointment, experience and reference letters I got from this company)
    2. I started a partnership firm(Digital marketing firm) at the end of 2014 while I was working with the last company. I enrolled completely in my partnership firm in March 2015 to October 2016. (Left due to dispute with partners) (How can I show this experience)
    3. From Nov 2016 I had Started freelancing on online portals with the agency but have not registered any company.(How can I show this experience)

    Can anyone help me to solve my problem? Ask Kubeir – Express Entry / Canada PR

  • Dear Kubeir Sir,
    I received my ITA in the April 3rd Draw. I have a query regarding Family Section. There is a major mismatch in my Father’s middle name in my passport and my Father’s passport. I noticed it in my Father’s passport recently. I plan to get it corrected in my passport as in future I may consider sponsoring my parents. Is it wise to change my passport(apply for a new passport before submission) for this reason and explain the same in LoE . Or should I do it once my PR application is done? Please advise.

    • hi, I have a similar issue. did you find a solution for this?
      none of my documents have my dad’s middle name, although his documents do have a middle name. will an LOE work?

  • Hello Sir! Navjot here. I had paid my RPRF 3 months back and no apparent updations are there in my cic account. The background check has yet to be started. But, to mention, I’m in the last month of my application’s 6 month completion deadline. I really need your perspective on this and need you to reassure me as I’d previously read on your posts that the IP stages etc are redundant and sometimes the accounts aren’t being updated.

  • Hi kubeir.. you are the ultimate guide with exceptional clarity .
    I have done MBA from UK and worked as a trainee manager for a year in FMCG UK and I also have worked with TCS as a team leader for a year and aged 32 years. Plan to score an 8 in IELTS.
    Can you tell me if I have a good chance or should I be doing something additional to get there.
    Your response would be highly appreciated
    Thank you

  • Hi kamal. I am Supervisor plumber. My education is 3 years diploma in mechanical engineering and 2 years bachelor of arts.How many points of education in express entry.

  • Hi, due to space issues i have uploaded some pictures and communication in LOE section. I have given the remarks in common Law section about the space challenge. Is it ok?

  • Hi Kubeir,

    Thank you for the informative post. I have a query regarding my ECA. I have a Bachelors degree in Physics and Masters degree in Computer Applications. I have done my ECA for my highest level of education ie; masters degree. Is it required to do ECA for my Bachelors as well or is it just enough to provide the Certificates and Marksheets ?

    Thanks in Advance.


  • Hi,

    My wife has all educational documents on her maiden name and she has passport with the name after marriage.

    I am planning to apply ECA from WES for Canada Immigration.

    Which name I need to use maiden name which is on educational documents or I can have ECA wtih passport name (Last Name change.)

    Anyone have come across the same situation

    Guide me on this.

    Thanks in advance.

  • I got the WES assessment as –
    Bachelor’s degree (four years) and postgraduate diploma (one year)

    The postgraduate diploma(one year) is for my MBA degree.

    For MBA what should I Fill in for Express Entry profile form filling –
    There are two dropdowns :
    1) Level of education (required) -?
    2) Level of education (Canadian equivalent) shown on Education Credential Assessment (ECA) report Your ECA report will tell you if your foreign education is equal to a completed Canadian degree, diploma or certificate. -?

    Options for both – program at a university, college, trade or technical school, or other institute
    2.two-year program at a university, college, trade or technical school, or other institute
    3.Bachelor’s degree OR a three or more year program at a university, college, trade or technical school, or other institute
    4.Master’s degree, or a professional degree needed to practice in a licensed profession
    5. Doctoral level university degree(PHD)

    Please help in filling the both dropdowns. [Urgent]

  • Previous employer does not issuing experience certificate kindly guide about affidavit how to get and what type of details required on affidavit.

    Also guide about NOC. I am Specialist Gynecologist and i am claiming points on my four years residency (Specialist Training) that is full time permanent job but need to know which NOC suitable for me against my claiming experience as Post Graduate Resident NOC3112 or 3111.

