Covid-19 Restrictions in Canadian Immigration Process


This is the #summary of all changes enforced by Canada due to #Covid-19 Pandemic as of 11pm 18th March 2020

Canadian border ban is now in effect as of 12 pm, 18th March 2020

All foreign nationals (except Americans) are barred from entering Canada by air travel. Further, the land border, with the US has also been closed for all non-essential travel. There is an exception for spouses, common-law partners and dependent children of Canadian citizens. However, they may require to be accompanied by the respective Canadians at the time of boarding the flight or they may be denied boarding.

If you are already in the USA and have been there for 14 days prior to entry as of today, you may be eligible regardless of nationality. However, know that the land border is restricted and you may still be able to travel by Air, though that will again be subject to the airline allows you to board.

All incoming passengers will be required to mandatorily exercise 14 days of self-isolation.

This essentially means that if an international student or a foreign worker is outside of Canada right now, they will not be allowed to come back. (there have been some contrary media reports quoting a minister, however, ICCRC/CBSA has not confirmed that this category of passengers will be allowed)

Similarly, all individuals who have an approved PR visa/CoPR, will also not be allowed to board for Canada as they are considered as foreign nationals for the purpose of these border restrictions.

If you had planned to travel in the near future, then delay your travel plans. Once the situation settles down and you are ready to travel, check your visa validity if it is valid, then you may travel with the same visa/copr, subject to any travel restrictions in place. You do not need to inform anyone.

If your visa/COPR has expired or is nearing expiry, then use the ICCRC webform and inform ICCRC about your visa expiry and inability to travel due to COVID-19. Later, once you are ready to travel, inform ICCRC that you are now ready to travel, at this point ICCRC will reopen your application and assess for inadmissibility, which means if your medicals/PCC have expired then you may be asked to provide new valid ones. Your application will NOT be checked for IELTS/ECA/Work Experience again. ICCRC will only review your medicals, criminality, and security and then reissue a new PR visa and COPR with extended validity date. Expect process time of 4-8 weeks.

For anyone who has already departed from their country of origin by 12pm 18th March, should be fine and would not have any issues.

Citizens or PRs returning to Canada will continue to be allowed to return back to Canada unless they exhibit any symptoms related to Covid-19. Airlines have strict instructions to be watchful of symptoms.

If you are in Canada and applied for an extension, you will be on the implied status and you can continue under the conditions of your existing status.

If you have submitted your application to ICCRC for any kind of visa and are required to record biometrics within 30 days. Do note that this deadline has been extended to 90 days, even though it may not say so on the biometrics letter.

All Inland Landing interviews have been canceled. If you are were scheduled for a landing interview, then you will be receiving emails from ICCRC with a new schedule for a telephonic interview.

If you are on a work permit, do follow the instructions from your employer and you can work from home if that provision has been made available to you.

Students who will be applying for PGWP, they will be allowed to do so, even though their classes may now be conducted online.

All interviews at local visa offices have been canceled and if you had an interview scheduled, you will be contacted with a new date and time.

LMIAs validity has been extended from 6 months to 9months

All application intake is being accepted as normal and there is no change in any intake process or deadline. However, do expect delays in processing.

If you are applying for a PR application and have received an ITA in recent draws, then your deadline to submit is 60 days from ITA. If you are unable to obtain any document due to COVID-19, then continue to submit your application, with a detailed explanation as to why you did not submit any particular document. You will be given additional time to submit those missing documents. Your application will NOT be rejected under R10 completeness checks.

I have tried and covered all scenarios and hopefully, this will give answers to most of your questions, if I have missed something, do comment and I will add that as well.


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