Does my work experience have to be in line with my education

There have been a few posts/messages enquiring about the fact that their line of study/qualifications does not match their work experience. On many occassions this requirement of education qualification is also mentioned under employment requirement in the noc code.
In order to claim and validate your work experience points, Please make sure that your employment reference letter covers the Lead statement of the NOC and majority of the main duties mentioned in the NOC description page.
The NOC website and its contents are used by several organisations within Canada and IRCC is just one of them. The employment requirements from NOC website are more of a guidance to Canadian employers. This should not impact your Work experience points for EE application if you follow IRCCs requirements for proof of work experience. If your selected NOC falls within the required NOC 0, A or B skilltype and your responsibilities are supported by a valid letter from employer then you can use this job to claim points for work experience. .
To clarify this doubt, please refer to the below link and the description under it::

This section contains policy, procedures and guidance used by CIC staff.
“Minimum work experience requirement….
……the applicant must have
performed the actions described in the lead statement for the occupation as set out in the occupational description of the NOC [R75(2)(b)]; and
performed a substantial number of the main duties, including all of the essential duties, of the occupation as set out in the occupational description of the NOC [R75(2)(c)].

Note: The applicant does not need to demonstrate that they meet the “employment requirements” listed in the NOC occupational description.”

The long and short of this = When applying under EE your work experience need not be in the same line of your study or may not be in the same field of your education.
However certain PNP programs like SINP have this requirement that work experience MUST be in line with the field of education and they may outright decline an application if this minimum eligibility criteria is not met.. So if you are applying under PNP, do ensure to check the program details and criteria.


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  • I have 6yrs of experience with 4 companies but none of my companies are providing letter including job responsibilities but i have reliving letter of all companies mentioning my duration and position. Would that reliving letter be sufficient to claim work experience points.

    • A Job reference letter which mentions roles and responsibilities matching with the chosen NOC is a mandatory document, In the absence of this and other supporting documents, your application may be refused. Try and obtain a letter that mentions details as per IRCC requirements from your senior colleague or manager and get it notarized and then explain this in LOE.

      • Hi Thanks for the information. Am unable to get any notarized document mentioning my job responsibilities from the HR team. So am thinking of leaving points for work experience and instead claim points for job offer. Can i still submit my cv on canada job bank and wait for job offer.

        • you certainly need 12months minimum work experience to apply under EE. Also your work experience adds addittional points to your CRS and also your FSW eligibility points. So remain mindful of that.

  • Dear Kubeir sir,
    I have been nominated by SINP for a certain NOC based on my past years of experiences,however,i changed my career towards IT networking for the past 2 years (while my application was in progress),which is not on-demand NOC in Sask. In this case,Upon landing if i face difficulties in finding a decent job in my Preferred NOC(Network Engineer) rather than the one for which am nominated,Am i allowed to leave that province after 3-4 months of job search and coupled with a proof of Job offer from Ontario for instance (with a much higher package,suits my qualifications)to support my case? if yes,Whom i should inform/write in to formally without the risk of getting a Black mark on my profile in any form that i am flouting the Intent to stay?

    If there is no formal notification to be sent,What is the minimum period to be spent in the nominated Province before leaving in order to avoid the Delay in the Citizenship processing later on?

    I Sincerely need your Expertise on this case,Would be grateful to you if you could enlighten me with past example cases from your experiences as well.

    Advance thanks

    • Your NOC code has no bearing on your job search.
      The Canadian Charter of rights and freedoms, allows you to work and live anywhere in Canada. However, you do have a moral obligation to the province that nominated you. Hence you should try and establish yourself there and collect all proof of having made an attempt for job search. However if after a few months you are not able to find anything suitable then you can move to another province. Keep all the proof if in case you are ever asked about this move. You do not need to inform any authorities in the province about your move. There is absolutely no issue with that since your PR is NOT conditional.

      • Very kind of you Sir! Really Appreciate it…Thanks a ton for your time and patience in replying to all the Canadian aspirants.

