The process that a standard Express Entry application follows:

1. Enter the Express Entry pool.

2. Receive the ITA. You now have 60 days to submit all your documents. (Candidates who received ITAs before 26th July 2018 have 90 days to submit their documents).

3. File application, submit all supporting documents and pay the required application fee ($550 for adults and $150 for dependent children. RPRF of $490 for adults may also be paid at this time) within the 60 day period.

4. AoR – Acknowledgement of Receipt. This is automatically generated by the EE system, and usually within the 24hours of submission.

5. R10 Stage – This has reference to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulation Section 10. This link is here.
The first step in this process post-AOR is to check for completeness and usually reflects the application as “In Progress” This is done at the Centralized Intake Office (CIO), which is in Sydney NS. This is the first stringent check of the application against the EE profile created. The Regulation 10 of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations imposes a strict liability on the applicants to account for all documents uploaded and to satisfy what was stated in the EE profile. If you do not provide the documents or they are filed incorrectly, your application can be rejected due to the strict liability on the applicant under this regulation. However, a lot depends on the agent reviewing the file. Under the R-10 review your IELTS, ECA are checked against the websites to check their validity.  This check is done within 7-100 days of AOR.
If an applicants age has changed from between ITA and AOR, then the same is noted. However, as per the Ministerial public policy, this does not effect change in scores as this has been exempted under the policy.

Link of public policy

6. At the R10 review, if any documents are missing or are incorrect, the application is rejected. If the Letter of Explanation (LoE) explains satisfactorily the reason for any missing document, then the visa officer may allow extension of time limit for submission of this document (usually seen in case of certain PCCs). It largely depends on the agent reviewing it. Remember the onus is on the applicant for correct upload of the required documents.

7. Usually, by this stage, the medicals are also passed. Health Canada is responsible to assess the medicals uploaded by the panel medical centres. In most cases, once the medicals are passed, they are good until the final review stage. The applicants who may receive a request for re-assessment if the results are not satisfactory to Health Canada.
These could be due to a condition of concern identified during the medicals or could indicate a dormant or old condition. In either case, the applicant may be asked to appear for further tests. This is usually seen in cases where the applicant had a previous condition of Chest Tuberculosis.

8. Section A11.2 – This has reference to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act section 11.2
This stage assesses the eligibility of the applicant with regards to the score drawn under CRS and the FSW eligibility points (67 points calculator), i.e. whether the application meets the program prerequisites under which it is filed. This is processed under IRPA section 11.2. The link to check MEC under the 67 point calculator is here.
Under this stage, which is also the most time-consuming stage due to the nature of processes involved all documentation that has been uploaded is checked for validity and relevance. For FSW, the claimed experience and NOC, letters of reference, education, etc should be in order. For the PNP, FSW and the nomination must be present and the circumstances for approval of nomination must be valid and consistent, for CEC, the valid Canadian experience should be on file. And, so on so forth for the other categories. The objective here is to review whether you meet the program threshold and what you claim is valid and correct. If there are any flags or gaps, or things don’t sound right, the reviewing officer/agent/analyst can send the application for further review. Which usually involves an additional document request, verification calls, site visits/inspections or personal interview etc. If the applicant meets the requirements, and his score is over the cut off for the ITA received, his eligibility is passed. If there are issues, they will be addressed. This usually happens at the LVO (Local Visa Office), since the LVO is equipped to understand the local cultures, customs, methods, processes and similar that are applied in the region or the applicants country and hence are best suited to make this assessment. Allocation of LVO is usually based on the applicant’s geographic location. However lately it also depends upon the workloads of the visa office and hence the file may well be assigned to CPC-Ottawa or an LVO in a different country.
This stage happens when the application is usually 2-4 months into the process. At this stage, if the eligibility is met, the chances of refusal considerably go down, unless there is a criminal history. However, if your score goes down due to CIC not acknowledging your work experience, NOC and reference letters not matching, enough proof not available with regards to work experience, payment of salary or NOC validation then the application may be refused.

9. Criminality Checks – As soon as the eligibility is met, next comes the security and criminality (or background check). Usually, the criminality is met through the Police Clearance Certificates (PCC) uploaded with the application. PCCs are referred back to the issuer to check for their genuineness and validity. If the applicant has been to a country which is flagged, or the travel history does show frequent visits to a country without any explanation, the same are recorded and evaluated. If things look good, the criminality is passed. A lot of applicants receive a request for Schedule A at this stage to ensure no gaps are present in their personal history and the history is clear.

