Most Common Reasons for Rejection

Most common is PCC: (Police Clearance Certificate or Good Conduct Certificate)
a. Not included
b. PCC is not scanned in color.
c. Dates don’t cover a complete period of stay (for e.g. you stayed in one address until 13th August but PCC cover dates till 31st July – don’t miss even one day)
d. The wrong PCC attached (includes not attaching PCC where you have lived more than 6 months in a row)
e. LOE: Not writing an explanation of why you weren’t able to attach required PCC and what you have done so far – attach evidence such as PCC Application submitted, payment receipt and courier docket.
f. Incomplete Documents – Some countries require additional documents such as consent forms for IRCC to directly get info therefore, it is important to read carefully CIC Guidance for each specific country before applying.
g. States PCC – Some countries do not have Central/Federal PCC System and therefore, you are advised to get PCC from all states you have lived (For work, study, and residential purpose excluding short stays). In addition, read CIC guidance, as they sometimes require Federal PCC as well instead of just State PCC.
h. Expired PCC.

Medical Reports:
a. This includes failure to get Upfront Medical or After Letter from IRCC for any reason.
b. In addition, if you have any physical or other challenges then IRCC may reject your application. They may also advise you to set a meeting with your panel doctor for further advice or treatment plans – I know some people who recovered after some medication or professional help and managed to get their PR later on. Medicals are assessed to check inadmissibility based on safety, security of residents and citizens or if it is felt that the applicant of his/her family member may cost Canadian health services annually in excess of $19965/-
c. Very rare but most significant error I saw was when one person submitted a report from a doctor who was not registered as approved panel doctor – check IRCC website before booking appointment.

Conversion of Files:
a. Convert files only in the approved format and not as per convenience.
b. If you are using software or online tools for PDF conversion then it is recommended to test it on different readers (such as Foxit or Adobe) before submitting. IRCC will be using Adobe Acrobat so make sure your files (all pages) will open in it. There is a case where IRCC rejected the incomplete application due to files not opening in Adobe (file was converted using Foxit).
c. Your documents must be clear and readable after reducing its size.
d. Always convert or scan your file in Color version. This is mandatory for PCC but recommended for other documents. It is a good practice to scan from original documents.

Passport and Visa Status:
a. It is important to attach your Passports and Residential Cards (if applicable) along with your file.
b. Scan and include current passport with Bio pages and all pages that has stamps or any other markings

a. Not including ECA report or only including ECA number
b. Not including Degrees and Transcripts – please note that IRCC will reject incomplete files unlike OINP, which asks for additional information.
c. If you have a distance learning course or studied in a different country than where the Institute is located then include this in Letter of Explanation and clearly mention your status. Also, indicate Distance Learning in brackets against the name of the college or it may trigger a PCC request.

a. Not including Job responsibility letters or not matching with NOC.
b. Documents submitted cannot be verified due to lack of information of company and signatory, or contact details of the employer missing and hence verification cannot be done.
c. Company registered in the house or residential area that may raise the question on quality of work performed.
d. Could not answer questions or satisfy the officer during a formal interview.

These are the most common Reasons identified from the sample of more than 1,000 applicants in 2016/17.

Applicable sections :
Section R10 – an applicant that makes but even one mistake in the uploading of his/her forms or documents can have their case rejected under Regulation 10 of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations (R10).
R10 imposes absolute strict liability on the applicant and the onus is on the applicant to submit a complete application with correct documents.

Section 11.2 of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) includes the authority that supports the Express Entry system.
Under section A11.2, an officer may not issue a visa to an applicant who did not or does not meet the Express Entry minimum entry criteria (MEC) or did not or does not possess the qualifications for which they received their CRS score at the time when the invitation to apply (ITA) was issued; or the e-APR was received by IRCC.
When reviewing an application, processing offices must determine if the applicant possesses the qualifications that they declared in their e-APR, as corroborated by the applicant’s supporting documentation; and when the applicant submits their e-APR, the information provided in their Express Entry profile has not materially changed to the degree that the applicant would not have been issued an ITA in that round of invitations.
Accordingly, officers should refuse an application under section A11.2 if it is determined that at the time of the ITA or e-APR, the applicant did not or does not meet the MEC, which includes the requirements of the program to which they were invited to apply; or the applicant’s recalculated CRS score has fallen below that of the lowest-ranked candidate invited to apply in that round of invitations.



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  • I am planning to file EE application but would i like to know if i can make my wife as primary applicant and me being secondary applicant. If my wife is primary applicant will i still require IELTS and ECA. Can secondary applicant also search jobs in job bank.

    • Secondary applicant IELTS and ECA can add additional CRS points. The secondary applicant, however, does not have access to the job bank.

  • I am going to submit my PR application this month, however my medical is valid till 29th April only (as I had 1st attempted my PR application last year but it got rejected under section 11.2).
    What do you think will happen in such a case. I am hoping there will be an ADR & not a rejection.

    • If your medical is valid only until 29th April, then its better to re-appear for medicals and add the new medical form.

      • Thanks for your reply Kubeir Sir.
        I did try that, but the hospital is not willing to conduct another medical exam as previous one is still valid and I am still in their “system”.
        Also, I cannot delay my submission for PR as due date is before medicals get expired.

        After I submit my application, and my medicals are cleared before 29th April (as that’s usually the 1st step), do you think will it be reopened to check medicals validity.

        I have absolutely no problem in re-doing my medicals, I just do not want my application to be rejected again!

        Thank you.

        • You can certainly use the same medical form, however CIC will surely ask you to do a medical again. So if you dont have time available, go ahead and upload it.