  • I have one year canadian experience and one year indian experience under same NOC. I am getting sufficient crs scores (455) to get an ita in the next draw without mentioning my one year indian experience. Actually I will not be able to collect the required supporting documents for indian job, so i dont want to get its scores.
    CAN I LEAVE IT (indian experiernce) ???
    If i don’t mention it would it be a misrepresentation???
    What would i mention in personal history for that one year???


    • Yes, you may skip it from work history. However you must mention your Indian work experience under your personal history. This is not misrepresentation

    • In this case you can skip your Indian work experience from work hisotry and mention it under personal hisotry instead. This will not be misrepresentation

      • am a mechanical engineer currently working in Merchant Navy and having 2 years of experience .can I get same job in Canada after getting PR?

  • Hello Sir, Can you help me with some job sites where i can search for job offers with temporary work permit in Canada.

    • you will have to research on google. you can also try the job bank if you have created your ee profile.

  • Dear Kubeir,

    I have 5.2 Years of experience in transport and Logistics operation and i’am looking for PR in Canada based job’s ?

    do i’m eligible to apply for PR ?


    • Please use the FSW eligibility calculator on CIC website to check your eligibility under Express Entry.

  • Hello sir, can I ask some question regarding open work permit on spouse who is full time student?

  • Hi sir,
    Currently iam working in HSBC electronic data processing pvt ltd as a CUSTOMER SERVICE EXECUTIVE. I want to know my NOC code for my designation for EE and SINP.
    Thank you

    • you can check NOC database or you are welcome to avail our paid services to check and confirm your NOC.

  • Hi I am an Indian Dentist with 17 years of experience I the field of Dentistry. I will be 44 in September 2018. Will I be having any chance of getting a PR of Canada. I applied for Canadian PR in 2011 and was politely turned down as I had not mentioned my duties properly. And If I have to opt for your consultation services how can I apply.

    • It is important to check your eligibility under Express Entry and under different PNP programs to see if you qualify based on their criteria and program conditions.

    • It is important to check your eligibility under Express Entry and under different PNP programs to see if you qualify based on their criteria and program conditions.

  • Hello sir..i have 5+ yrs exp in a food grain agency of Punjab job title here is Field officer…which is not anywhere in NOC but as per my duties mentioned it is similar to grain inspector with B NOC 2222..Now on my reference letter job title is written as Field officer but duties similar to grain inspector it alright???

  • Dear Kubeir Sir,
    In the last 10 years I have Work Experience under 3 different NOC codes for 8 years. Under the Primary NOC 0601 (my current Job), I have 3 years of Work Experience. In the Eligibility Questionnaire, Should I mention 3 years or 8 years? After reading many forums and seeing your videos, my understanding is that under Eligibility Questionnaire I can mention experience under only primary NOC ( 3 years) and in the express entry profile I can mention for all the 8 years under all NOC codes. Is my understanding correct? So should I mention only 3 years under Eligibility Questionnaire. I hope this will not amount to misrepresentation. Thanks in advance for your time.

  • Hi Kubier Sir, I have got SINP invite under NOC 2174. But now I learnt that my education is in Computer Science Engineering (BE) which will not be considered for NOC 2174 as mentioned in SINP license requirements. So I heard from different forums that my application would be directly rejected if I apply. I cannot change my NOC as well in SINP profile after ITA, as my duties are also matching NOC 2173.

    In addition to BE CS, I also have Master’s degree in Computer Applications(1 year lateral entry course).

    Many people suggested me to wait for this invite to get expire(60days) and then change NOC to 2173 and wait.
    I want to seek the guidance from you on, is there a way I can change NOC at this point ? or do I need to decline ITA as suggested by others. Your valuable feedback would be really appreciated.

  • Hi, I had created my express entry profile on 06th Dec 2020 and it was very much active in pool until 06th Mar 2021. Surprisingly, on 6th March 2021, I got an automated email from IRCC stating that my profile is no longer eligible in pool now. There was no updation of any kind that was carried out in profile during the period profile was in pool.
    Could you have any idea about it? Any possible reasons? Is it a technical glitch from IRCC side?

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