10. Security Checks – The last and the final stage is the security. This is a serious & time-consuming stage, involving many agencies, including Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), International Police (INTERPOL), Criminal Database Checking & touch-base with Local Police. Many things are considered here. The number of countries visited, Applicant coming from ‘certain’ countries, past law enforcement or military record, Prolonged stay in a country w/out sufficient docs to prove cause, frequent traveling to certain nations, your *Name (?), Inter-Religion/Nationality Marriages etc. If everything is simple & straight, the file soon gets into the ‘final review’ stage. If there are any ‘red flags’, the case goes for a secondary review. Then the file might go to the local Police/intelligence agencies; the outcome/timeframe of which is beyond the control of CIC. And thereby the timeframe can be anything [sometimes beyond 1yr]. But, usually, this stage should be over within few days-few months. However, a point to be noted is that the applicant can also be called for an Interview [at this stage], due to this reason. For most people, the security has a quick turn around.

11. At the final review, when the security results come in and are clear, the application is finalized and the applicant receives a PPR – Passport Request Form. The applicant is requested to submit the passport along with passport photos and in some cases some bio details to the local visa office through VACs (Visa Application Centres like VFS etc).
If the passport does not have any issues, the PR visa (single entry) is stamped and returned back to the applicant, This usually has the validity of 12 months from the date of medicals uploaded to CIC by the medical centre or the validity of the passport, whichever is shorter. A C0PR (2 copies) is also issued which lists the details of the applicant. This is also called the landing paper.

12. The applicant is expected to land in Canada before the expiry date mention in the PR visa. The primary applicant must land first (the dependent applicants can land together or later but before the expiry of the visa) and on landing present the passport with the PR visa and CoPR to the CBSA border officer at POE. The officer will ask the basic statutory questions, check details mentioned on the CoPR and may check for proof of funds. Once satisfied, he/she will sign the CoPR and return one copy back to the applicant.
The applicant is NOW the permanent resident of Canada.

You can also refer to this IRCC link for more information and details on this process




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  • Can I please ask, I have received a request for paying RPRF (not paid upfront) on the 20/02/18 and then paid it on 22/02/2018. Then I received a requeest to file a IMM5645 the 26/02/2018.
    My AOR 22 January. I have been in IP2 since February 27.

    Where do you think my application stands ? I tried calling but only received generic answers..

  • “The Regulation 10 of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations imposes a strict liability on the applicants to account for all documents uploaded, satisfy what was stated in the EE profile, and ensure that there are no gaps. ”

    Sir,which sort of gap?Is it between two
    jobs ? If it so then if someone has 5 yr and 8 months exp but he was unemployed after that for around 9 months and currently employed in different company company bt same NOC.Then does his file will get rejected because there was 9 months gap between two jobs?

    Sir,please guide.

    • While completing your personal history there must be no gaps in the events stated in the last 10 years.
      Unemployed being the reason for a gap between 2 jobs is fine. But all gaps between different events in personal history must be identified and noted.

      • Hello, my aor 23 Nov, ip2 since 27 feb but after that nothing . I have applied Gcms notes on 21 March and received 23 April . In notes my husband ‘s eligibility is incomplete and info sharing is in progress but mine and my daughter eligibility is complete. Can you please tell me what is the reason for delay?can we apply Gcms again? Thanks

        • Most of the information on the officer’s notes can be viewed on the last 4-5 pages of the notes. Yes you can apply for GCMS notes again.

  • Hello,

    I have a questions pertaining to ECA from IQAS.

    Is it mandatory that my University sends the sealed envelope directly to IQAS or can I collect it and send it myself.
    The IQAS form which states my details and University details does it need to be stamped by the university and included in the sealed envelope or I can just add this form to a larger envelope which contains my Govt I’d proof, sealed envelope of transcripts and this form without the stamping from University just my details.

    I am a lot confused if you can please assist how to go about it would really appreciate it.


    • You can collect it and send it yourself. As long as the documents are complete and the envelope is sealed by the university it is fine.

      • Hii… I gave my rprf on 7 june2018… bt after that havnt received any passport request… what is expected time .. m lil worried… background chek is in progress

  • As per your calculation, no one should receive PPR before 6 months, but I have seen people getting their PPR in less than a month after AOR. Can you suggest a documentation practice so as to avoid delays?

    • My calculations do not state specific time period.
      CIC states that they process 80% of the applications in 6months time.
      The timeline of the application depends on various factors and therefore each individual application follows a unique timeline.
      As long as all documents provided by you are credible and cover every aspect required by CIC you would be fine and should not be worried about the time line as no one can give guarantees

      • Hello, I like to know if truly security comes last in Canada in Express entry application. Am asking this question because I apply for fsw and I submitted my file on Feb. 19th. Here is my application so far

        Medical passed
        Biometrics completed
        Criminality passed
        Eligibility passed
        Security not initiated yet
        VO Ottawa

        I was told to call back if I didn’t hear from them within 30days

        My question is, I don’t know security is the one that comes last.