    Thanks & Regards.
    Dr. Mariam

  • Hello! Kubeir
    I am applying under EE and I am at a post ITA stage where we need to upload documents I have one query
    My wife’s address in her passport has locality name as ‘VASUDHARA’ instead of ‘VASUNDHARA’ . (Missing letter n). The locality name on mine and kids’ passports is correct.

    Her passport was issued in March 2017 but until now we did not notice this, I have noticed this thing today while I was uploading final documents for application submission (last date being 17th June).. What should I do?
    I received nomination recently, and had submitted same passports to SINP, no query came from SINP and also, I didn’t notice at the time of SINP application submission

    Kindly Advice


  • Hi,

    I got my US business Visa stamped after AOR. Travel is not done yet on that visa. Do I need to upload the visa information thru web form to CIC?


  • Very detailed information. Thank you very much.

    Please i have a query and need your response. FOR SINP OID PNP application, if you submit the ECA without your transcript. Will it lead to rejection?
    This is because, my school does not give transcripts/marksheets by hand, they require that it must be forwarded to the requesting organzation. Like when i did my ECA, i requested and it was forwarded to WES. But they will never give by hand. As i do not know how i can get the transcript by hand and forward to SINP. How do you think i can manage this. Your suggestion will be appreciated

  • Hi Kubeir, I have my AOR dated 27 March 2019, Medicals 08 May 2019, Biometrics 16 May 2019, PNP LMP Nova Scotia. I havnt received any update in my EE profile since 16 May 2019.

    Pls. suggest what to do

  • Hi,
    I have worked in a government position for about 3 months about 5 years ago and I am NOT claiming any points for this experience. Is there any additional documents ( Schedule A – background) required/asked by IRCC for any government held positions?

  • My company name is same but the address is changes , as office is shifted in bigger space. I have already submitted final ITA documents which are on old letterhead on old address. Company will soon update address on website etc; but the reference letter i have submitted will be on old address. Now what should i do, please help.

  • Hi Kubeir,
    I’ve completed my MBA through distance learning and WES evaluated my degree as PG diploma(1 year). I have couple of questions regarding this:
    1. Should I select Full tIme/Part time for the degree?
    2. I had selected Full Time in the OINP application and it is approved If this is incorrect, should I notify OINP and how?
    3. If i change the mode as Part Time in EE it would create a discrepancy between EE and OINP. How should I handle this?

    Please help me on this regard.

  • Hi Kubeir sir,
    I just received nomination from Saskatchwan (valid till march 2020)and accepted it as well. Most probably, I will get ITA in next draw. As i need more than 60 days to get docs in order, it is ok to decline the invite? As I am a provincial nominee, will I still get back in the pool ?

  • Hi Team,

    I’m applying for Ontario PNP wrt EE, whether Employment offer is mandatory while submitting document.

    Thanks & Regards,

  • Hi Kubeir-
    My spouse is the principal applicant and I have uploaded all the required documents after ITA. For me we have not claimed my employment for CRS, but after ITA it is asked to upload my employment details and mentioned as required. I have uploaded Appointment letter but not reference letter. Would that be a problem? Please advise.

  • hi kubeir..i have a doubt.. my name in degree certificate is Subramanian in passport is Subramanian Tirunelveli Padmanabhan …now i created the Wes canada account profile with name same as in passport not sure what I need to enter in my education credential in Wes .
    1.Should I enter the name in education credential section in Wes same as it is in my degree certificate (with initials)?
    2.Also am I supposed to submit any LOE or affidavit for this issue?
    3.since now the process involves the university to directly send the education transcripts to Wes for evaluation, when should I be submitting the affidavit /loe if at all there is a need for it?


  • Respected sir,
    I completed my bachelor’s degree(BSc computer science) in 2011-2014.Due to backlogs I didn’t get my provisional and university certificate.. But from 2014 I worked for a company as full time paid employee(30 he per week). In 2019 I clear my backlogs and got my university certificate… Does my previous work experience from 2014 -2019 counts for express entry…

    Sir help me through detailed answer

  • Hello Kubeir,

    After ITA i filled up all the forms, and it generated a checklist based on it, so I uploaded all the required docs. But later on I made some small changes on the forms, so it resulted in some changes on the checklist, but most of the upload fields remained the same and they are with the right file names, so my question is do I need to re-upload documents in these upload fields or it’s ok?

