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LMIA Program is NOT Shutting Down

No Canadian government is NOT, I repeat NOT shutting down its LMIA processing and Temporary Foreign Worker Program.

Lately there have been quite a few posts here and on our what’sapp groups, repeatedly citing closing of LMIA processing, with some quoting consultants for such information.

We narrowed it down to a regional not so credible publication that carried this “click-bait” article.
Obviously without any credible source of information of government link for details.

Yes LMIA process  has always been a mixed bag and has several different criteria when applying for low skilled or high wage professionals and now for professions considered as essential workers.

“COVID-19 has impacted processing; employers may be required to re-advertise or extend advertisement; they may be asked to up the wages being offered; and Service Canada may refuse to process certain applications where the business has been impacted by COVID-19 related restrictions.” – Lawyer Raj Sharma

At the same time advertising as a pre-requirement was eased for some of the essential occupations. And the processing times for these applications has also been reduced.
See my YouTube video here

Well, to summarize you should not look at such kind of publications and sources for your immigration related information, update or advice.