  • This is an excellent detailed article for getting the timeline of the application processing! My application reached IP2 on the 27th Feb (along with several others who reported so). It hasn’t been updated since, which is close to 8 weeks. Do you suspect they have a huge influx of cases or is it time to apply for GCMS notes?

  • Hi Kubeir,
    Great blog and very informative. Thanks for doing this. Would like to ask a more case specific question and have your thoughts on it.
    My timeline as below
    AOR – 19th March 18
    Medical Pass/ IP1 – 27th March 18
    Additional Documents Requested – 28th March 18
    Additional Document Uploaded – 6th April 18

    As mentioned above ADR was requested on the 28th of March, the request letter stated as below
    “Please upload these documents to your MyCIC account by 2018/05/28”

    I have uploaded the requested ADR (which was PCC) on the 6th of April and ADR status says document has been uploaded. I have not seen any change in my application profile status since then.

    The question I have is IRCC still reviewing my application or will they wait until 28th of May deadline as stated on the ADR request letter to actually come back to review my application?

    Many Thanks in advance

    • They will start the review process once the document has been updated in your file and once your file comes back up in the queue

    • And you should know that there is no such thing as IP1 – NA2 – IP2 stages. These are reduendant and dont mean anything .
      Good luck with your application

  • Dear Kubier,
    Need advice,
    I called the CIC yesterday, thankfully I was connected to a humble agent, I did ask him about the status of my application and did mention that my AOR was on the 26th Jan 2018 and I got my RPRF request on the 24 feb 2018 and paid it on the same day and mentioned since then no update from CIC for which the CIC agent responded that the my eligibility is not yet confirmed by the agent and my security and background verification hasn’t started yet, also mentioned everything looks fine as of now and I am well within in the 6 months timeline and asked me to be patient :).
    My only apprehension is with regards to my WES report where it shows my bachelors degree as not recognized however my MBA degree is considered to Canadian equivalency to masters degree from which I have taken the points IE I have applied or taken points based on my master’s degree. Also on the CIC website they have mentioned that they would consider the highest degree for points. I have a 476 CRS points. Besides this the rest all is fine I presume.
    Hope all goes week. need advice on my case please.
    Thanks in advance 🙂

    • Average processing time for 80% applications is 6months. You can order GCMS notes in the meanwhile. Good luck

    • Hi Chakradhar,

      I wanted to know on how you contacted CIC agent.
      My aor is 23 nov 2017 and rprf paid on 9th feb 2018.
      Status shows background check in progress since 27 th feb. No updates afterwards.
      Ordered GCMS notes on 10th May.

      Thanks In Advance.

  • I want to know whose details would be enough to fill in relatives section. My spouse is co-applicant for express entry. In such scenario, parents and siblings info would be enough right? Could you please guide.

    • At the beginning of each form, it explains what information must be included. So in the relatives section do include parents and siblings information

      • oh, I Included My Husband and son in this section, although they are accompanying dependents.
        does this raise the issues? Thanks

          • Thanks for your reply Sir

            My Timeline:
            1. May-19-2018 : AOR
            2. May-30-2018 : Passed the medical exam &
            * Background Check is : “Your application is in progress. We will send you a message when we start your background check.”
            3. June-19-2018: Application udpated
            * Background Check is : “We are processing your background check. we will send you a message if we need more information”

            How do you think sir ? am I in IP2 ?

          • Woa, i just got passport request email after asking you about my timeline !!! 🙂

  • Hello everyone…I am a mechanical engineer graduate and currently working . I want to ask for increasing my CRS score for EXPRESS ENTRY can I do one year of diploma through distance learning while working at the same time ? Is the distance learning programs accounted for while calculating the CRS Points?

    • If your distance learning program is accredited by AICTE/DEC/UGC then there is a good chance that it will be evaluated for an ECA. Depending on the equivalency on the ECA, you may claim addittional CRS points.

  • I and my husband are trying for immigration to Canada.
    His ielts scores are as below

    Overall Band:










    Your Test Result

    Candidate Number:


    Overall Band:










    Overall Band (7.5)

    My over all band is 6.5 but as his written scores are 6 he isn’t able to apply for express entry is there any other province we both can apply in these scores?

    • Please check CIC website for eligibility and PNP website for their programs and criteria

  • Hi. I am currently in d pool for EE. I missed out on points for 1 year Canadian experience as i worked only for 11 months anx returned to India in 2017 mar. Now i am travelling to Canada again for 1 month on work permit. Can i add this to my previous experience to gain 1 yr and gain points

  • When you copy someone’s material have the decency to at least acknowledge it instead of passing it off as your own work and using it for profit.

    This post was authored by me on Canada Visa Forum and you have copied it verbatim.

    • Dear Manmeet kindly review this link
      A lot of the content has been compiled from commonly shared links and posts online. If you claim this is your article I will be happy to take it down or give you the credit once you can provide a direct link to the original content.