  • Dear Kubeir Kamal,

    First of All, Thank you so much for your support.
    Could you help me out from this BIG DOUBT.
    I converted to Islam after completion of my Graduation so My all study documents has my old name.
    Then I did Master which has Muslim Name. I applied ECA for Master only with Muslim Name.
    I had 10 years of experience and few of them had previous name.

    Note : I changed my name legally and have Gazatte document also which shown change of Name.

    What will be challenges I can assume during PR Process and how to overcome?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Hello Mr.Kubeir , thanks for your informative blogs and youtube videos they are really a big help. Could i ask you a question plz ? If we make changes in our sinp profile if already submitted, would the submission date be updated aswell? As my consultant submitted my profile 2 weeks before my statement being matured of 3 months with exact amount. But he changed my noc code On the 13th and my statement got matured on the 13th and i also got nomination in 13th feb draw with 79 points. Would those 2 weeks affect my chances . Would my application be considered from the original submission date i.e 1st feb or from 13th feb when my NOC code was changed and profile re-submitted.
    Please advise.

  • Hi Kubier,

    My confusion is on answering the question ‘Has this person ever used a different name?
    I am married, but my international passport carries my maiden name, hence, my application carries same, However, all other support documents carry my married name. I am in the process of getting a new passport (which will have my married name), and will raise webform to add it once it is ready. So should I answer ‘yes’ to the question and explain using a letter of explanation the situation?

  • Hi Kubeir,

    I got my ITA on 19th Feb and due to COVID 19 i got extra time of 30 days. now i have all documents ready for submission. i had applied without my spouse as my CRS was coming out to be 473 without her and 471 with her included in the application. As you are aware of the high scores i had removed her name from the application as this was my last chance because i was turning 31 on 27th feb (and i got my ITA on 19th Feb). The CRS cutoff in my draw was 470. Would it be advisable for me to apply for both me and my wife or i should just apply alone and figure things out after going there. in a huge dilemma…. pls suggest

  • Sir, my company has given me a reference letter without salary details.They said they do not put salary details in the reference letter. I have a mail from Hr on this. HR told to out payslips, offerletter, bankstatements , Form 16 etc to justify pay.So Should I update LOE for it? I

  • Hi Kubeir Sir,

    Thanks for all your amazing blogs and videos. They are really of great help. I have one of my scenario here and needing your expertise suggestion.
    I received my ITA on 23rd July 2020 Draw under CEC category. In my Express Entry Profile, I had claimed 50 points for a valid Job offer. Now, I found there are some complications from my employer to get a job offer letter with the necessary verbiage/sentences mentioned in CIC website. If I continue my application by removing the job offer (deducting 50 points), my CRS score is still above the 23rd July 2020 draw cut-off. So, do you think it’s okay and safe for me to proceed my application without the job offer points (as the CRS would still be above the cut-off of the draw). And it would not cause any kind of confusion/issue to the CIC officer? Do I need to mention this in my LOE?

    Thanks for your time. I really appreciate your help..!

  • Hello Kubeir,

    My Name in my Educational Certificates as well as ECA report are written as Md Mahmudul Islam But in my Passport It is written as Mohammad Mahmudul Islam. Do I need an affidavit for that?

  • Hello Kubeir

    I forgot which NOC I put in when I submitted the form. Is there a possibility I can see the NOC number I put? Please help.

  • I received ITA last month and I claimed points for Sibling relationship. I have few questions on proof of document as I have my Father’s and Mother’s First name with 1 letter difference in mine any my brother’s passport.

    I have same issue with my birth certificate, my parents name has been printed wrongly. I only have ration card as proof of relation between my parents and my brother.

    I need confirmation if submitting an affidavit mentioning persons mentioned in both the passports are same will help?

    Any clue will help.

  • I live in Lebanon and all private universities issue their degrees (Bachelor, Masters, PhD) in 2 languages on the same official degree paper (French/English and Arabic). On one side you have either French or English and on the other side you have Arabic. Should I translate it? The same information is available in both languages.

