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#CRS of 456 Today

#CRS of 456 Today😡

I will start by reiterating that I am and will be #foreverhopeful.
The reason I say it is because it keeps me going, it keeps me going when everything around seems all dark, gloomy and falling apart. This has kept afloat so far in spite of several storms and hurdles and obstacles and adversities. If this attitude brought me this far, I don’t see why it would fail me now or ever…… 😃😁😊😎
Now to come to the current gloom and doom blaring from the CIC trumpet. Firstly we must know and understand that it is the prerogative of CIC and by that Canadian government to establish and follow an immigration policy that suits their economic, social and demographic purpose. This policy is solely in the interests of Canada alone and not for the other 7 billion and something around the world.
So going by that they will obviously want to choose the best of the best profiles that have expressed interest by way of creating their EE profiles or by having been provincially nominated.
Yes, CIC has gone against all the previous year trends, Yes, they have gone ahead and spoiled most parties, Yes, they have not conformed to all the predictions made by the Immigration Pundits and Mystics. But it’s not the end of the world, yet.
Going by the targets they need to achieve they are definitely behind in the number of ITAs issued in the month by month average. Which means they have to start playing catch up at some point in time.
If anyone has to see the proof of CIC playing a deliberate Santa, then you only need to see the data for 2017 when they suddenly started back to back draws and issued a high number of ITAs per draw. That was an obvious and deliberate attempt to reduce the CRS. Else they had no reason to do that as they could have easily kept the scores high by controlling the draws occurrence and ITA sizes per draw.
Yet they did and brought it down to 415/413 at the lowest. This was the small window that allowed them many candidates in the pool who would otherwise have no chance.
It only makes more economic sense and I am absolutely sure that they will repeat this in 2018 as well. What I don’t know and cant say is – When.
So I stay #foreverhopeful for that – “WHEN” to happen and until then, I will keep my hopes high for a draw every Wednesday and my hopes high for an increase in ITA numbers and obvious decrease in CRS scores.
Afterall its the diversity of the eager immigrant population that is expected to take this beautiful Canada to higher historic milestones.