      This website is not for profit.

      Thank you for stopping by and gracing this webpage with your time. Appreciated.

      • What is the trend for CRS cut off score for Express entry since the start of this program? I mean has it increased or decreased during these years?

        • You can check the CIC website under Express Entry Draw and review their old draws. All data is available online for you to draw analysis

        • Improve your language skills, add second approved language, add education, add Canadian education, add Canadian work experience. All of these individually can improve your CRS.

  • Hello
    I’m FSW-O, AOR may 16, MEP June 2, primary applicant + 3 members. My elder son’s passport will expire on july 27 2019. So do I need to renew his passport now as it ppr may be july or august. Whether passport expiry must be more than 1year during ppr.

    Response appreciated

    • you can renew it once you are able to renew it and then update CIC with the new passport details.

  • I am in Merchant Navy and I work on ship for 6 months and then get off for 6 months. Hence my work experience is not continuous . On CIC website it is mentioned that minimum one year of continuous work experience is required for applying to express entry program Canada. Am i eligible to apply for Express entry program?

    • If you do not have 12months continuous work experience, then you will not be eligible for Express Entry

      • OMG that is very shocking to know…. So in that case can I make my wife the primary applicant because she has the continuous work experience of 2 years?

  • I have my PR in process in IP1 stage, and my passport is valid till June 2019. Should I attempt to renew it and update CIC or Is this duration good enough for landing in Canada?

    • Either ways is fine. you can renew it and update CIC or renew it post landing in Canada

  • Hi kamal,

    I’m from Algeria

    AOR:19 Jun 2018
    IP1:3 July 2018
    IP2:5 July 2018
    Is it normal to get IP2 in only today??

    My VO: Sydney

  • Hello.
    I have just received my GCMS notes and it says foreign work experience needs further review. Can I raise a CSE for this and provide more information before I am given an ADR?
    Pls help.

  • Hi KUBEIR, I received AOR under CEC class on JULY 19th 2018. I didn’t get any update on my medical exam results after that. When I check online, the status shows as “you do not need a medical exam. we will send you a message if this changes.” what does it mean. Please explain.

    • Processing time is within 6months. The status will change when your medicals are cleared and results are updated

  • when uploading the passport under the documents upload section, is it only the current passport that is required or all passports (expired) which the applicant has ever used. i ask because the current passport does not cover the 10 years travel history.

  • Hello Kubeir,

    I got my AOR on 4th of April and medical was cleared in next 10 days too. However, since then, there is no update and its more than four months now that my file is stuck in IP1 where they are reviewing my eligibility. Is this normal?

    P.S. I have applied for GCMS notes before a week ago.

      • Thank you for your response Kubeir. I have received the notes and the eligibility has been checked by the initial level officer in MAY and has been forwarded to senior level officer. The note reflects that my first job’s letter of employment doesnt have duties mentioned on it and therefore “REVIEW REQUIRED”. however, it also says that if that particular job is excluded, I still make 462 points which is more than the cut off when I got invited. My claim was 487.

        Now I have already requested the letter with duties from my previous employer. But I haven’t got any additional document request so far and am also worried as in if it was passed to senior officer at eligibility level in May, why there is just nothing that has been done after that. Its been 3 months that the file is lying there. I wanted to know if this is okay?

        Also if it is advisable to raise CSE without any additional document requst from them?

        Thank you in advance.

  • Hi Kubeir

    My AOR is 4May
    Application SINP – PNP
    I am sitting in IP1 since 12th May and application is with CIO Sydney N.S.

    Its more than 106 days in IP1 stage. Is it normal for PNP candidate?
    No visa office allocated till now
    what are the chances of refusal of application at this stage

    please guide

    • There is no such thing as IP1 or IP2 etc, All those are myths creating to raise anxiety levels. Average processing times are 6months for 80% of the applications. Have faith and patience. Order GCMS notes if you wish to

  • Hello Kubeir,

    I received AOR on May 3rd and request for additional documents (RCMP criminal record check) on the 9th May. I’ve applied for CEC Express Entry program and I reside in Canada with my wife. I’m on a closed work permit and my wife is on an open work permit. I believe my current status is IP2. Here’s my current status:

    We are reviewing whether you meet the eligibility criteria.
    You passed the medical exam.
    The additional documents you provided are being reviewed.
    We do not need your fingerprints. We will send you a message if this changes.
    You do not need an interview. We will send you a message if this changes.
    We are processing your background check. We will send you a message if we need more information.
    Your application is in progress. We will send you a message once the final decision has been made

    This is the status since July 9th. Is the timeline normal? Please advise.

    Thank you.