  • Good Morning Sir, Sir, can i add my spouse IELTS score after receiving ITA? if I add it, CRS score increase. Is it safe?

  • Sir, Is IRCC give weightage to post ITA addition documents. Like , if i add my spouse IELTS score after receiving ITA, is it consider for calculating FSW criteria as well as CRS points.?

  • Hi Kubeir,

    I filed OINP with NOC 2174, nomination certificate came with NOC 2173. I received ITA, my EE is created with NOC 2174, should I update EE profile to 2173 before submitting or I should stick with my chosen NOC code?


  • Wonderful website, thanks for your great work in sharing. Have one question please:

    I’ve declared a relative (Aunt) before ITA – although I shouldn’t as it doesn’t change my CRS score.

    Now Post ITA, I want to remove this (to avoid hassle of getting all docs from aunt) but do not know what to say in LoE in order to avoid misrepresentation. I’ve verified that my FSW points do get reduced but remain above the 67 cut off.

    Please advise should I get Aunt docs or do the LoE way and any advise on vocabulary for LoE please.

    Great thanks from indian in europe!

  • Hi Kubeir,

    I’ve few doubts and I believe you can clarify them correctly.

    I have received the ITA last week, after that, I re-issued my passport which resulted in a new Passport number

    1.) Should I inform IRCC of my passport change before submitting my profile. If yes, what is the process of informing IRCC regarding this change?

    2.) Now in my profile, should I keep both (old and new passport details) or remove the old one and just keep the latest passport details and explain the situation in LOE?

    Note: My IELTS and WES-ECA is based on my old passport details.


  • Hello sir

    1) I worked in Dubai UAE for 10 months 20 days(Nov 2017 to Sep 2018) and i m currently in saudi arabia since Nov 2018 .Can i get PCC from Dubai UAE before i create my express entry profile bcoz i m not curretly living in dubai UAE to save my time.

    2)How to add personal and travel history, please make a blog on that in details.


  • hello
    i have submitted my Sinp pr application after ITA, Sinp sent me the Additional document request on 1st decemeber and gave me 10 days to submitted, Which unfortunately i was not able to submit and now the submit option is not coming on the website. kindly let me know if there is another way i can submit my Additional documents to Sinp. and will they consider or not.
    waiting for your reply.

  • Before filing for divorce, an applicant received an ITA for canada.
    Now applicant has filed for divorce and after 6 months final judgement of divorce will be passed (in India).
    if the applicant get the document signed by spouse that he will never accompany the applicant in the future anywhere outside india, then still police clearance certificate and medical of spouse will be needed and other documents of work or education are required to submit? or if in the above document, the spouse can also mention that as he will never accompany the applicant, so will not undergo Medical and PCC. however, general details are all provided in spouse column, like family, travel and work history. Will this work for an applicant to submit the file?

  • Hello Kubeir,

    I received an ITA under CEC class this month and my NOC code was 2173. Later I figured out,
    some part of my experience should come under 0213 NOC code.
    Even my company also sponsored visa under the same NOC code.

    Can I update my NOC code now ?

    Thank you

  • Hi,

    Which way is better to apply work permit either by PNP nomination letter or through based on spouse job (NOC B).

    Kindly guide…

  • Hi
    I have recieved my ITA. I have not included my spouse in my application or claimed points on his behalf. My applications states that I am married, thats all. Now, should I arrange all his documents and submit them too? Please advise.


  • Hi Kuber,

    I received ITA under Provincial Nominee Program for BC PNP in draw #175. Kindly enlighten and clear below doubts I’m experiencing while filling up eAPR form –

    1) I’m the primary applicant and my accompanying spouse is a divorcee having a non-accompanying dependent child (below 18 yrs) — We don not want to provide this info. in the system, so can I select ‘NO’ in the spouse section for both these questions?

    2) For time-being, I added above info. and the system shared a customized document checklist which doesnt ask for his child’s medical exam/ birth certificate and his divoce decree — Is it still required to submit as they have clearly not provided any placeholders in the Spouse section to upload these 3 docs? — Thus, I’m thinking of not providing his divorce and child detials in the system — pl. confirm?

