Artificial Intelligence in Canadian application processing.

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If you did not know this already, Artificial Intelligence has made significant inroads into the Canadian Immigration process.
ICCRC is using a lot of computerized algorithms based on AI architecture to assess applications and identify fraudulent documents and activities.


Immigration Laws, Ministerial Instructions and Public policies are the main foundation principles of these rule-based formulas that are being used by AI robots within the application review system.


Not to say that this has helped application processing times, on the contrary, this has made process times longer with more and more applications being flagged for RR.
and a lot more being refused or rejected, which may otherwise have been given a chance through an ADR.

This now only means, that there will be less discretion applied by these AI Robots, but more by the book rule application. Since these are machine handled application reviews, it means as an applicant, you need to be more diligent and aware of the process and ensure your documents are prepared to go through this AI review in a smooth manner.
For starters, please ensure your documents are strictly as per the required law and more.
Ensure your #Reference #Letters that validate your NOC, contain all important keywords and action statements as mentioned in the NOC database.

As of now, these AI robots are being used aggressively for assessment of TRVs (some PR applications) in India and China visa offices and a few Canadian Visa offices.
There are already several cases of incorrect assessment resulting in a lot of temporary resident applications being refused. which may otherwise would have been approved and vice-versa.

But it may not be long until the time when the AI will be applied to all kinds of applications being processed by ICCRC. It is expected that ICCRC will greatly expand the “automated decision-making” in April 2020, according to an internal report.
ICCRC has been using these processes since 2018 and plans to broaden the use far beyond the Indian and Chinese VOs. (Quote Douglas Todd of Vancouver Sun)

All the recent system maintenance and upgrades on the backend are all gearing up to accommodate the AI functionalities in the EE and GCMS systems.

The idea is to eventually make way for much speedier and tighter application processing system, but at the cost of human discretion which at times is more flexible and works in the favor of the applicant, than otherwise.
Now you know and therefore are aware that this is happening. So be warned and prepare your applications better.