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Our Services

Immigration as a process can be challenging and yet exciting. Being such a life changing  and personal experience for all applicants, the choice of representation can mark the difference between a pleasurable journey and that of a chaotic nightmare.

We, at Ask Kubeir, pride ourselves on providing a humane approach with a service focused on compassion and dignity.

We believe in transparency, and hence review our fees and the government charges with you avoiding any surprises later. Unlike many other consultants, we do not believe in misleading our clients if there is not much prospect in the case. Our fee structure is thus tailored to encompass optimum value with quality representation and genuine credible feedback.


Inclusions: We will check the document for its content, format, validity and compliance as per IRCC or provincial requirements. Please note, the charges are for each document and not each page. For eg: Work experience document for 1 work period will count as 1 document.

Timeline: A revert shall be provided upon review within 3 business days.

Correspondence: The feedback shall be provided over email.

Charges: $119 USD/document : PAY

Overview: National Occupation Classification (NOC) is a system used by the Canadian Government to classify jobs, and used by IRCC to validate your eligible work experience for which you claim points and qualification for immigration. Each NOC has a prescribed set of duties and activities, and choosing the right NOC that matches your job responsibilities can be a deciding factor towards a successful PR application.

Inclusions: We will verify whether your work experience qualifies for the appropriate NOC code for your application for Permanent Residence or Provincial Nomination.

Documentation Required: A list of your job roles and responsibilities, brief job description, company profile and any other information you feel may be helpful.

Timeline: A revert with the closest indicated NOC match shall be provided upon review within 3 business days.

Correspondence: The feedback shall be provided over email.

Charges: $89 USD to identify the closest indicated NOC match PAY

Documents required:

Correspondence: The review will be provided over email.


Charges: 249USD PAY

Inclusions:- Document preparation guidance

  • Authorised representation
  • Complete application handling
  • Service valid till decision outcome

Charges: 1500usd PAY

  • Additional Document Request(ADR)
  • Procedural Fairness Letter(PFL)
  • PR card Renewal
  • Temporary Resident Permits
  • Humanitarian and Compassionate Application