    3) Checklist also has a placeolder to upload LETTER OF EMPLOYMENT — I dont have this doc. from the employer. I just have offer of employment. Need a format for this doc?

    4) Can you provide the document checklist for PNP specific program?

    Awaiting your reply. Will be a big relief and accordingly we’ll need to collate dependent child’s docs.


  • Hi Kubeir Sir, I have some query about wes …i have difference in father name is that satiskumar in passport and satisbhai in academic marksheets is it any problem for eca or to apply for migration…or i have to change it?
    Actual name is Nitinkumar Satishkumar Soni as per passport but in marksheets it is Nitinkumar Satishbhai Soni. Please help

  • Hi Kubeir,

    I received my ITA (Dec) with the following work history:
    -6 months -previous job
    -2years 10 months- Current job

    Now, in Feb my current job experience increased to 3 years, so is it possible to exclude my previous work history in the APR. So with the recalculation, solely with my current job, my CRS still falls within the cutoff for Dec draw.

    Thanks for your help!

  • Hello,
    I am separated from my spouse for over 2 years but there aren’t any supporting documents to prove that we are separated.
    Will it be a misrepresentation if I mention as “married” or should I mention as “divorced/separated”?

  • Hi,
    This is regarding the dependent children .

    My sister is under the age of 18 and our parents have passed away .
    Does she qualifies under my dependent children ? I am not married yet .


  • Hello Kubeir,

    I am from India. I just made an profile for Express Entry. I have total of 490 points (with Indian Experience) , and 464 points (without indian experience). I may get ITA in next draw. Is it mandatory to collect PCC document from both the countries? India & Canada? or only Canada would be good? Also, can we get PCC docs before receiving ITA? Please advise.

  • Hi I got a draw under Canadian Experience class on August 2020, Summited AOR on October 2020, with spouse not the part of the application, Got biometrics and RCMP request on November completed and submitted everything, recently got a request of RCMP Fingerprint based criminal record check for my wife, she is presently in India. for last few months, she went to one of the accredited company and gave fingerprints they sent it here and RCMP conducted the check and sent document to me saying no criminal record found, my only question is there is no photo on the document is that normal for overseas application, does any one has the same issue, Called CIC and the agent is also not sure about it, Please help

  • Hello Sir – I have received an invitation to apply for permanent residence under “Canadian experience class” and we still have 41 days to respond to the invitation. I am facing difficulty while filling in my son’s passport (USA passport) details in the application. My son’s passport got expired on 2-March- 2021 and I can’t proceed with my application with an expired passport. We have already reached out to the USA embassy to get the appointment of passport renewal, however, due to Covid-19, the USA embassy hasn’t started their regular processing and they have a significant backlog. We are not anticipating to get the passport appointment in next couple of days.

    Could you please advise on how should I complete my PR application with my son’s expired passport? Should I take my son out from the PR application and apply for his PR later?

    Thank you

  • Hello Sir, i have had a approved OINP under international student stream. Today i have received ITA and my question is can i accept the ITA under experienced class even if i have approved OINP. IF yes will i need to cancel the OINP ?

  • Hi Kubeir,
    I am required to enter an ID for my unaccompanying daughter (4 years old) and I only have her birth certificate—no passport. Would it be considered as ID? Should I translate it into English?


  • Hello Sir
    Good day
    Ircc submits the children birth certificate with last name as initials but the passport has full last name
    Birth certificate : firstname.initial( xxxxx.x)
    Passport : First name last name

    appreciate your help here

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  • My daughters GCMS note state. Under APPLICATION , ECONOMIC. Available funds (CAD):59,000. Under NOTES, Notes 3 it says: Appears to meet Approx, CAD $ 13884-CAD$13884 as per Punjab National Bank (PNB) statement dt 20-09-19. Family of 1 requires CAD$12960.
    The actual PNB statement mentions ” INR 7,93,046.91 in savings bank account. INR 25,00,000 in fixed deposit. Combined total shown is INR 32,93,046.91″.
    As I see it CAD$ 59000 refers to the combined total of INR 32,93,046.91 whereas CAD$ 13884 only refers to the INR 7,93,046.91 in the savings account.
    Should I inform IRCC about the anomaly ? If so how ?

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