      • Hi Kamal

        22 march 2018 we pass our medical test then june/13/2018 we email in new dehli india about our application status they replay this for me

        The initial assessment to ensure the sponsor iseligible has been finalized on March 29, 2017.

        o the eligibility requirements assessment was finalized on October 26, 2017.

        · The medical examination results have been requested for all applicants

        o The results are on file and valid until December 22, 2018 for…….

        o The results are on file and valid until December 27, 2018 for……..

        o The results are on file and valid until March 23, 2019 for…….

        · The criminality verifications are currently valid for all applicants.

        · The security verifications are currently valid for…….

        · The security verifications have been initiated for all the other applicants.

        · As per our current processing times, there is no specific timeframe to finalize the application. Rest assured that all efforts are being made to ensure efficient processing of the application.

        · If the application is approved:

        o the officer will affix a visa (if applicable) in the applicant’s passport and will issue a Confirmation of permanent residence document, which the applicant will present at the Port of Entry.

        And now I email to Emmbasy of Canada in new dehli for our family visa process because my family visa process took around 6 months but no decision made on our application. Anyway they also didn’t requst us to send additional documents or go in interview or another things 3 days ago we also email them for our application process but they didn’t Reply anymore please any one know why they doesn’t reply my email ? any one can tell me that how much is family visa process ?

  • Hi i would like to know tht my wife is pregnent she cannot do xrays doctor gived permission to do after 6months so she will have 6months in september 25 my aor is 18july and status showing file in progress and medical under review and i got request for additonal xray and submitted tht one week before what is the status of my file its on hold or in process or how do i know abt my medical its ok now or i have to do some thing agin thanks

  • Hello Team,

    Need some suggestion.

    I had applied FSW-Outland, NOC 0213, AOR 3rd April. My eligibility is “review required for main duties by officer”, as per case processing agent. Job duties appears consistent with lead statement, review required on main duties by officer. I was in process of getting updated work experience letter from company, more elaborate one, to clear any confusion.

    Changes is that recently or couple of days before, due to re-org my designation changed. However, my roles and responsibility is the same. As per new designation I am Senior Solution Architect, before it was Senior system manager. Looking into the NOC, as per designation spelled. Senior Solution Architect is lying in NOC 2171 (Information system analysts and consultants) and Senior system manager in NOC 0213 (Computer and Information system manager), but as per roles and responsibility, I am still in NOC 0213.

    I have the updated letter too.

    My concern is how to put forward to CIC. Should I share the update letter and explain the sequence of events, or stay still :).

    Any feedback is appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.


  • Hi Kubeir,

    My File is in Sydney NS VO. I have heard that it takes a long time to process the application.

  • Dear Kubeir,

    I called CIC yesterday and was informed that: elibility is met; background check not yet started; visa office is Ottawa.

    How should I interpret “met”? Is elibility confirmed done? Thank you.

  • Hi Kubeir,

    I am an applicant from India with AOR 14th July 2018. My eligibility has been met (a month back) and criminality is done as confirmed over call with an agent however my security has not been initiated since almost 3 weeks now. could you help me understand what could be the probable reason why this hasn’t been initiated for so long? Any help would be much appreciated.

    Thanks and Regards

  • I have a question, I received RPRF request , which I submitted, the letter states This is in reference to your application for a permanent resident visa. The admissibility review is
    currently in process; you will be contacted if additional information is required for that purpose” , what is admissibility review, and does it mean that my eligibility is passed ? my AOR was September 12 2018 if that helps. Thanks. Sami

  • Dear Kubeir,
    We have received AOR on July 9th 2018. Current status: medicals passed, eligibility still in review, and background checks are yet to be started.
    As our Medicals will expire on April, does CIC automatically extend them if the proccess is taking them too long?
    Thanks in advance 🙂

  • hello everyone,
    my AOR is 26 nov. and I am pnp candidate as of now status showing background check is processing but my express entry profile will expire in march , do i have to make new profile

  • Hello Kuber, I had applied on september 22 and got medical clear on 19 october. Since then background is in IP1 stage. Why it is taking so much time?

  • I am and Indian & applied for PR on 21st June 2018 and have since been waiting for my PPR. Its been over 6 months and I am concerned about why is the file not moving. I have attached the screen shot of my status as on 17th Jan 2019.

    I got a provincial nomination from Ontario that gave me the required points to qualify for a ITA. I am a self employed Advertising Professional.

    My concern is that my eligibility criteria has remained the same from the beginning. Can you please help me. Thanks

  • Hello, I am from india and i am getting married this week to my long term boyfriend who is in canada since 2015 initially on student visa and currently on work permit. we are getting married in INDIA and receiving valid marriage certificate from State Government My husband is going to apply in express entry for our PR My only concern is can he include me in his file as accompanying spouse so we both get PR through express entry itself ? we are both done with IELTS and ECA

  • Hi Kubeir My Work Experience is like as follows

    Dec 2012 – March 2016 noc 6221 (claiming points)

    April 2016 – March 2017 ( Went Saudia in different noc) not claiming point

    March 2017 – December 2017 Came back joined the same company again not claiming points

    Jan 2018 – present switched job once again not claiming point…..

