This video was recorded in 2017. OINP has changed a few things in 2018 program. NOI now has a validity of only 45 days from the date of issue and must be submitted within these 45 days. For…

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  • Hello Kubeir

    My name is Himanshu and I have few queries regarding my status in canada.

    I’ve applied for OINP week ago with the score of 465 but two days after my request to extend the work permit has denied and now I am on a restoration period ( without any status).

    However, as you know that once I get this OiNP approved then I am guaranteed an ITA and there after, to upload the documents, I may need a PCC but to get that BLS embassy is asking for my status, which I dont have now.

    Is there any way that I can get my PCC done without showing my status??

    Please advice, I am not able to find any way out.

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