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How to beat high CRS

Strategies, Tips and Tricks to Beat the high CRS Scores

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Well, hello and welcome to the channel. My name is Kubernetes. I know a lot of you are very, very interested in what’s happening with the express entry. Well. If you still have any kind of doubt as to what’s happening with express entry and when the draws will resume. Well. Then Sean Fraser this morning tweeted from his account specifying that the draws will resume on the 6 July and these would include the invitations from express entry pool for Federal Skill Worker Programs. Federal Skill Trades Program. And Canadian Experience Class. Which basically means this is going to be an all program draw. Bill C 19 has not yet been implemented as of this time. The IRPA, the Immigration Refugee Protection Act, still stands as it was and those changes have not yet been implemented. Therefore, when the draws will resume on the 6 July, which is only two days from now, then that will be an all program draw and would basically be a normal and a regular draw as we have been used to. So what do we expect 


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with the express entry pool? Now, if you look at the pool breakdown as of 20 June 2022, the numbers do look scary. And I did a video, just the last one in which we went into the depth of how the pool breakdown looks like and what to expect from these expedia draws. Definitely the first draw is going to be 500 plus CRS for sure. For sure, because there are more than 8000 people in the expedia pool. But this video is not about that. This video is what are we going to expect for people whose scores are not 471 and above? Now, talking about the people who are below 470, what are they going to do? What is your strategy? What should you be planning? I mean, is expert entry over you guys? Is experimenting now meant only for people above 475? Is that what I’m saying? No, that is not what I’m saying. Get job offers. Not because you have to buy them, but obviously the right way, the legal way, which is by looking for employers who are interested in your skills. Now, you can get job offers by three 


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ways. First one is you have exceptional skills and talents because that’s when the job offer comes to you or that’s when the employers are interested in you. Second is you have network of influence. Friends, relatives, relatives, friends, friends of friends or relatives. If you have anybody who you can reach out who is in Canada, give them a call. This is the time to sort of show them your charm. This is to sort of be more charismatic and sort of talk to them, network with them and see if they can help you find an employer who might be interested in your skills. Third is it’s that you buy a job offer but don’t get involved in that? That’s illegal. If you get caught and there are a lot of people who do get caught for misrepresentation, not only will your application be refused, you will be barred for five years and then that would not be a very nice thing to happen. So in these situations, how do you find a job offer? Difficult one, very difficult one. Even for people who are inside Canada, 


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finding a job, sometimes it’s quite difficult. But for people outside it’s like you have a better chance of striking a lottery and winning that one than finding a job offer. But for people who really have the perseverance, the resilience and for you guys, let me give you this tip. LinkedIn works not for everybody. It works for a lot of you. If you can identify the companies you’re interested in, you identify the skill sets that they’re looking for. You identify your skill set and when you can match, reach out to people, network with them, send out DMs if you have to them. But always do not look at offering yourself for the job right away, because imagine those people, they’re always getting these kind of messages from different kind of people and they’re not interested all the time. Don’t do that. Always look for ways of what you can do to help them, to contribute to them, or to add to them, or to add to the relationship that you’re going to establish versus what you want from them. If 


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you’re able to do that, then you might strike a jackpot. There that’s number one. Number two job bank of Canada. Now, Job Bank of Canada, you will see so many vacancies there from the employers. Now, you might think those are the available vacancies. Job bank in most cases are those employers who are advertising simply because they need to apply for LMI is for people they have already identified. So you applying to those jobs in most cases is not going to get you anywhere. However, what that does is by looking at the job bank, you now know who are the employers who have job offer, who may be interested, who may have a vacancy, or who are usually regularly hiring. What that does for you, it narrows down your research because now you know who are the employers in your field, in your occupation, in your trade, who prospectively could hire you. Then you go to LinkedIn, you find those employers, you find the people who might be working in that company and see if you can network with them, see 


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if you can use their connections, see if you can to your network of influence, connect with those people and then look to find the job offered third. And then the last one is basically the drilling effect, right? You keep accurate, you keep going, morning, you apply for 25 jobs. Evening, you apply for 25 jobs, apply to the jobs on LinkedIn, apply to the jobs on indeed, Monster, Wacopolis, Career Jobs, Career Spider, Career Owl, all these different, different platforms which are there for job boards. Keep applying, keep going. I know of people who have applied to more than 1000 to 1200 jobs that did that. They were at it and they finally got lucky. So it happens. It’s not like it’s absolutely out of the window. But then this is not a hard work and you need to keep going with it. So this is the first one for people who are looking to find job offers. This is basically how you can find it if you wish to. It’s a lot of hard work, absolutely hard work. But then if this is your dream, if this 