    My question is in proof of work experience i only have to present reference documents, letters for the period i am claiming points …. or i have to get letters for all the jobs … Thanks

  • Hi great info from you. I have one query if i did mba through distance is it mandatory to show in brackets as correspondence as i am claiming for experience for same period. I missed to do it but i have PCC for India and got eca. What can be done if its mandatory a CSE will do?

  • Hello sir.. my file is in sydney, nova scotia and my aor is 2 oct and there is no update after medical. On call agent said nothing started. What should i do

  • My background status changed to We are processing your background check. We will send you a message if we need more information after 5 months of AOR . Are there any chances of rejection at this stage or I will get the PPR.

  • Hello Kubeir, can you please help me.
    I’m worried because my husband has been asked for additional medical exam (3 Month sputum test). I’m the primary applicant.
    So, my question is : Does CIC put my application on hold until the exam result or it will be processed normally as others and only the medical part of the application will stay under review ?
    I’m really confused about the time line in this case.
    Thanks in advance

  • Hello,
    Thanks a lot for your comprehensive explanation. I applied for FSW on Dec 19, 2017. I’d appreciate it if you could give me an idea of how longer I should expect before the final decision is made on my application.
    AOR: Dec 19, 2017
    Medicals passed: Jan 2018
    Second Medicals passed: March 16, 2019
    Can I expect ppr soon?

  • Hi,

    I am CEC inland applicant with AOR 01-Jan-2019, my WP extension applied very recently, where I realized my daughter had gone out of status since October 2018; she was on visitor VISA without visitor record. My employer has applied TRP for my daughter. So I wanna to know should I inform CIC with LOE for this or just wait for Results of my PR

    One more question being a CEC inland applicant, can I travel back to home country and inform CIC to send the PPR request to home country, would it impact processing of my PR.

  • We are processing your background check. We will send you a message if we need more information. my file is on this stage from 15 march 2019 after my biometrics done. I want to ask estimate time to get PPR and I have already paid RPRF

  • Hello Kubeir,

    I have one important question regarding a document submitted recently after ITA.

    In fact, regarding the proof of sufficient fund, I sent my 6 months statement and as well as for my wife’s also. Actually the reason is because half of the sum is in my account and the other half is on my wife’s account. Each one even produced a letter from the bank. Kindly note that my wife will be accompanying me. As stated on CIC website, I need to show a letter whereby my spouse gives me access to the fund. For OINP (I got OINP certificate in March), I sent a normal letter where my wife authorize me to get access to the fund and she signed the letter. So I did same for post ITA. Was it mandatory to notarize that letter or a normal letter with a signature was sufficient in this case?

    Thanking you in advance.

  • There is noting like IP1 and IP2 written on my CIC account only in-process is written on my background check and security check. My AOR is 5 December 2018

  • Hello kubeir, my husband who is a pastor is my dependent and in his employment we wrote that he is not collecting salary because the church still running voluntary organization. And to let you know He is the president of the ministry. Been the principal applicant (wife) will this affect our document? To let you know, he wrote IELTS, He did WES certificate and he too passed medical that we did.
    So do u think he’s letter of employment that states that he doesn’t collect salary due to the fact the church still running voluntary organization affect our document. What’s your opinion? Kindly response


  • i am applying for canada express entry federal skilled worker scheme.
    i have 1 yr of experience as following
    company A: 10 may 2018 to 20 march 2018. noce code 1112
    company B: 25th march 2019 to present. noc code 1112.
    can u tell me if my experience is passing the eligibility for 1 yr of continous work experience? since i have 4 days gao between the two jobs?

  • Hi ALL

    As i submitted the passport after PPR
    I am unable to access my CIC account .
    Any reasons ?

  • Hi Kubeir

    Thank you for the blog, it’s extremely informative.

    I submitted my application with complete documentation by December 20th 2018. Got my Medical exam passed and notified on Feb 1st 2019. Since then have received no other info and everything is in progress.As per the estimated timeline there is 9 more days in the slider. My fear is having to wait after it hits Day 0 as there will be no information on the proceeds.

    My question : Is there a way i can find out more information as to what is happening with my profile ? If so kindly help me. Thanks a lot.

  • Dear Sir,
    AoR:27th Dec 2018
    MEP: 7th feb 2019
    Since then no change in the status.
    167 days have passed.
    BC status: we are processing your application, we will send you a message when we start your background check.

    I have hired licenced immigration consultant/representative for my application.
    Timeline ends on 27th June 2019.
    What can be done??? Is there anything to worry?

