What happens if my field of education is not in line with work experience

There have been a few posts/messages inquiring about the fact that their line of study/qualifications does not match their work experience. On many occasions this requirement of education qualification is also mentioned under employment requirement in the noc code.
In order to claim and validate your work experience points, Please make sure that your employment reference letter covers the Lead statement of the NOC and majority of the main duties mentioned in the NOC description page.
The NOC website and its contents are used by several organisations within Canada and IRCC is just one of them. The employment requirements from NOC website are more of a guidance to Canadian employers. This should not impact your Work experience points for EE application if you follow IRCCs requirements for proof of work experience. If your selected NOC falls within the required NOC 0, A or B skilltype and your responsibilities are supported by a valid letter from employer then you can use this job to claim points for work experience. .
To clarify this doubt, please refer to the below link and the description under it::


This section contains policy, procedures and guidance used by CIC staff.
“Minimum work experience requirement….
……the applicant must have
performed the actions described in the lead statement for the occupation as set out in the occupational description of the NOC [R75(2)(b)]; and
performed a substantial number of the main duties, including all of the essential duties, of the occupation as set out in the occupational description of the NOC [R75(2)(c)].

Note: The applicant does not need to demonstrate that they meet the “employment requirements” listed in the NOC occupational description.”

The long and short of this = When applying under EE your work experience need not be in the same line of your study or may not be in the same field of your education.
However certain PNP programs like SINP have this requirement that work experience MUST be in line with the field of education and they may outright decline an application if this minimum eligibility criteria is not qualified.


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  • Hi, I have completed bachelors in computer applications from India which was a part time course. It was a 3yr course but because i was holding diploma i got lateral entry directly in 2nd year. So it became 10+3+2. I am willing to claim points only for my bachelors degree. Any idea how would WES rate my degree equivalency. Also does it matter of degree is full time, part time or distance education.

    • Evaluating agencies have their own criteria based on several established factors by which they establish the Canadian equivalency of the foreign degree. It is difficult to say what will be the assessment result. You can try the WES online tool to check possiblt outcome

      • Thanks Sir for your suggestions. You have been very helpful. I appreciate your kind gesture. Keep it up.

      • Hello. I m looking for sinp nomination. I have master in science degree. CLB 7. 5 yr exp. 31 age and connection in Saskatchewan. I m having experience as administrator in a school. Now my question is as per my noc 1241 has requirement of
        1. Completion of secondary school. I fulfil this part.
        2. Completion of one or two yr college or other program for administrative assistants or previous clerical experience is required.
        Now i have 4yr experience as school administrator and i have 1year clerical exp.but my i dont hve one or two yr administrative assistant study.
        M i eligible in noc 1241 for sinp?
        Kindly reply.
        Thank you.

  • Hi Kubeir,

    I have a Masters in Aerospace engineering from a university in UK, however my work experience is in IT as a Business Analyst(Around 6 years). Will this affect my points and eligibility criteria for EE.

  • Hello Mr. Kubeir,
    I have a couple of questions:
    1) My WES report mentions DIPLOMA(Two Years) and BACHELORS DEGREE (Four Years) on the top . Does it qualify under two or more degree/diploma?
    2) Can an electronics and communication engineering graduate have an NOC of IT Engineer?

  • Sir, I had worked under a third party payroll company which deployed me at their client site during my period of employment.

    All my experience related documents are provided by a third-party company which had mentioned the client name too apart from this they told me that client company will provide nothing which explains your proof of work experience or job duties and my manager was also from the client company who knows my duties very well.

    My question here is that if I successfully get a reference letter from my third-party consultancy company’s HR mentioning my duties and responsibilities with the client, will CIC count it as a valid reference letter or they will deny it and ask documents from client company which is impossible to get for me as per my contract terms ???

  • Dear Sir,
    I urgently need your help.
    I am a secondary school teacher but i do not have a degree in education, which is mentioned in employment requirement under NOC code 4031. I have completed B.Sc and M.Sc degrees. Considering the fact that teaching is a regulated profession in Canada, can i apply under NOC code 4031 or not?
    Please reply.

  • Sir
    I mailed to Mr.Ralph Goodale to know the status of my PR application.I got reply
    Eligibility was not met
    Criminality passed
    Security not started yet
    What should i do know,is this something to worry or a standard reply,please answer,your advice is of great importance to me

  • Hi, kubeir. I assume this covers for both CEC and FSW. My express entry application file under CEC is currently with the status as eligibility review required with gcms notes stating client education is civil engineering and I am working as a IT consultant for 11 years. Do I need to send a LOE or senior officer will override this decision and pass the eligibility

  • Hi Sir,
    I am interested to apply for SINP for NOC 1311 Accounting technicians under occupations in-demands list. I had been already assessed by WES CANADA ECA both degrees B.com as canadian bachelors equivalency (20 points) and LL.M as canadian Masters equivalency (23 points). Can i claim maximum points as 23 under SINP occupations in-demands list as an international skilled worker ? Please do reply

  • I’m creating my EE Canada profile. I did Bacheolar of Electronics and communication engineering. Wondering what option could best suite in Field of Study. Please help, I didn’t get any solid search results related to this question

  • I have Bachelor degree in Garment Design & it is verified by WES.
    I am working as Supply chain management professional from past 18 years .
    My questions are below:-
    1. Any issues for Saskatchewan based employer to release JOB OFFER due to difference in education & Job experience ?
    2. Any issues would I face while applying to PR?

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