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is your objective, then you’ve got to put in the hard work. Second is you get to Canada. How do you get to Canada? You can get to Canada on a visit visa. So if you are eligible to apply for one, if you are able to apply for one, if you’re able to get one, get a visit visa, come to Canada. What does that do for you? A lot of people will tell you by coming to Canada on a visit visa, you can automatically get work permit. It can be converted to it cannot be converted to a work permit. There is no such thing as conversion in a Canadian migration application. You cannot convert one visa to another visa. That doesn’t happen. So that word conversion by itself is incorrect, is inappropriate. What you do is you apply for a new status, you change your status. And that’s basically what you might want to call it as conversion. So what can happen is you come to Canada, visit visa, you are legally allowed to search for jobs if you wish to. If once you come in Canada, you’re saying you like the place, 


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may want to explore an option of possibly seeing if there is an employment opportunity for you. You meet an employer, they are in love with you because you have such amazing personality and you’re such a charismatic character. And they offer you a job because your skill sets are something which they were looking for. Now that they have given you the job offer, they have also got you the LMIA. You can take the LMIA. You can take the job offer. Get your credentials, your documentation, go to the nearest Canadian, canadian US border and you can apply for a work permit. Apply, not convert. Apply for a work permit at the border. This is also called flat polling at port of entry. By doing this, you would get a work permit the same day. And that’s basically how you will be in Canada on a work permit. You can start working after you get the work permit. So this is something which you can look at. If you are in Canada on a visit visa, you can study for a program which is for less than six months 


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only. If it is for less than six months, you can study without needing another study permit. Now, if what you are studying in the program that you are studying, the short duration, that program is a prerequisite for a longer duration of a program, of a study program, then while being inside Canada, you can apply for a study perhaps for a longer duration. And the approval rates are quite high because you already done the prerequisite course which was needed. And therefore, inside Canada processing is also quite all right. You would be then able to study for those, or rather get your study permit approved. And now you’re in Canada, you complete your periods of study. You will then be eligible to apply for a work permit, open work permit, one year or three years, depending on the period of your study that you have completed. So these are the two ways that once you’re in Canada on a visit visa, you can apply for a study visa, you can apply for a visa. In both situations, you have to comply 


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with certain conditions, certain requirements. So people out there in India and Pakistan, in Dubai who are selling these concepts or scams of saying, go to Canada or visit visa, converted to open work permit, that’s all rubbish, that’s all BS. Please do not fall for those scams. Now, what else can you look at? Obviously, if you’re eligible, if you think studying in Canada is your cup of tea, then absolutely, by all means, look up to Canada. Study in Canada, as we all know, whether it is motion M 44, whether it is Sean Fraser’s new framework for pathways, the new pathway that he’s looking at, which he is supposed to be working on and should be announcing towards the end of the year, there will always be more attention, more benefit, more advantage, more pathways for people who are inside Canada. If you have a legal status, although better, you will always have some pathway that you can look at, you can opt for, you can embark on towards permanent resident. If you come to Canada, you have 


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an option, you have a much better choice versus being outside Canada. Yes, everything that I’m saying is looking like more difficult. But then, hey, as I said, if you really want to make this happen, then you have to make this you have to put in the work, you have to put in the effort. Now, while we’re talking about all these things, for people who are below the scores of 470s, what do they do? They can do any of these things that I’ve said, but also keep your eyes open at the PNP options prevention programs. Now, what is going on with them? As you all realize that they have all slowed down, there’s an absolute silence in most of the PNP programs, more so because, one, they are waiting for their quotas to be announced. So then they know how many they have issued, how many they can issue going forward. Number two, with Bill c 19 now being approved, and the new changes with the categories which will come into play, there is still a lot of ambiguity as to how federal program is going to be 


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using the Bill C 19 and how that will be moving forward. So with that in play, how are PNP is going to align themselves? Because if IRCC is going to conduct draws at the federal level, just the same way that PNP were conducting, then how is it going to be different, right? PNP’s have to redesign or restrategize their program so that they can attract more people to come to their province versus choosing the federal pathway where they will lose out on the opportunities of attracting people to their province. So there is a lot of rethinking restrategizing in the works. And once the new PNP programs or the new design of the PNP programs come out, I’m sure you will find them to be some of the programs that will be more conducive to you. So always keep your eyes on Saskatchewan. Always keep your eyes on Ontario. Always keep your eyes on Alberta. These are the three more promising ones. Nora Scotia, maybe not new Brunswick. Please. Again, always keep your eyes on New Brunswick’s as well, because 