  • Hello Sir,
    My Aor Is 27th December 2018
    Application with spouse
    FSW outland.
    MEP- 07 Feb 2019
    Since then no updates
    I have Crossed 6 months timeline too

    Have raised web form query.
    Awaiting for reply
    What could be possible reasons for such delays.

  • Hi,
    My aor 7th Jan’19.
    Medical and biometrics done.
    Called CIC on 9th Jul’19 and the agent said that criminality is passed, security and eligibility not yet started. The agent also raised a query to Ottawa office, post which I received a reply from Ottawa VO, both of which I have pasted below. Just want to understand if it is normal for security and eligibility to not be started even after 6months and also what does the officer means by ‘application is currently in queue for review’, does it mean my application has not even been touched?

    Query raised by the agent: The last BF/due date for this client’s application was (2019/04/29). The client is asking for an update on their file since no action was taken and delays have passed. Could you please verify?

    Reply from Ottawa: Good day,

    Please be informed that your application is currently in queue for review by an officer. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide you with a date on which your file will be reviewed.

    Please be assured that you will be contacted immediately should further information be required or regarding the next steps in your file.

    We thank you for your patience and for keeping your correspondence to a minimum.


  • Hi,

    My AOR is 7 may PNP outland. I called to CIC and came to know that.

    Eligibility Met

    background in process

    what does mean by this information?

  • Hi Kubeir,

    I have a significant loan outstanding to the bank. It is being deducted monthly from my salary, and is over half my PoF.

    What do I do please?

  • My application from ip1 changed to NA and again changed to ip1 . Just wondering why would it change to initial status again ?

  • My AoR date for FSW-Outland PR is 30-Dec-18. I received a request for an additional document in Feb, 19 and the document was submitted. I filled the web-form after the 180-day mark and just received an update that my application was under queue for review. I don’t have any further updates.
    Passed medicals on 12-Feb-19, eligibility is still under review and BG check is yet to start.
    How much longer will my application take?

  • This is a great article and very helpful. 6 months for my application ended on Aug 22, 2019. My GCMS report on Aug 8, 2019 says that I’ve “met” 11.2 EE-MI Criteria but my criminality and selection EE Econ have not started yet. I’ve however “passed – bio” criminality.

    What are your thoughts on this? How long does it take for them to get started?

  • Hi Kubeir, I have an AOR June 27 2019. By calling CIC last week, they said the criminality is in progress. Does that mean the eligibility is successfully completed ? Any idea on how soon I may expect an update from CIC ? Thank you.

  • Is PEBC certification mandatory for INDUSTRIAL PHARMACIST under NOC 3131.. WILL WES suffices the purpose….

  • HelloI am from Afghanistan and due to the war in Afghanistan we were forced to leave our homeland to Pakistan. At present the duty in Pakistan is not correct. Please help us please

  • I received PPR on 14 Jan 2020 . I am a sailor and cannot submit my passport within 30 days time. I hold and Indian passport. Using webform of IRCC website I requested for extension in deadline for passport submission and attached my contract letter as well explaining in detail that my profession is such that I am away at sea for extended duration of time and it is not possible to meet this deadline as of now. Thereafter I recvd an acknowledgement from IRCC that my request for extension is received and forwarded to the relevant processing office and they shall contact me in case further information is needed. In my case it is CPC Ottawa. Thereafter no communication till now. I am getting anxious now as the 30 day deadline is near. How long should I wait or how can I know if my request for extension is accepted or will be accepted so that I can be at peace. Kindly advise. Thanks in advance.

  • Hi Kubeir, I received GCMS notes yesterday.
    The assessments are…

    Eligibility : MET
    Security : NOT STARTED
    HIRV :
    Criminality : PASSED
    Org Crime :
    Medical : PASSED
    Misrepresentation :
    Info Sharing : SYSTEM ERROR
    Other Reqs :
    Final :

    Is everything in place? If yes, then in what time frame (AOR : 11 sept 2019) can i expect PPR?


  • Under Section 10.

    What is the security check regarding Inter-religious marriage ?? Me and my father did inter-religious marriages.

  • Dear Sir,

    We have received the

    AOR on 9th, September, 2019
    Medicla Pass: 26th, September, 2019
    Bio Metric On: 4th October, 2019
    BG: In Process
    Eligibility Check: In Process
    Additional Documents: Not Required

    Estimated time to get PPR was 9th, March, 2020 but it is not received yet!

    Please suggest the line of action and when it may expected to get the PPR.

  • Hi Kabir,
    My post grad workpermit expires soon and i have been waiting for my credential assement at ces from university of toronto so that my points increase from 420 to 475 and then i thought i can apply pr but because of covid19 its delayed now. I am planning to apply open workpermit with loe and adding workletter so that i can get workpermit for few months until i get my eta . please advice
    Thank you

  • Hello Sir, Hope you are doing great. I’ve been unable to find current on going cut off draws of CRS Scores to get ITA under Federal Skilled Worker Program. It has been clearly mentioned for CEC though in number of articles.

