New online portal for Permanent Resident Confirmation

This new online portal, a system designed to fasten the process of confirming permanent resident status. This portal moves away from  in-person interviews, as that was the previous way of confirmation.
At this time this portal is applicable only to candidates who are currently inside Canada.

* Marco Mendicino, Canadian Immigration minister has commented on the system by saying that it has reduced the time it takes to land a new permanent resident

This system comes into place to combat the procedural delays and other restrictions in place due to the pandemic.

This portal allows permanent residents to:

  1. Share personal information with Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (ICRC).
  2. You can now declare that you have arrived in Canada.
  3. You can confirm your address in Canada.
  4. Submit a photograph (recently clicked) for the processing of your PR Card.
  5. You will gain access to Proof of Resident Status.

Each individual will have to create their own profile on the portal, any family/accompanying members will also each need to create their own profile. Any consultant or representative cannot have access to this portal on behalf of the individual they are representing.

How does this Portal work?

On receiving approval on your Immigration application, you will receive an invitation from the ICCRC asking you to confirm your email address and the email address of each individual on the application. The invitation will also ask whether you are willing to use the portal or not.

After your response in regard to the invitation is recorded, you will receive another link to the portal with your sign-in instructions (will include a temporary username and password).

You cannot create an account, only ICCRC has the authorization to create an account on your behalf.

After receiving your login details, you can declare that you are in Canada and update your address details and recent photograph. ICCRC will further review and cross-verify your details and photographs. You can check the status of your review on the portal and after being verified, you can expect to receive your Permanent Residence (PR) card in 1 week. The address details you feed into the portal will be the address used by ICCRC to mail you the PR card.

Your photograph will need to be accepted in the portal, as ICCRC has a set of requirements for the same:

  1. Taken by a commercial photographer
  2. Size: 50 mm wide X 70 mm high
  3. Photo Quality: Clear, sharp and in focus
  4. Taken with a neutral facial expression
  5. Taken with uniform lighting
  6. Taken in front of a plain white background
  7. Reflect on your current appearance

Other Information to keep in Mind:

  1. Glasses may be worn in photos as long as the eyes are clearly visible and there is no glare present.
  2. If you have long hair it can be let down.
  3. Shadows, glares, red-eyes, any alterations or modifications to the photo are not acceptable.

* If you fail to meet the requirements for the photograph, your photos will be rejected.

* ICCRC will contact you if there are any issues with your PR card.

Official ICCRC link for more information is here