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Why would my PR application be rejected

#refusals #rejections #proceduralFairnessletter Lately, I have seen an increasing number of PFLs and refusals of PNP and even PR application. Some of the reasons are as follows: 1. Proof of funds – the amount did not meet the applicable amount...

Difference Between Citizenship and Permanent Residency

DIFFERENCE BETWEEN CITIZENSHIP AND PERMANENT RESIDENCY Many prospective immigrants to Canada are interested in getting Canadian citizenship. But before you can become a Canadian citizen, you first have to become a Canadian permanent resident. In...

Goods to Follow

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Most Common Reasons for Rejection

#rejection Most Common Reasons for Rejection Most common is PCC: (Police Clearance Certificate or Good Conduct Certificate) a. Not included b. PCC is not scanned in color. c. Dates don’t cover a complete period of stay (for e.g. you stayed in...

My Canadian Journey

Sharing this from – Ask Kubeir FB group. This was in response to a question to list pro’s and cons in wanting to move to Canada, without any particular attention to the job market, instead emphasis on nature, business and comparison with...

What if I need to travel back immediately after landing in Canada

#PRcard #CoPRValidity #Whocanlandfirst What if I need to travel back immediately after landing in Canada. COPR/PR visa expiration is related to the medical expiry date and will be mentioned on it. You and all your dependents must enter before this...

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