          • Thanks for your reply Kubeir Sir 🙂
            I shall go ahead with my application in this case & see how it goes.

  • Hi Kubeir, I need a small clarification.

    I am currently 27 years old, residing in Germany. I lived in OMAN from 1990-2011.

    I turned 18 in the year 2008 April. And left OMAN to India for college on May 31st. That means I was in OMAN for a month since I turned 18. But then I did come back after few months as vacation.

    As per new cic rule, u need police clearance if u lived 6+ months consecutively after you turned 18.

    What do u recommend in my case. As per new cic rule I don’t think I need OMAN pcc. But considering I lived all my life in OMAN should I provide a pcc ?

    Thanks in advance

    • The PCC rule is simple, if you have stayed in the country for 6months or more since you turned 18years of age, then you need the PCC else you dont. You can clarify in LOE.

  • Sir ! I had mentioned about my aunt in my ee minimum eligibility criteria. So they have given me a check list for the same. To prove my mother’s relationship with my aunt may I include her old canceled Indian passport which has my grandfather’s name on it ?

  • Sir thanku you are doing a wonderful work.i ve learnt many things and it cleared many doubts
    Sir i want to ask a quick question that i have 3 and half years experience in one NOC and i have claimed points for these years but i have quit my job and im unemployed now for 3 months ,if i get ITA ,is it necessary to have a continuous job?or if i dont get job for a long will it effect my process of PR?

  • Hi Kubeir,
    I just have a require a small clarification & your expert opinion. As far as I could gather information online, validly of IELTS does not count after AOR, correct?
    In my case I am going to submit my eAPR by 31st July but my IELTS is valid only until 20th August.
    Is there any chance that my application will be rejected just because of IELTS validity?

  • My spouse received the PCC document from Ministry of Justice, Barcelona, Spain which is electronically signed and does not have any physical stamp on it. We have read in many forums that applicants get this document legalized/ apostilled from the Ministry of External Affairs in Madrid, Spain even if Canada is not a part of the Hague convention. However, it is very difficult for us to get this legalization done sitting here in India. We also reached out to the CIC helpline but did not get a proper response from them. Do you know if we need to get this PCC legalized ? Also, will the application get rejected in this case or do they send ADRs in such cases ?

    • Apostille is not required. Just upload the original pcc if in English and translation and affidavit if not in English

  • I have a Certificate of Good Conduct (VoG) addressed to my employer in the country I currently reside (Netherlands). Do I need to request for a new one bearing IRCC address or this one is fine since it is still within 6 months.

  • Hello kubeir sir.
    I have received the ITA for canada EE in fsw category. I am the primary applicant and my wife is secondary. My question is regarding the PCC : my wife has stayed in Germany for exact 167 days in bits and pieces over the last 3 years, her longest stay being 100 days. Do we need the PCC or good conduct certificate for her as her stay is less than 6 months in germany?

  • Hi Kubeir. If I’ve lived in two different cities in the same country in the past 10 years, do I need police certificate from both cities? I lived in the main city for 7 yrs, and in the other city for 3 yrs (out of the last 10 yrs). Thanks for your help.

  • Hi Kubeir, I Missed to mention Name in Native language in IMM 5046 and IMM 5669 for my wife ADR request. Please suggest what to do next, do i inform CIC via webform or wait for their reply.

  • Dear Kubeir,
    I have one query. I was treated for colon cancer in Feb 2011 and I am undergoing continuous check up with all the required tests done (ultrasound and CT scan, blood tests) on yearly basis and I am absolutely fit till date. I have all the reports related to my medical history.

    While review of Medical form IMM 5419e, I note two points
    3. Prolonged Illness history
    7. Cancer in last 5 years

    I am confused now, shall I declare my surgery in point number 3 OR shall I go ahead without declaring because i don’t have any cancer in last 5 years?

    If I declare, my application may be rejected under “Excessive demand on health or social services” clause.

    I can get a fitness letter from my doctor. Could you please advise on the matter.

    Thanks for your continued effort to guide all the aspirants looking for immigration.

  • Not including ECA report will cause a rejection? CIC is not mandating the Eca report in the document set but ECA number.

    Can you please correct me if I’m wrong?

  • Dear Kubeir,
    Please I need your wise advice.
    My diplomas are issued in Russian and in English.
    But all the stamps in both side are in russian . Please I want to know if I should translate all these stamps?
    Also, in my passport I have 3 stamps for Temporary residence permit in Russian language. All the informations in those stamps are in Russian, but we can have the name document and the date of issued write in English. So should I also translate theses stamps?
    Thank you.

  • Hello Sir – I have received an invitation to apply for permanent residence under “Canadian experience class” and we still have 41 days to respond to the invitation. I am facing difficulty while filling in my son’s passport (USA passport) details in the application. My son’s passport got expired on 2-March- 2021 and I can’t proceed with my application with an expired passport. We have already reached out to the USA embassy to get the appointment of passport renewal, however, due to Covid-19, the USA embassy hasn’t started their regular processing and they have a significant backlog. We are not anticipating to get the passport appointment in next couple of days.

    Could you please advise on how should I complete my PR application with my son’s expired passport? Should I take my son out from the PR application and apply for his PR later?

    Thank you

  • Hi Sir I am applying for CEC and there is one question in portal that ” that have any refused any visa ( including a Certificate Quebec ( CSQ) or application for PNP )or visitor or temporary visa to canada or any other country. I have rejection in 2018 BC PNP should I need to explain that or above equestion about Quebec only . Please reply

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