      • Hello Sir,

        I have a query regarding 11.2.

        If I have received early ITA (gained CRS points before completing 3 years), but I submitted application only after completing 3 years, is there any chance of rejection provided all the documentation is correct.

        I have lately submitted one LOE explaining the same. In my gcms notes, there was no red flags except one that LOE does not have all the required info which was in general in summary notes.


  • Hi I have seen your you tube channel and it seems very informative, you are really doing a great job. I am currently on a closed work permit in Quebec with no abilities in french. I have more than ten years of experience and now 6 months experience in Canada Quebec.I have couple of questions if you can help/suggest me any way forward.

    What are the chances without french in applying through Arrima portal. I came across a lot of rumors about Quebec that even if they select profile with validated job offer the processing time is in years.

    Secondly, I am planning to apply for FSW under express entry CEC program after completion of my one year Canadian experience.I have job offer plus LMIA from quebec will it be considerable because I have seen that for Canadian experience class there is a restriction you have no intent to live in quebec.


  • Hi Kuber

    I had submitted my application in the end of December 2019.
    its been over 6 months and i have raised a web form
    the reply i got is this
    The background verifications are currently valid.
    The security background verification is currently valid.
    The criminal background verification is currently valid.

    What exactly is the meaning of “Currently Valid”
    And how much time can i expect for the final decision

  • May I ask if medical surveillance notice is sent before medical passed, it will affect the application? Is it possible that the IRCC will hold the application until the surveillance complete.

    BTW the applicant is already in Canada, and the application is under CEC.

    Thank you

  • Hi Kubeir. I have applied for Canadian PR…November AOR…outlander. All the stages of my application are valid and am waiting for the final decision. Any idea of how long it is going to take to complete the process? Also, is there any update if the medicals will be extended or not?

  • If my fiance receives AOR, Can we get married after that and am I eligible to add my file to his without decreasing his crs score?
    Also, what all documents would be require for my application to be atttached to his file?
    Thanks in advance

  • Sir, my express entry profile is getting expired on 7 December, 2020. Still I haven’t got any nomination. Do I have to recreate my profile on the very same day or next day after my profile gets expired. Im bit confused, Do guide me. I have have my SINP created.

  • kubier sir… i need ur urgent help… i m in very big problem … my husband wants to settle in canada but he is jobless .. i can sponser him but the issue is he is totally depend on if i do it … i told him first we arrange some money than we will apply … but he wont listen to me …. and due to this we have major conflict… its been one month he didn’t talk to me … i am at my mom place and he didn’t contact me once

  • I have a question please. My application was transferred to the local visa office in Accra and my BGC has been showing “in progress” for 25 days now. I have called IRCC but the agent says they cant access my file cs it’s out of canada. My AOR is Nov 12 2020. Any idea which stage my application is now? Thanks for your response.

  • I have some query about wes …i have difference in father name is that satiskumar in passport and satisbhai in academic marksheets is it any problem for eca or to apply for migration…or i have to change it?
    Actual name is Nitinkumar Satishkumar Soni as per passport but in marksheets it is Nitinkumar Satishbhai Soni. Please help

  • I applied for my Pr on. 25th feb. I realized that missed putting an address in the address history. I was working in that city for 4 months and that city is approx 3 hrs away from mine. ( same province) will it be an issue. If I do have to correct it, then how can I? Do I fill the web form?

  • hello,i got call from IRCC that your application has been approved for pr but still didnt receive my COPR so should i wait to get married or we can get married before COPR?
    please advise

  • Helo
    I would like to know if IMM 5645 (09-2010) is a valid form to provide family information or not.I have attached a sample IMM 5645 (09-2010) form with this text.Kindly see the form and revert with Vaid information.I hope to hear from you.


  • Hi, i forgot to mention my USA refusal in my EXPRESS ENTRY profile while i was a student in Canada. I submitted a webform as soon as I realized. Now, i am really worried about result. They won’t consider it misrepresentation. Please help. Should I withdraw my file?

  • What could be the reason that the application is stuck at the final review stage for more than 1.5 months now? I’d called IRCC and they said in May that all checks and completed and file is in Final review stage now.

  • I want to say you are doing a good job. To contact you soon for the family application. Please what can i do my AOR is May 2019 pnp out land paper applicant time lime completed January 2021. Still waiting for PPR. After medical expired did upfront same with passport, passed new medical in july 2021 acknowledged and accepted by ircc, do i need to do fresh police report. My status still showing this the application is complex. When I asked ircc they said your application is still under processing. Please what can i do.

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