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with New Brunswick, they are always conducting these recruitment events, information sessions. If you get invited, that is again a golden ticket for you to come to Canada. Very important factor for people who do not, or at this point of time, feel they do not have a chance in express entry is for you to wait and watch. What are you waiting for and what are you watching? You are waiting and watching the implementation of Bill C 19. Bill C 19, as we all know by now, royal ascent. They have already got the royal ascent. So the Bill C 19 in principle has already been approved. The implementation is yet to happen. The expectation is the implementation is going to be towards the end of the year, september, October, November. We do not know when that happens, but during that period of time. Now, if that happens and when that happens, IRCC is going to move away from conducting the draws that they conduct right now. So all the invitations will not go only to the high ranking. It’s going to be a 


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complimented effort. Part of the invitations will go to the high ranking applicants in the pool or the candidates in the pool. And the remaining invitations will go to very specific occupations or specific categories as the Immigration Minister may decide upon. Now, these are going to be very interesting. If you are still considering French, if you’re still on the fence about French, then please do pick up that language. It’s a beautiful language. If you can add that as your second language, if you can excel in that, if you can add those scores, you will find that to be of great benefit to you, because within the mandate letter itself of the immigration and every single year this is only going to keep going up. They will always encourage Francophone immigration, francophones who do not want to reside only in Quebec but also to go out in different parts of Canada. That will always be encouraged. It will be encouraged at the PNP level, it will be encouraged at the federal level. So if you 


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are one of those people who are who is considering should I study French, should I not? Then please do. It will definitely make a huge difference to you if you wish to do that, if you choose to do that. Secondly, in terms of the occupations, keep your eyes on the occupations once the bill C 19 gets implemented and what they will choose some of the occupations that I think they would be looking at based on what we have, because how will they choose these occupations. So these occupations are not going to be chosen out of their wings and fancies. There will be a lot of contribution from different stakeholders, which includes the PNP, which includes the different business groups, which includes practitioners, which includes advocacy groups, associations. All of these will provide their input into indicating which occupations are most in demand in different areas of Canada from what is being seen. And if you take PNPs as a basic benchmark, because PNP’s have been doing this for quite some time, 


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for quite a few years, right? So they already have a formula by which they calculate which occupations are most needed in their province at that point in time. So if you go with that, it will give you an idea as to which occupations would be considered. Another thing to do would be to go to Job Bank or Stats Canada websites. They also give you a lot of labor market priorities in different areas of Canada. So on top of my head, it will always be in demand. It has been in demand. It will continue to be in demand because Canada sees that as a way of getting or rather attracting a lot of investment from the American businesses so that if they are able to attract more It workers to Canada, which basically means more investment will flow in from the American markets to Canada who can set up businesses in Canada. So that will be one industry type which will always be in demand, at least for some foreseeable future. Second, along with it will definitely be the financial services. I’m not saying 


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which knock codes and financial services, I’m just talking about it in a broad manner because I do not know which knock codes will be there in the financial services, but financial services on a broad term will also continue to be something which Canada will be looking at. And third. Very importantly is the health care workers. Healthcare workers. Your registered nurses. Occupational therapists. Doctors. They can always choose doctors. But who have education from or what kind of education that is something which they will draw in categories and again but health care workers is again going to be on the top list and most importantly it’s the skills trade category which otherwise has been largely ignored in express entry. Now we know in express entry there are three programs crediting experience class, federal Skill Worker and Federal Trade category. Trade category is largely ignored. I mean sometimes they don’t even conduct draws for Federal Skill Trade category for years together. So those 


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trade categories now will have a lot of attention because Sean Fraser himself has said that they need boots on the ground, not necessarily the best qualified profiles extra Century if you are in any of these occupations you should be looking at how and when the payout. Of course there would be more occupations as well. I’m not privy to that information but if you keep your eyes on different PMPs you will be able to see different occupations that they have been bringing in for quite some time which have been repeated. You will see a lot of those occupations might also be targeted by IRCC when the draws for Bill C 19 happened. So this is what you can do if your scores are below 470 at this point of time, this is what you can target, this is what you can aim, this is what you can work towards. And hopefully you will also be on your way to Canada very soon. If you guys are still here, smash the like button. Follow us on Instagram if you wish to make an appointment on one one. If I haven’t been 


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able to answer your questions then you can make an appointment or drop in the comments below your questions and I’ll come back and answer them. Absolutely. Please do. Subscribe to the channel. Want to see those numbers going up. That’s it from me for today. Thank you so much for joining in. I shall see you next time. Take care. And hey, tune in on the 6 July and we’ll sing and dance and celebrate the resumption of the explicit draws. Take care. Bye.